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Name: Marie Vlast Carden (also goes by: Vox, Erie and caiman)
Age: 17
Gender: female
Sexuality: aro\ace
Race: lizerdfolk (frilled lizard)
Physical Appearance
Eye color: black with gold iris
scale color: brownish black with red under scales
Body Type: she's tall and thin(think inteleon the pokemon)
Height: 6'7
Weight: 155
Personality: She is reckless, a show off and stubborn. and the kind of person that cries when u cry.
She loves training, fighting and being dared to do something.
Magic(optional): minor empathy
Likes: large beetles (not for eating), loves money, fame and she can never turn down a challenge or promise.

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(Okay! Would you like me to start then? And is there any way you think they would likely meet? If not, I think I have an idea.)

@emilyevewrites group

(Sounds good! :))

Emaria glanced over her shoulder for literally the hundredth time since she left Fairy Hall, the main building on Alfea College's campus. She'd wanted to get away from all of the other people in her suite, but more importantly, the young mind fairy wanted to get away from her mother. As the headmistress, Farah knew just about every little detail of her daughter's life. It was infuriating. And with Emaria's father, Saul, as the Specialist headmaster, it basically meant that there was nothing fun for her to do ever.

Now here she was, at the edge of Alfea's barrier. Ready to cross into the "dangerous" woods beyond. The young mind fairy knew they weren't dangerous. It was her mother's ploy to keep everyone in the school afraid. Emaria knew better. The Burned Ones, the reason the barrier even existed in the first place, hadn't been seen in nearly two decades. Farah was just paranoid. So Emaria stepped over the barrier, which glowed a bright blue around her as she made her way through.

Was it just her, or did the air smell better out here? She grinned and broke into a run, leaping over roots and weaving through the trees. Emaria laughed excitedly and finally stopped when she got to a small stream. She leaned against a tree and caught her breath with a wild grin on her face. The most dangerous thing out here now was her. She would be completely fine.

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Erie wakes up in the woods, no idea what happened. she tries to get to her feet but falls, noting how dizzy she was. she lays back down and falls asleep.
hours have passed since she first woke up. she finally makes it to her feet but with a splitting headache, 'WOAH' she thinks almost falling again 'i am NEVER doing a drinking contest again. but at least I won' she thinks smiling to herself, thinking it's just a bit weird.

eventually she realises she isn't the one that's happy, it's rather the opposite. it doesn't take long to find an odd girl smiling at a tree or something. she steps out of the bushes "hey are you lost? because if you're not then i am." she says accidently in goblin.

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Emaria's reverie was quickly ended when she heard rustling in one of the bushes. She shook her head. This was ridiculous. It was probably a squirrel or something. She wouldn't let her mother's paranoia stop her from living her own life. This was freedom – the other side of the barrier. Emaria wouldn't let this go now that she was actually experiencing it. Her mother couldn't keep her trapped in Alfea forever.

But right before she could keep moving through the forest, something stepped out of the bushes and spoke to her in some weird-ass language that Emaria couldn't understand.

"Holy shit!" the fairy gasped, scrambling backward and away from the… person? Or whoever it was. It wasn't a Burned One, at least Emaria knew that. But still, she had no idea what it was.

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she shakes her frills in surprise "shhhhhhh, quiet, my head hurts." she says switching to common and wincing as the headache gets worse. "are you ok? do you need help?" Erie says sensing the girl was either scared or confused, which made her scared and confused.