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I always find it hard to find new threads, especially of people looking for help, considering they get buried. So this thread o\is for anyone to promote any of their threads, whether its a fun thread or one where you need peoples opinions!!

For instance, This is my Character profile thread! I made it for people to make their characters more fleshed out and human! Its lots of fun !


This is a thread where I ask about tags! I still need an answer, if you have one !

So if you have any threads to promote, drop it here ! I wanna see !! :))

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Thank you for this thread! Finally, there’s a place to see things that aren’t thousand-comment long roleplays. I only really have one thread to share, and that’s my Comfort Characters thread, where you have an opportunity to share your comfort characters (and voice your approval of others’ and maybe fangirl over the same ones). You can find that here, if you’re interested!


An evil fantasy rp I started because I was outrageously bored. Basically, a kind of gathering for your worst characters, with the option of ‘helping’ a village. Feel free to join.

Help, please.

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I think this thread needs a bit more love :) It's a character playlist vibe check!

Also, I still haven't found this book yet ;-;


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