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The clock had not struck twelve, but it had been very close to doing so.

Even the world of today is a far cry from what it was nearly 500 years ago. They say the Convergence Event was an occurrence, led up to by a buildup of efforts to contact other worlds — to find out if humans were alone or not.

Most did not like what answered back.

What answered back came from another world entirely, through means that even today humans still barely have a grasp on it. The invaders, called the Tek, arrived via ways that violated some of the known laws of science and understanding of physics. They were obviously an aberration, for with them they brought a new form of energy into the world. Magic, one might call it.

It took less than a generation for it to manifest in humans; even then, it was minority. In rarer cases, the Gift manifested in those already living in the world at the time the Tek arrived. Those who possessed the Gift are capable of feats no one else is; from the operation of some Tek weaponry and technology to magical traps and barriers.
As with anything, it was perhaps human ingenuity that has made them last so long.

500 years, and a war rages on. The Tek hold large swaths of land and have built their own infrastructure to match. Though it isn’t easy, humans at least have the Tek at a stalemate. They, at least, believe themselves to have a hold on what’s going on.
Or so they think.


warning: a bit of a read ahead if you add in the optional documents, though i do suggest reading them

RP in which 500 years after a world changing event known as “Convergence Day,” humankind wages war against a biomechanical species known as the Tek. The Tek are not known to negotiate; they do take prisoners, but never to release.

In this RP, you (being the person joining this) plays as a human in this changed world. 500 years after Convergence Day, you live as a human — either with or without the Gift — fighting in this war. For some time now, things have been at a stalemate. Some human higher ups believe themselves to be on the verge of a breakthrough.
While it’s not easy, humans at least know how to identify the types of Tek and what to do in their presence.
What if something new shakes that up a bit?


  • The Tek: A partially mechanical, partially biological (as we are) species. Seemingly technologically advanced and reliant, they come from another world, bringing the Aithrel with them. They are theorized to communicate through telepathic means, as they seldom speak a language. It can be assumed the information of any ‘written’ works are transferred through similar means.

  • Aithrel: Also known as the Gift, when manifested in humans. Aithrel changed the world, literally. It is most heavily present near some of the first areas the Tek landed, or have taken over, especially the latter. If it weren’t so often used in violence, one might think of it as having a divine look to it. It glows a soft gold. Tek are experts at utilizing Aithrel. Aithrel can be used to operate some Tek technology; to heal; to make traps, or to provide defensive barriers. In Tek, it is more potent; some types of Tek are capable of greater feats.

  • The Gift: Aithrel when specifically manifested in humans. It was first recorded 3 years after Convergence Day. While humans are not as sophisticated in its uses compared to the Tek, they can still be immensely powerful. They also present an advantage as they are able to use certain Tek technology.

  • Convergence Day: October 25th, 2122. It is not known exactly how it all happened, as Project Trace was mostly kept under wraps. It can be assumed from the purpose of the Project (which was to find extraterrestrial life by sending out a message) that the Tek were the ones who received the message first, and responded in such a violent manner that nearly all records of the lab they were believed to have appeared in first were destroyed — by the Tek. This means the current year is 2622.

  • The War: There’s no official name for it, some nicknames here and there, but overall is just called ‘The War.’ After all, most people are bound to know what you’re referring to.

Basic Info

Tek Guide: (basic information about the types of Tek, as well as a general description, feel free to read this. not any particularly hard rules, feel free to add your own concepts in RP)
Basic Aithrel info: (HIGHLY recommend reading this if your character is Gifted)
Bonus worldbuilding: (just some stuff I’ve come up with along the way. kind of for fun info that likely would not be known in character save for a few situations)

  • The current year in RP is 2622. Convergence Day, or the day that the Tek arrived, was in 2122.
  • You are free to make your character have the Gift or not. Your character is human.
  • In the war, trench tactics has seen a return in a great many areas. Additionally, in places where the Tek have more superiority, guerrilla warfare is to be considered.
  • Could potentially be a romance depending on how things go! I just say go with the flow. JUST A WARNING: My character is not human. He will not possess a human form. He will be a Tek.


  1. Ask before joining — if I do not know your writing style, I will ask for a writing sample with dialogue. Please have one at ready! Do not be offended if I deny you; I am most selective with my limited RPs compared to group RPs or character chats (least selective; open for everyone usually).
  2. Activity is not a must. I am not active myself as I am now a college student (times fly by, huh?) If it appears I have forgotten to respond, I may have thought I did, when in reality I didn’t. It could also be possible that it has been a long time that I feel awkward about replying in case the other person doesn’t have the motivation to continue. Please note this before joining!
  3. Cussing and violence are expected. Note that as is everything, there is a time and place for it.
  4. Good grammar and punctuation appreciated, but I know that everyone makes mistakes, as I certainly do.
  5. Mature RPers preferred as a preference. Any sexual content will be a fade to black sort of deal.
  6. All rules apply.
  7. One paragraph minimum, or at least four sentences. No one liners. At the very least, give me something to work with and I’ll try to do the same for you.
  8. Any questions? Ask!


Age: (21-29)
Gifted?: (Yes or no — does your character have Aithrel? If so, what division of it have they honed their skills in? Healing, defense, offense? Or perhaps they tried to equally train everything to the best of their ability)

Background: (Write as little or as much as you want; reveal as needed or tell your secrets to the world)
Other: (extra info. Fun or not so fun facts, quirks, relationships, conditions, etc)

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Ooooo I know I’m shit with actually keeping up with stuff like this but I’m actually like. Really into this idea idk why it just sounds cool. Also I like the lore building. May I if nobody else wants to join?

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Not really at the moment, sorry for the late response I’ve been like so sick lol, pretty sure it’s not COVID thank god but yeah I’d just like to start writing up a character!

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Oh no worries lol. I can be slow myself at times so it doesn’t bother me too much. again if you have any questions whenever feel free to ask, otherwise just go ahead!