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Started by @Icefire

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I have a few different prompts. If you would like to do an RP, please answer these questions.
Preferred genres out of these: fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, historical
Preferred pairing type: mxf, mxm, or fxf, or no preference
Any favorite tropes?:
Are you alright with smut?:
You alright with dark stuff?:
Please also provide a sample of your typical RP style

Be warned that most of my stuff is dark and/or triggering, and so if you aren't okay with darker stuff, I will have far less prompts I am able to do with you

@Mosis_Is_Here language

Triggers?: Smut.
Preferred genres out of these: fantasy and sci-fi
Preferred pairing type: MxF?
Any favorite tropes?: Nothing really.
Are you alright with smut?: Nope!
Cursing?: Eh. A little.
You alright with dark stuff?: Sure!


I think I'm going to have to turn you down. It's not personal, it's just that you're a little young for most of my prompts, and I don't really have any that would fit anyways. Sorry!

@furetakunai ac_unit

Triggers: Nothing that'll pop up in an RP, I'm sure.
Preferred genres: Contemporary and fantasy
Preferred pairing: None really. So long as I like the prompt I can write for any.
Favourite tropes: None I can really think of.
Smut: That's a no for me chief. I get too flustered.
Cursing: Totally fine.
Dark stuff: Yeah, that's chill with me.
Sample(s): Can be found here


@fuyu looks good! Of contemporary and fantasy, do you have a preference for either one of those, or is either okay? i actually only have one contemporary prompt lmao