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Been a hot minute since I did another rp of my own, so here we are.
Recently I've been craving a rp between two friends and maybe a little bit of action involved.
First off, disclaimer, I have no idea what I'm doing but I plan to wing it regardless, hopefully, it doesn't come out too scuffed and hopefully, you can also bear with me.

So, basically, this is a prompt I saw (surprise surprise) because when is it not.
It's about these two childhood friends, one becomes a cop, and the other a serial killer. I'm not sure if anyone else has done this before but if not then cool. If it has been done….

Uhhh we're doing another one.

Anyways, one friend is basically an intern in the criminal justice field and is allowed onto one particular case that just so happens to be the other friend's brutal killings. As an intern, he's not allowed to do much, but the case intrigues him so much that he decides to get a little more involved with the knowledge he knows and hopefully help gather evidence to solve the case to gain some experience for his future job in this field.
The killer on the other hand avoids his friend like the plague, making up excuses on why he's busy so much and why he can't do certain things, like open the trunk of his car.
The friend obviously doesn't know what's going on and writes off justifiable answers to his questions and the other's behavior. Eventually, small things start to add up, like blood on the other's sleeve, the "remodeling" in the basement, the unopenable trunk, and why the friend doesn't hang with him at night anymore.
The setting will start in senior year of high school, a few months before graduation. At this point, both friends are studying for their careers and everything is pretty much going well for both of them. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary until the killer starts acting strange with his friend.

If this made absolutely no sense…
Uhm. Yeah, fair. I can elaborate a little more in dms when someone joins if someone joins-

Mm. Rules, yes, my favorite part of writing this whole thing.

•One of the rules that's a huge one and helps with not having this die after two days is no one-liners. Or maybe it will die, but let's hope it doesn't too fast.
I like to write a lot. If you've seen any of my other rps then uhm, I'm so sorry because they're usually really big blocks of text. Some people like it, for others it's a little much.
For this one, I'll be just a little lenient with this rule simply because I want a more relaxed rp and not have to worry about writing a lot (even though I probably will still write till I get sucked out of my daydreams). Still, try to write like a small paragraph or something, something that will at least move the story forward or help with my next response. If I have nothing to go off of then I have nothing to write. Sometimes I can whip something out of thin air, but it helps a lot if you're in this as much as I am.

Gosh I know that was a lot but that's pretty much the only one, other than
•Don't be a dick
•Swearing is fine
•And sexual themes (if it comes to that) might get skipped over because frankly, I'm only comfortable doing that with one person on this website. So most likely it'll get skipped over if things develop romantically between our characters.

Blood, gore, and stuff like that are to be expected. Trigger warning in general for my rps in case anything comes up that might affect some of you guys. Having said that, if you join, be sure to tell me if anything triggers you so we can steer clear of them. I want this to be fun, but also be aware that there will be mature themes.

Cool, I'm done with that.
Normally I put which character I'll be using here, but I'll do that later when I know who wants to play which character.


This reminds me of the comic Purple Hyacinth, and I’m all here for it. Mind if I join? Also, as for romance, I definitely prefer to stay at a PG level if you don’t mind. 👍🏻👍🏻 I don’t mind kissing, hugging, etc. of course, but I stay away from sexual themes.

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might have to check that comic out then! as for you joining, sure, though i would like to see a writing sample since this is my first time rping with you- hope you don't mind :)


Memories. If there’s anything that’s underestimated in life, it would be the power of memories. Your first day of school, your 16th birthday, heck. Even when that annoying baby brother of yours first entered the world. It’s a common saying that memories are priceless, but no one thinks of them as such until those very memories fade away. Some sooner than others.
That’s exactly what happened to a young woman named Kendra who had been hidden away in a cell for most of her life with nothing more than a pen, a raven, and a journal. These items were her only glimpse into the outside world. You see, Kendra didn’t know why she was a prisoner in that chamber. She didn’t even know her own name or mother. The one thing she did know, however, was that once a day every day, a guard would come into the prison with the name of one person in mind. He would walk past each of the cells— a slow, rhythmic walk that Kendra knew by heart— until he finally stopped in front of one of them. Kendra knew exactly what would happen after that. The prisoner inside the cell would start to panic. His eyes would go wide as he scrambled up against the back wall, crying out and begging for mercy. He would fight against the guard, clawing, biting, and doing whatever he could do to get free. Nothing worked. The guard would drag him flailing and all down the hall and take him out the door at the very end never to be seen again. Kendra wrote about these incidents in her journal, but she didn't know where these prisoners had been taken.
During her first day or two in the cell, Kendra tried to ask around and see if anyone knew what lay outside that door. Each and every one of the prisoners would give a simple but dreadful answer: the last destination. Death. At first, Kendra tried to keep her hope up. None of the prisoners had actually been outside the door. They were only guessing what was behind it. But as she
watched more and more people be dragged by the arms across the hall and out into the unknown, she began to lose hope. That was when her memory started to fade even more.

