forum What are the most valuable jobs in your world?
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On Earth we need engineers, farmers, and teachers but what would it be like on a world with different rules?

What occupations can your societies not function without?
Are there enough people in it? How is said job viewed, with respect or with disgust?

Is it something that doesn't even exist in the real world, like being a magician or President of the Secret Society?!

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Peacemaker of the Scorpons. The Peacemaker is the leader, but they are called the Peacemaker as their main job is to keep the peace between the Scorpons, who actually fight a lot. Mostly 1 on 1, but sometimes it can escalate, and once it created a civil war. They are chosen by determining who is the most compassionate Scorpon. There are actually a lot of female Peacemakers for this reason, as females genetically are wired to be mothers, while males are wired to be fighters.

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My story's set in the USA but it's a dystopia, and some of the most highly valued people are skilled doctors. Injuries, illnesses, etc. are much more common and severe without simple preventatives such as vaccines and proper hygiene, and even a small infection can be fatal if it's not treated right. Doctors actually have to be very careful because if they let slip about their profession to the wrong people, they can be kidnapped and forced to become the medic of a specific group whether they want to or not. So it's basically the most valued job, but in many ways it's also the most dangerous.

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For one of my race, it`s their Eshaemane. They are mid-wife, healer a bit shamanic women that are the binder of their clan. They are highly regarded as keeper of the truth and the mighty goddess will and wisdom. There is usually only one with an apprentice per clan. Their responsabilities is the usual healing, midwifing and taking care of the elderly, but also to serve as moral compass for their chief. They are the female conterpart to their male chief, the moon to the sun. Since they are neolitic kind of people, leaving by what they hunt and gatter, they are the keeper of ways and of the myths. Their apprenticeship start when they are as young as fivr, often because their own mother was, sometimes because they show some aptitude or they want to do it. Their daily tasks are usually to go gather herbs, honey, mushrooms and roots for their mixture, taking care of those who need that day and to give advices to the people in their clan. Since the clan are highly isolated, they rarely interact, so the knowledge is slow to evolve and tend to remain the old and wellknown way.