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I’ve been in the mood to write some grimdark fantasy, and since I just finished the Grimm series I figured a roleplay loosely based on that would be great fun!

If you haven’t seen the show the premise of the world is basically where “wesen” (pronounced vess-in) appear as a normal human in one form, and something like an animal-human hybrid in another. They can mostly choose what form they want to appear as at any given moment (with some complicated exceptions. Such as people who are called “Grimms”, they’re special humans who can see wesen when they don’t want to be seen. These Grimms are known for hunting wesen).

I highly suggest looking up the specifics since websites like can explain them better than I can lol, but that’s not super necessary for this rp

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I’ve got a basic plot in mind, but depending on your character it can be shifted a bit without a problem!

The king of a country ruled by normal humans has a bastard son from one of his affairs. The son is wesen but keeps it hidden from the rest of the palace for as long as he can since being a wesen with royal blood is deemed as perverse. Inevitably he gets found out and to avoid being killed or imprisoned he escapes the castle and has to keep his identity hidden.

He could meet someone who either helps keep him safe, or helps the palace get him captured (which could also be fun)

Some rules
-Andrew’s rules apply
-Please ask before joining
-Ideas for more drama in the plot are gladly received!
-Detailed responses please, or at least ones that further the plot
-Good grammar is appreciated
-If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Unfortunately, I haven't made it that far. For some reason I always stop watching after the episode where A. Schade is about to have her baby.

I can't believe I forgot how to spell her first name!!!

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Oo yiss those episodes were great, it’s so hard not to spoil anything lolol
Adalind, I believe!!

I’ll probably get my character and the template up in a bit, do you have any questions about the plot here or anything?


It's ok. Spoilers for tv shows don't bother me… Though I am more hesitant on certain movie spoilers.

Yes! Thank you!

Ok. Not on the plot at the moment… But do you have a preference for what my character should be? Human, Wesen, or Grimm?

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Nah, I don’t have a preference. I think whatever you would like will work great. Although my boi meeting a Grimm along the way could make for some good drama, but if you’ve got another idea feel free to use that!


Ok. I actually have a Grimm character from a previous RP but unfortunately I think it died… Oh! One more question. Any plans, or anything, as far as relationships? Like are we going for platonic or romantic?

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Hmm it could go either way depending how the characters get along. I was kinda thinking a slow burn relationship might be nice, like hatred or a wary partnership to friends and maybe eventually lovers?


Full name: Meghan Hill
Nicknames (if any): Meg (once you get on friendly terms)
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Grimm
Sexuality: (depends on your character… Though honestly I’m better at straight) Straight.
Personality: Her secret of being a Grimm has left her more than a bit jaded and doesn't trust anyone but herself and the few relatives she has but even they don't know everything. She is fiercely protective of the very few people who made it past her walls.
Appearance: (Links are fine with me) Meg is 5’8”, very athletic in build, her eyes are a deceptively warm brow, long dark brown hair that she often styles into a tight updo of some kind, which actually highlights her sharp facial structure.
Favorite/usual outfit or attire: On normal days, she often wears simple peasant dresses with an old dark-colored cloak which has a few hidden pockets added to it for smaller weapons. Though she finds it easier to maneuver in riding pants and a man's shirt when she has to fight. She often carries a satchel with her that carries a thick journal, a couple of charcoal sticks for writing or sketching, and a couple of extra weapons.
Likes: Her dad’s wooden footlocker/chest which he left to her, reading, writing, sketching, and occasionally fighting.
Dislikes: Being unprepared or underestimated, Geier, needing help.
Hobbies/Talents: Drawing, seeing Wesen
Strength: Great fighter
Weakness: A bit stubborn/prideful. She hates to admit when she's in over her head.
Family: just her mom and an uncle but he's a traveling merchant so they don't see him often.
Backstory: She lives in a slightly smaller than average-sized village with her mom who is kinda like the village baker and her father was publicly a carpenter, though he often left in the middle of the night to “gather some wood”. She first started seeing Wesen five years ago when her father was badly injured by what people say must have been a wild animal. Before he died, he gave Meg the keys to his private chest where he keeps everything important. There was also a note for her explaining a lot of what she would end up going through.
Other: knows a fair bit about healing/first aid and a little about tracking (forgot to mention that.)

