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keeping the quote in the thread title in mind, did you wanna be more along the lines of the one that might say that quote, or the one who the quote is being quoted to-
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character a: <quotes the lyric>
character b: did you just quote my own song to me



Name: Eden


Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Eden’s pretty average looking. At 5’4 and 119.5 pounds, she boasts curly pink hair with straight bangs, amber eyes, and long eyelashes. She normally wears a black sleeveless dress that reaches just above her knees, along with black knee-highs and silvery-white combat boots. To combat the cold, she’ll wear a brown trenchcoat with elbow-length sleeves, and a detachable scabbard that can attach to her clothes to house her sabre (sword).

Personality: One of Eden’s most defining traits is her love for music. As an adventurer, she likes to call herself, she’s always going from place to place on her black Irish Draught horse, who she lovingly named Keqing. Sometimes, the journey can be quite lonely, and without her music, she probably would have lost her love for life. That aside, she’s always looking for a new quest, adventure, or request to start, much like one might do in an openworld RPG. “Life’s a game, so why not play the game by its rules?” she likes to quote. But her world changes when she meets a pretty girl in the city/village/middle of nowhere and starts to fall for her. Despite her carefree view of life, she still gets sad sometimes, due to all that she’s lost.

Likes: music, animals, pretty girls, adventures, helping others, YELLOW (“it’s such a happy colour !!!!”)

Dislikes: tribal civilisations, loving others, mud, when people start sentences that they don’t finish, silence

Power: One of Eden’s favourite things about her is her ability to tame most animals, if they are willing enough to allow themselves to be tamed. Although it seems pretty overpowered, she’s learned that they’ll be more willing if she sings a certain song. What that song is differs from each individual animal, but she’s always more than happy to sit around and figure it out. “Animals make good companions,” she always says. “They don’t really talk, offer advice, but they love you for who you are.”

Backstory: “I’ve just had a bad day,” Eden often says to explain her mood, when in reality it’s more like a bad life. When she was younger, she used to be extremely extroverted, always hanging out with the kids in her village and laughing and dancing and having fun. But then They™️ came. It had always been known that there were a few small tribes that lived around the area, but no one minded them since they didn’t seem to pose a threat. But although the adults tried to hide it, Eden knew that something was up. Since the local government had been trying to expand the village for some time now, it wasn’t long before the tribes got frustrated and rioted.

They knew that the tribes could be dangerous, but they hadn’t been prepared for just how dangerous they could be. Homes were destroyed, lives were lost, and out of the thousands of people that lived there, only a few hundred made it out. Her friends and family were among the many casualties. She fled. Fled to the next village over, the only place that seemed safe enough. There, she found her first and only weapon, the one that she still carries today.

She used to stay in the places she visited for years at a time, but it always seemed she loved the ones blessed with bad luck. Sudden death, cancer, chronic illness, poison, fatal accident. After a decade, she’d had enough. She refused to stay in any place for longer than a few months, at most, and kept herself busy with anything and everything she could find, to distract from all that she’d lost. Eden did all she could to prevent any emotional attachments to her “clients,” as she liked to call them, so she wouldn’t get hurt again.

But this girl, she was stunning. Beautiful. She wanted nothing more than to let herself fall in love, to start a life with her. But she couldn’t. She refused. There was no way in hell Eden was going to let herself love someone again. Not after last time.


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name; keava (kay va)
age; kei kaida, (song name)
height; 5'7"
power; dragon bond
weight; 170
appearence; keava has dark hair, golden eyes, an a usual white based outfit. she continually carries around a katana for training and her own protection. otherPin on azur lane


keava waked thought the town, admiring how the stars lit up the night. she watched as the town slowly shut down and everything started to fall silent. this, was keava's favorite part of the night


Eden didn't plan to stay much longer. She'd been here for a month already, any longer, and she was putting herself in jeopardy of getting attached to someone. And she knew full well emotional attachments were bad. So, a couple days to witness the sunrise, sunset, the day, and the night, and take in the scenery, and she would be off. Just like that. Simple, right?

It wasn't quite midnight yet, but there was something awestriking about how the lights in a town could just, completely cease to exist in under a minute. A town, once alive and its streets bustling, falling asleep for the night, save for the stray light here and there. But despite the lack of consistency with the visuals, the way the town fell utterly silent in under three minutes was pretty creepy. Though Eden had been here for a full month, she still hadn't gotten used to it.

As she walked through the town, Eden saw the odd person walking the streets every so often, but it wasn't common or anything. But one girl, one girl caught her eye. God, she was breathtaking, stunning, beautiful, even. With her black hair and contrasting white…. sailor's uniform? She couldn't quite name the outfit. But it was fine, the girl was pretty whether or not she could name the articles of clothing she was wearing. Snapping out of it, she realised what she was doing. No, Eden, no. Not again. Not after last time. Just… stay clear of her, and we'll all be good, yeah? she whispered to herself silently, shaking her head lightly.


keava sang softly, hearing her voice echo through the street. her voice flowed like honey, sweet just the same.


Eden froze. That voice.

A million scenarios ran through her head. She wondered what it would be like for the girl to sing her to sleep, to sing for her, to sing with her. Doing her hair for her, helping her come up with lyrics. She had such a pretty voice. If that voice ever wanted something from her, she wouldn't be able to refuse. Not with a voice like that.


Keava started to dance slowly " and I see forever in your eyes" she sang slowly, adding to her voices depth by lowering it every now and then. " I feel okay when I see you smile~"


Eden smiled sadly at the memory that arose at the lyrics. She remembered when she felt that way. In fact, she could almost feel that way listening to Keava's-
She shook her head sharply, steering away from that thought. As much as it hurt, she reminded herself that she couldn't, would not let herself subject someone to her bad luck. Was she doomed to live alone for the rest of her life? That girl… so pretty… she thought as she stared at the singer.


Keava's eyes fell on Eden, locking eyes with her. Her golden eyes almost glittered in the moon light as a small, shy smile crept along her face " hello," she greeted softly