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I'm writing a fantasy novel, and I need some old-fashioned curse words to make it more realistic. I'm looking mostly for derogatory slang, but also for exclamations. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I actually have that list (or one like it), I was looking for words and slurs in English


Besides a couple that i prob shouldn’t type
I got nothing

I mean if a woman was pregnant outside of wedlock people would call her a ‘whore’ and stuff
But that’s all I’ve got
And I’m pretty sure that still happens today, so….

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A google search for old-fashioned insults brings up some fun results. Here are some that Shakespeare used:

Since your novel is in a fantasy setting, I would suggest finding some archaic words that have negative denotations (like scurvy, clotpole, strumpet - although do check the meanings as to how you use them - scurvy was a disease, strumpet means prostitute) that also work for your culture.

Also, think about what is taboo, looked down on and/or offensive in the culture you’ve created, and you might come up with your own, culture-specific, derogatory slang. We have words like ‘imbecile’ and ‘dumbass’ because society in general looks down on a lack of education and/or intelligence. In Harry Potter, those of Muggle parentage are looked down on, and we get ‘mudblood’. Also, if your culture has any religion/s, it’s possible that you could derive exclamations from that. ‘By Azrael!’ is one I remember from my favourite fantasy trilogy - Azrael was the god of the dead.


If you have gods, you can have like [god's name]'s [inappropriate body part], you can mix up a male god with a non-male body part, or vice versa, to make it funny


Also do this:
YOU ABSOLUTE [furniture name]



A Name With No Girl

(I'm not sure if "cuss words" also means insults as well as bad words, so just in case - there you go)

You just need to think about what might be insulting or offensive in your world. Like, if there's a place full of sulphor pools (which stinks like rotten eggs) called "Elador", calling someone "Eladorian" will mean he stinks like a mayonnaise hell. Or, if there's a society which values old people for their wisdom, calling someone "kid" or saying that someone has an "empty grey head" (like they aren't wise like the other oldies, and are basically useless) would be an insult.

Also, saying inappropriate body parts totally works in other languages (I know for a fact that "dick" and "pussy" are valied things to cuss in some places).