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Hey does like anyone know like anything about either the history of wolves in Europe or like anything about anything that happened in 1850's France? If you do answer thank you so much <3 <3 <3

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Is this for wolves or WERE-wolves? Otherwise, I imagine that wolves were a problem like they were everywhere else, eating livestock and damaging crops, threatening to attack people, howling at odd hours of the night, etc.


In France, by the 1850s the main period of wolves just up and eating folks was in the past, but they still had a pretty bad rep (partially due to stories like this being passed down by word of mouth, or used as novel ideas (this one specifically in 1858)). The main problem at this point was rabid wolves - pretty horrific stuff. See the section on France in this study for more details.
Here's an article about rabid vs predatory behavior in wolves (in the context of reintroducing the grey wolf to Europe, but there's lots of fun historical tidbits regarding France in there).
I hope this is a good enough start for your research!