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I love her! My template is pretty much the same. If you could tweak her just slightly to fit into a historical fantasy world, she’ll be perfect! (like something resembling early 18th century-esque technology and clothes in a monarch ruled country, though they don’t have to be historically perfect)

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Here he is, finally! Sorry it’s so long, lol, I didn’t intend to write so much at first

Name: Adriano Calliwell
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Grimm, Wesen, or Human?: Wesen, specifically a Pflichttreue.
Appearance: When he appears as a human Adriano has an average body type, neither too slender nor stocky, and an average height at 5’7”. He keeps his hair long, cut in a fashionable style only for him to pull back in a low tail with a dyed leather tie. Since he fled the palace he hasn’t cut his hair yet, temporarily tying it up and hiding it underneath a hat.
When he woges he grows white fur with a combination of black spots and stripes across his body, sharp teeth inside a short, panther-like muzzle with a wide, black nose, and his eyes change color from a dull blue-green into a brighter, more yellowish green.

Personality: Adriano is a bit of a shy, socially awkward goof. He has yet to grow into the “fearless” trait Pflichttreue are known for. Being low on the line of succession he was never given special training on public speaking or holding a professional conversation in general. The majority of his social skills came from those he met and interacted with in the palace. He was a rather introverted kid who grew up into an introverted young adult, learning how to navigate the hallways or social gatherings without drawing unwanted attention to himself. When he interacts with friends or family whose company he enjoys, his main goal is to make those people smile. He is a people-pleaser through and through, and extremely loyal to those he purposely surrounds himself with.

Likes: Nicely decorated rooms, high quality clothing, soft fabrics, horses, learning a new skill

Dislikes: Grimms, being surrounded by people he doesn’t know, pointless conversations, disappointing others, criticism

Hobbies: Playing instruments, especially the viola, horse riding

Strengths & Weaknesses: He isn’t very strong, weaker than some other wesen and especially Grimms. Due to being a Pflichttreue, he’s far better at stealth than he is at fighting. He excels at tactile work like playing instruments or calligraphy.

Typical outfit: At the castle Adriano wore a royal blue shirt with a high collar and long sleeves, fastened closed with laces, under a fancily embroidered waistcoat. His pants were typically black or another dark color that matched whatever shirt he was wearing, fastened by a silver buckle. After fleeing, he wears a similar shirt to the one he had in the palace, but a middle class style with an off-white fabric, baggy sleeves, a scooped collar, and blue lacing down the front. The shirt tapers down at his waist, tucked into his riding pants, which are then tucked into his riding boots. He almost always wears a blue felt hat with a feather, the most fashionable one he could buy.

Family: His father, the King, who appears to be fond of Adriano but never made an effort to be close, and his mother who had always been at his side. One older sister named Rosalie, first in line to the throne, and a little brother named Demetrius. Adriano loved playing in the palace gardens with Rosalie, but since they grew into their other activities they’ve grown gradually apart.

Backstory: From the time he was born Adriano lived in the palace where his father, the king, doted on him at times but often left him to be raised by a servant, his mother. He grew very close to his “governess”, who gave him his education and taught him how to play the viola. She also taught him how to conceal his identity as a wesen, and warned him about the Grimms through bedtime stories. He stayed in the castle until he was 23 when a Grimm, a friend of the king’s, witnessed Adriano woge. That night his mother helped him escape the royal guard with some supplies, but he never found out what had happened to her after he left. He took refuge at the local inn of a moderately-sized village, which he’s stayed at for a week, living off of a bag of money he managed to bring with him from the castle.

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At first, Adriano heard the rhythmic clanging of bells in the distance. The dreaded bells that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up, and his face wrinkle until he nearly woged. It couldn’t be true. How had they found him so quickly? In a fell swoop he dragged his bag off the hook and draped it over his shoulder, and planted his hat on his head. The bedroom door closed behind him with a soft thud while he crossed the tavern space of the inn towards the entrance. In this case, a quick exit. He needed Fleur close if those bells truly were what he feared they meant. And if he had any luck, he could make it to the stables before they arrived.

Sure enough the Royal Guard arrived with heavy-footed horses stamping at the cobbled ground. A small group, made up of three or four muscled soldiers in glistening armor, each mounted regally on a steed with bells fastened to their harness. Thankfully, Adriano watched them at a safe distance from the stables. His Clydesdale pawed anxiously at the dirt beside him, feeding off of his nervous energy.