forum am I the only one who's unnaturally good at memorization?
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so I memorized the Gettysburg address over like, three nights, and the 'Yet Here, Laertes!' monologue from Hamlet in about an hour. For some reason, I want to memorize Hamlet's fourth soliloquy for fun. am I the only one?

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I was a major character in Midsummer so I had a good deal memorized by listening in.
I was messing around with my friends and realized that I'd memorized an entire monologue from the Looking-Glass Land play via osmosis.

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I have the entire scene of the Gaston song memorised (from the 1991 Beauty and the Beast movie)………but only with the rhymes switched, and only after hearing it like five times.
Besides that, yeah, I typically memorise my lines for plays pretty quickly.