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aight, cool! that was great!
so next up would be templates, i usually like to do them with a lot of detailing, you don't have to do their background if you don't want to and prefer to write it out in the story, but i do ask for a very detailed description of how they look as it helps me visualize them.
having said that, who would you like to be? the cop or the killer?


Alright! Of course!

Either one works; her personality might work better as a cop, but either of them is fine by me. 🤷‍♀️

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you can take the role of the cop then if you'd like and i'll be the other one.
i'll post the template, then i'll get my character up a bit later, there's no rush in having it up, just as long as you don't take like a whole week to do it yanno?


The template would be great; I do have my own, but it doesn’t have many categories in it, so it doesn’t work too well for an extensive BIO 😂

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it's not much, but it should cover the basics!


Condition(s) (if any):


Name: Andromeda Archer
Nickname: Andy
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Chinese

Looks: A fairly tall girl (5’9”; 137 lbs); part Chinese, with one parent being Caucasian and the other one from Chinese descent; she has dark brown hair streaked lightly with a caramel color, and she normally keeps her hair, which goes down to around the middle of her chest, in loose curls; she has a somewhat round face and a petite nose with honey colored eyes and long, thick eyes lashes; she normally wears a little bit of makeup from day to day— eyeliner, mascara, and blush— but normally only wears a lot of it on special occasions; as for body type, she’s very tall and skinny, likely with light muscle being a police officer (Hair reference: ; eye reference: )
Clothes: It depends on what she’s doing, but she tends to dress in a more business-y style with dress pants, blank heals, and a blazer along with a blouse, maybe a corset if she’s feeling fancy
Conditions: None
Personality: is generally a sunshine character; she tries to remain optimistic about things, but even with her perkiness, she’s a good listener, and many friends consider her to be the therapist of the group; Andromeda, however, can also have many varying aspects of her personality… she generally remains a fairly calm and happy person around friends, but she’s almost been banned from investigations for getting too aggressive with suspects and witnesses
Background: Andy had a mostly normal background up to a point. Her parents divorced when she was one or two, so she ended up spending most of her childhood with her aunt and uncle up in New York. Her nice, normal life took a sharp turn, however, when Andy’s aunt was found dead on the driveway outside of their home. Though Andy was considering becoming a police officer, her aunt’s unsolved murder pushed her further into that line of work.

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oh my god??? i love her so much??? she's perfect!!
only thing is, this is taking place in high school, unless you would like to ditch that and say they're in college? 👀

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Name: Tamryn Kodiak Bychkov
Nickname: Tam, Koda, Ryn
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human, Russian/American

Appearance: Tam has russet eyes, they're a rich brown color mixing with a hint of red, but the red isn't noticeable at all, it looks like normal brown just a little brighter and lighter, yet deeper than chocolate brown. It's almost like a cognac color except it's a little darker than that. The shape of his eyes is almond-shaped except at the ends it gets more angular but doesn't look Asian in any way, it's just slightly droopy, but nothing too exaggerated.
His hair is a natural dark blonde with no curls or waves, there is a tinge of red coloration that you can see in the light, but it's not something that you're immediately drawn to, it looks more dark blonde than anything else. The way he likes to keep his hair is in a tapered faux hawk, it's a short side swept haircut with messy long layers that almost looks like he hacked at it, but it strangely came out looking decent. Still looks like it was razored heavily and it does cover up his left eye a bit, but it's mostly just a Taper with a lot of texture and more hair than a faux cut.

