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My novel involves a bunch of soulless Human Drones using a potion to lure people's souls out of their bodies and into Crystal Amulets (which they wear when the soul is extracted). The details of what it does are as follows:

*Puts the victim to sleep for a few hours
*Extracts their soul from their body
*Sucks the color out of their irises, leaving them a light gray
*Puts the soul, along with their eye color, into the Crystal Amulet worn by the victim
*Turns them into a soulless Human Drone, capable of manipulation and other malicious acts
*Makes them increasingly reluctant to wearing their Amulets (which conjoins their soul with their body when they're wearing it)

I'm trying to research different kinds of magic(k) potion ingredients to see which kinds would logically go into this, but I'm not having any luck. Does anyone have any ideas?


Hey @loveyouforever96! Have you ever heard of the victorian flower language? Different flowers mean different things, so that could be a good place to start. Additionally, some plants do actually have effects on the body! Chamomile, for instance tends to put people to sleep or clam them at the least. Poppy seeds have similar effects in high doses. I'm sure you could find other plants that would get the effects your looking for. Here's an website I use for the victorian flower meanings: Hope this helps!


Crystals: clear quartz can amplify any of your potion. black tourmaline, onyx, labradorite, and smoky quartz will make them no fears and make them feel at peace. ametrine strengths the vital force with in. candles: blue candles mean clam communication and purple mean wisdom and tranquility. incense: jasmine purification and dream magic. lavender sleep and cleansing. cinnamon used to gain wealth and success. honeysuckle can be burned for good luck, health, and psychic power. tangerine use to attract prosperity. Essential oils: cypress soothes emotions and a calmative. orange visions, physic dreams, and restfulness. sunflower can be used for power and success. moon water, salt, and pepper are also good. You can also look in to celtic symbols but be careful because a swastika was originally a symbol of good luck but was appropriated by the nazis.