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A world completely without language. No words, no written language, no numbers, nothing. Every thought and communication is expressed through emotions. Thoughts? Would someone help me build up this universe?


@ThatscoolbcIdidntwanttoanyway Whaddya mean, 'expressed through emotions'? We generally express our emotions through language, or similar. Also, any recognized standard method of communication can be considered a language. Gesturing at things or having a distinct expression or body movement sorta counts as a language. I just don't see how a herd community could exist without communication.


This sounds really cool! So maybe vague empathic bonds could be a thing, or maybe everyone is aware that people are around them, but can't see or hear them. Ooh! Maybe people can generate auras based on personality? Like, if someone who you wouldn't get along with comes near you, you start feeling a negative aura, but positive auras are how friendships are formed?


It sounds awesome, but how would you describe what the characters say to one another? and how would you tell if someone is lying? What about creating signs of some sort of sign language or something that isn't traditional?


What if this way of communicating was connected by the mind? Like, they could communicate with each other because of these links but not with anyone else because they couldn't write what they thought down or say it to anyone else. And with the auras @"Shadow of the Elements" mentioned, they could use this for lying detection. For example, if I was to tell my friend I felt fine but they sensed a sad aura about me, they would know I was lying. Just a random thought.


Emotions are always changing, they can be extremely strong. The measure of what kind of person you are is how you act despite your feelings. For example, everybody feels lust, but controlling yourself is what is most important. Everybody gets angry, but revenge is just not a thing you do. You need to have depth and compassion for others. Kids don't know this, and it's one of the most important things for adults to teach.