Tam has a face shape between oval and round with a turned-up bulbous nose that looks like there's a small ball at the tip, almost a button nose, but not small, instead, the bridge is a little longer. Tam's lips are thin but not small by any means, his dimensions are pretty proportionate. His skin tone is light with a slight tan, like a neutral medium-fair. He seems paler in the winter.
Tamryn weighs 159 lbs and stands at 5'10". He's not lanky, more of a mix between mesomorph and endomorph, not chunky, but more on the muscular side of things, more so than an endomorph.


Clothes: Likes wearing tank tops with a regatta weather breaker jacket over top, plain dark colored t-shirts, half/low turtle necks sweaters in the winter, slim-fitted blue jeans which look a little loose on him, too lazy to wear a belt sometimes. His overwear in the winter is a g-1 military flight jacket gifted by his father. For shoes, he wears regular sneakers, sometimes chunky sneakers, they usually match the color of his outfit.

Conditions: None
Personality: Is a cold type of killer, if he was a killer. He wouldn't be sadistic in any way and would do the things he does out of pure obligation. Can be flirty but doesn't make it a habit, he's more observant than anything else and can come off as boring or dull.
Tam is very reserved and shys away from confrontation unless he does the confrontation first. He is more like a golden retriever type with scary dog vibes. He's only friendly with certain types of people and if you're close to him he seems very soft and laughs a lot. If you don't know him it does seem like nothing interests him, like he couldn't be bothered with anything. Tamryn won't go out of his way to be nice to others, he doesn't care if he makes others uncomfortable with his body language, especially if he wants someone to piss off. Tam only makes an effort to be nice when he sees the other person is trying to be nice to him as well and doesn't have ulterior motives, but he doesn't interact with many people in a way that matters to him anyway.

Tam can get aggressive, but that's only when you keep pushing his buttons. The first time you test him he'll let it slide but gets very passive-aggressive to the point of turning toxic where he intimidates anyone who opposes him. The second time he'll go out of his way to annoy you and make your life difficult. The third time is when it gets physical. He isn't exactly a violent person per se, he tries to not get angry and hold his own, so he's mostly really calm and seems more tired than anything else, but he does have it in him to hurt others. He can be in a good mood sometimes, but it's rare as nothing seems to satisfy him. His friends are the only people with who he's comfortable being openly vulnerable, as in, showing a little more of the sweeter side of him.

Background: Tamryn comes from a household that likes to party and drink. Although his parents like to have fun, even at Tamryn's expense, they're very nurturing toward Tamryn as he is their only child. Tamryn's parents try to be responsible with their drinking and use of drugs but sometimes they go overboard and miss work because they're passed out on the floor somewhere. The family comes from an impoverished neighborhood so that means they're always low on cash no matter how many hours they may work, they always find themselves trying to figure out how they're going to pay off their next bills.
Most of the time Tamryn has to take care of his parents whenever they get way too intoxicated and can't fend for themselves. He's been doing this since he was a kid and is basically numb to it. Even though this is his situation and has been for a long time, he doesn't hold a grudge against his parents as he knows they've always tried their best to keep a roof over Tamryn's head. He knows that they only party to take their mind off the depressing situation they live in so he tries not to mind it too much. Sometimes Tamryn finds himself wishing that their family was well off and could have someone take care of his parents instead of himself since it is a lot of work between handling his parents, school, and work.
Recently, to counter the lack of money coming into the house he's taken on a job he saw an ad for. At the time he didn't know what he was getting himself into, but now that he's trapped he can only move forward and because of his sacrifice his family's financial situation had improved greatly.

