forum Resources for pre-metalworking cultures?
Started by Elle F. Wade

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Elle F. Wade

I'm writing a sci-fi/fantasy that takes place on another planet, and the indigenous peoples' technology is loosely based on some of our ancient cultures. Specifically, in this case, the technology won't include metalworking. Given the historical tie-in, I thought this may be the place to post.

I'd like to experience as few foot-in-mouth moments as possible. Does anyone have any favorite and/or well-respected resources on pre-metalworking peoples and their cultures? And as readers, what are your pet peeves regarding a writer's lack of research? (e.g., not knowing how a regency-style dress is put on, and it negatively impacting a steamy scene.)


I know this is really late, but people didn't record much history that far back They used stuff like copper, tin or lead, depending where you lived. There was basically Mesopotamia, the Indus river valley civilization, Xia china, and whatever the Jews were before they were in Israel.