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Your assistance is requested to help create a growing compendium of words that are either unique to or have a unique meaning to a specific fandom. There is no limit to what kind of fandom you are referencing, though I do ask that it remains in the PG-13 range for the sake of any younglings who might find and read this collection. So, please keep any vulgarity and/or expletives to a minimum. (Or just follow @Andrew’s Rules as a general guideline.) So, swears, insults, and curses are allowed as long as they follow the dictionary format listed below, are fandom-based, and are not directed at anyone.
Other than that, it can be anything; movies, books, tv shows (including live-action, animated, cartoon, or CGI), comic books, webcomics, WebToons, manga, anime, musical, video/computer games, remake… etc. Depending on the fandom multiple languages may be included with a translation/translated definition.

Please remember to include; the word or phrase itself, any additional spellings if you know any, the meaning, and the fandom it came from. If you would like you may also include a reference to where you heard or discovered the unique word and/or definition as well as any interesting or unique lore from a fandom.

Also note that fanfiction and AU’s doesn't count as a canon entry, though you may reference it if the word you post is a canon word and depending on how popular the AU is.


The act of two or more Gems synchronizing and combining their physical form into a singular being, usually larger and stronger than the individual parts.
Steven Universe


Time Piece
A source of fuel for interstellar travel (ie. Hat Kid’s spaceship) that can also be used to manipulate time
A Hat in Time

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FNDM (the fandom of the show RWBY which is pronounced "ruby" like the main character Ruby Rose who is in a team with people named Weiss, Blake, and Yang after which the show is named.)

CRWBY ("crew-bie" or the crew behind the writing, direction, and animation of the show)

Freezerburn, the shipper term for Weiss and Yang, because Weiss has ice powers and Yang has a yellow theme…and it was a better shipper name than "yellow snow". Like the following four, the fandom shipper pairings were noted by the show creators and used canonically to refer to strategies, especially in battle, that divide team members of RWBY into pairs.

Ladybug, the shipper term for Ruby and Blake, whose signature colors are red and black respectively

Checkmate, not a shipper term at the time for Blake and Weiss (black and white signature colors, like a chess board) but when using these shipper names for canonical battle combination…the creator preferred checkmate to the existing shipper term Monochrome

Bumblebee, which I've also read as spelled Bumbleby perhaps to avoid confusing the urban beekeeping hobbyists or entomology fandoms in hashtags. This is the shipper term for Yang and Blake, which is canon as a romantic pair. However, in-world Bumblebee still refers to the battle move in which Blake and Yang partner in tandem

Ice Flower, the shipper term for Weiss and Ruby Rose, alternatively White Rose but it was Ice Flower that was made canon as a strategy/battle partnership term.

JNPR, pronounced like "juniper", a team composed of team RWBY's classmates: Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, and Ren. This was canon from the start, but illustrative of why the FNDM/fandom language usually follows this pattern.

RNJR or JNRR pronounced "ranger" or "junior" respectively, a team made up of Ruby Rose and Team JNPR minus Pyrrha. Every time the show mix-and-matches the team members, the fandom will try to think up of a team name. The debate between RNJR and JNRR is canon as well as reflective of fandom activity, but in-world was resolved with "it doesn't matter what we call ourselves" (because we're all friends).

ORNJ, pronounced "orange", this is the fandom term for the team made up of Oscar and Team JNPR minus Pyrrha. As of volume 8, there must be many more like this as alliances and dynamics between the entire ensemble continue changing, and team names are no longer provided by canon—but I didn't want to look all of them up.