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thanksss lmao, he's a newer character so just to warn ya, i might be a little all over the place with him
and yeah! gimme a second to get the starter up

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(sorry this took so long, i accidentally passed out and didn't wake up till now)

Tamryn stood miserably beside the body. The blood pooled around his shoes, gun in hand. He never really understood why he had gotten a taste for murder in the first place, but now that he had done this quite a few times he wanted to stop. Every night he would dream of someone finding out- the law. And then being thrown into prison till they found him guilty and gave him the death sentence. He didn't want to die, yet he killed others, who also, didn't want to die. How strange was that? He kept telling himself that it was not what he wanted. That he was only being forced to do such things, but a small part of him, the very softest voice in the back of his mind told him he loved it.
He hadn't given in to that voice yet and carried out tasks as he was told, being careful of covering his tracks. Tamryn's killings were simple. He never did anything special to indicate that the same person had killed one victim here and the other there. He made sure to clean, clean so much till his hands hurt and bled from scrubbing so much. The killings had affected him psychologically, though he never let it show, because the moment he started to slip, that was surely the moment he'd be caught.
It didn't help that Tamryn's mentality was surrounded by "I got myself into this, and I'll take myself out". Even though it was clear he needed help getting out of a situation this big. He was afraid that if he went to the police station and told them the truth, it wouldn't change things. He'd still die.

Tamryn put away the gun in its holster and began to walk away. After a moment, he came back with a body bag. He put it a small ways away from where the blood was currently, making sure not to contaminate the outside of the bag.

About four hours later he had successfully put the body into the bag and cleaned up any tracks he might have left. Tamryn always wore gloves and shoes that were way too big for him. It was hard to do his work with so many things to account for but he managed.
Tamryn stared at the bag in the back of his trunk and paused. What in the actuality was he doing? It was a question that had plagued his mind ever since he had started.
He sighed and slammed the trunk door down to close it and promptly got into his car. It was at this point that Tamryn felt uneasy like he hadn't done enough to clean or had left some sort of clue behind that would be his doing under. If only he could stop thinking.
Soon he pulled out of the house's driveway and was on his way to a different location, but first, he had a few things to do before that.

Tamryn stared at the front with tired eyes, the bags getting more visible by the day with the lack of sleep. The pay was good. It's not like he was doing this without pay, it's what they had promised, though, he was sure they would turn on him any second, like the day they had threatened him when he voiced he wanted to quit. Tamryn rolled his eyes and focused on the lecture, no use in thinking about it now, he was stuck and he might as well pay attention before he dragged his grades down with him.
Tamryn absentmindedly wrote down the professor's words and what was up on the projector board. His grades were at least staying afloat. How he did that was beyond him.
Tamryn yawned and considered leaving the class to take a nap, it wasn't like before when he couldn't afford to fail a class. He didn't have the money then, but he did now and if he wanted, he could take the class again.
"What a pain in the ass…" He muttered, eyes still glued to the front as he slouched back into his chair.
Maybe if he was caught in the act he'd die on the spot. Wouldn't that be nice? Put him out of his misery.
The thought shook him to the core, but his face was kept neutral. Somedays, he wondered if that was the way to go, to turn himself in, and on those days, it was usually because he hadn't slept.


Great. She was late. Again.

The college had warned her many times that if she kept this habit on constantly being tardy up, they would be forced to take action. Lower her grades for classes, take away her scholarships and what not. But, no matter how many times they warned her, she never seemed to be able to get out of bed on time. Originally, she blamed her alarm clock for all her absences, but after her fifth time being late to class, that excuse wore itself out.

Andy pulled her car to a stop in front of the college, grabbed her book bag, and climbed out. She quickly checked herself one last in the mirror before she hurried off towards Meyers Hall. Luckily, she didn’t look too bad; she had managed to put a little bit of makeup on and fix her hair into a high bun before she left. However, no matter how good she looked, nothing would save her from the embarrassment that came with entering a classroom almost thirty minutes behind schedule.

Andy rushed across the campus, and eventually, she reached the door of the lecture hall. She wrapped her hand around the door handle, took in a deep breath, and slipped into the room. Most of the students already in the classroom were either zoned out or asleep, and the ones who weren’t were staring at her. The monotone voice of her Professor cut short as his dull blue eyes moved over to Andy. His frown deepened.

“Good morning, Andy,” he muttered. “I’m glad you join us.”

Andy could easily hear the hidden meaning beneath his words; she had no doubt she would getting a call from the school later today. As she walked through the room, her eyes scanned the dozens of students, searching for one in particular. She could feel her dreary mood lift a little when she saw Tamryn’s face, and she immediately went and sat down next to him as the Professor’s lecture continued.