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Basically I have weird-ass dreams and I usually remember them. This is gonna be a dumping ground for them. You're welcome to comment if you like? Laughter, ideas, "what the fuck"'s, all are welcome lmao.

Also uh, T/W for: potential violence/death/blood (last night I dreamed I was a serial killer), and suicide
First dream is the one I just had, which I'm copy-pasting from where I posted it elsewhere.

Okay so like, I was a serial killer?? But I also had friends. Also I was a guy, idk why. Also I was a fucking werewolf?? Anyways it was like, the weirdest mix of current tech and like, the 1800s, because there were modern movie theaters, but no cars only horses. The reason I know there were theaters was because apparently I killed someone in one. That's the other weird part is like, I knew I was the serial killer, but I never actually dreamed the killing part. I'd dream going in, and then leaving, but not the actual deaths? So I'm still unsure how I killed people. I think it was usually either with a knife or a gun. Anyways. I had like, this small group that sort of helped me sort of tried to stop me? Like there was one guy who was a hacker and made it easier for me to get into places. But there was also a girl whose name escapes me, who was like my best friend, but very much disapproved of what I did. Also apparently I had tried to kill her, but she'd fought back so hard I spared her and we turned into like best friends, which is weird. I had a scar on my collarbone from fighting her. So uh. I also had a girlfriend/fiance/wife (unsure if we were actually married or not) who was pregnant, and her name was Lauren, and I loved her very much. Anyways. So I was on the run from bounty hunters and police, with the three friends. Lauren was back at her home. I'd seen her a few times but would never see her again. My bestie, let's call her Kora because I can't remember, who was also Lauren's sister/best friend, was both trying to give away where I was and trying to help me get away? Like, she was constantly whistling to give away my position, but also was on the run? And I kept telling her "stop it" and like, got super mad at her, but I never left her behind or tried to kill her. Anyways. She was on horseback and I was in wolf form (because apparently I'm a fucking werewolf) running along trails near a road. The other two guys in the group joined up eventually. We were now on the road, on horses, and were being pursued. The road dead-ended (bc of course) and one of the bounty hunters caught up and was going to bring me in. I decided that if I had no choice, I wasn't going to go to prison and die there. So I jumped the bounty hunter (who looked suspiciously like the real me) and knocked her out and stole her guns. Also I was crying. I told Kora to "Tell Lauren I love her. And…and tell her to tell our child the truth". And then I shot myself. Then the POV changed to Kora crying and cupping my cheek while I lay there dead, and her saying she'd tell Lauren. And btw Lauren knew the entire time that I was a serial killer. Everybody did lmao

So anyways. Weird-ass but fun dream