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hi im a agere with out a cg, how are your guys day, mine is ok also my age range is from 5-8 i would love to make new frinds!


hello. I ollie, im an agere/little I'm looking for a CG still and I wanted to meet friends, my little age is 2-4 and I'm a nonverbal little


haiiii im a little looking for a cg im 14 my little age is 1-4 im rly sweet and shy heres my discord : Prettygirl<3#9915 Anyways how i got pacifiers was i ask to go to the store with one of my family members and they arent that nosy so i can sneak off and i buy pacifiers, sippy's, ect. i reccomend target or walmart they have the cheapest ones espcially if ur getting like packs of three they are typically 6-7 USD (i hope this helps! :D)