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So, basically, I have this character in my book, and she had a very neglectful family as a child and I want some item that she always had to comfort her when she was being physically/mentally abused. (I know it's really dark but I still need help)


Jewelry might be fun because she can continue to have it with her throughout her adulthood. Maybe an empty locket of potential or an animal that evokes bravery or love.
Alternatively music boxes are also awesome. But if she comes from a neglectful home you'd have to figure out where she got it from.


I'm super late to this but whatever. I find that jewelry can be really good for this kind of thing. For example, I have a ring that my father made me, it's made of an old quarter that was manufactured a year after my house burnt down (the year my family got a act together XD) and I twist it around when I feel an anxiety attack coming on. You could maybe have a friend give something like that (a homemade piece of jewelry) to your character,.

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A hoodie or piece of clothing that was way to big for her then and is almost to big for her now, she could have hidden underneath it when she was a child.

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A stuff animal that a kind stranger gave her. (just off the top of my mind.)