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I would like to create something like StoneHenge in my world. Not specifically a ring of rocks… but I would like to have something ancient and unexplainable in my world. Something that was an incredible feat to build and no one (except me, lol) knows how it go there or how they did it. Any ideas or suggestions of where to start?

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rocks. it's always made of rocks.
also maybe there's some personable features in some way? like one thing remotely looks like an arm and that jutty-outy bit at the bottom is a leg.


I agree with 'rocks' but maybe you could make something so massively huge that it's unthinkable to be able to make it without modern technology
OR maybe some ancient tomb or whatever that the people who found it have NO ability whatsoever to open it.
1: "Maybe we should dynamite this colossal door wiiiiiide open!"
2: "NO! Who knows what we could be destroying just inside by doing that!"
2: Tries prying it open with a crowbar
2: Is unsuccessful
1: "Now?"
2: "NO!"
2: Hits door with wrecking ball
Wrecking ball: Bounces off without leaving a scratch
1: "Now?"
2: "…"
2: "Ugh, Fine!"
Dynamite: Explodes but does nothing to the door
1: "…"
2: "…"

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That second one could be possibly interesting, plus it could give you a way to develop your world more. (i.e. An ancient historical building has been discovered, but archeologists have been unable to find a way to open it, as headlines for the local TV station)


Number one, the thing about StoneHenge is it's well known , every one knows what you're talking about. In order for there to be a historical monument it has to be known. Two most Historical monuments tend to have some sort of religious importance in some way shape or form, take the pyramids they had religious reasons for being there. Three, It has to look the part, no one will believe that it's ancient if it looks like it was made a week ago, Moss, scratches impurities, faded paint or dies, crumbling stone, This helps make it feel old.


Maybe something like an ice sculpture in a place with temperatures above 90 degrees because it should melt, but it doesn't. A stained glass window in a school or church depicting unexplainable scenes. An unbreakable straw shed no one has touched for decades because a ruler owns the land and protects it with their life (I bet you could come up with some crazy backstory for that). Simple things that mean so much to the people of the land, even if they're not quite sure why.


You could have a statue of someone nobody even knows. It's not the founder of the town, it's not someone who benefited to the building of the town, nobody famous, and there's no name on the statue, so nobody can look them up, and even if they did, it's no where to be found in any history books. But they can't bring them selves to tear it down, what if it was something important? It could be an entrance to a tunnel or a key to secrets, who knows but you?