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It is the year 2489. The Disease, known as the Manson Plague, or the Manson, named after Collard Manson, who first contracted it. Project Jilliby, the first attempt at discovering a cure, has failed, but that does not discourage the scientists. They have chosen new victims - sorry, volunteers - to contribute, and they're ready to start the new experiment. It has been determined that the disease starts from the brain, and they now have a way to help.

The first phase, the physical, has been a success. The prey - I mean volunteers, sorry, - have been tested emotionally and physically. They have been tortured, tested, pushed to the limits of human endurance. Now comes the most delicate part of the entire operation.

The memory alteration.

The experiments will be sent into the Caverns. They will receive back one of their memories a day, without a fail, until they get out of the Caverns. They will try to get out before all goes to hell. Some will live. Some might die.

So… good luck! I guess.

I dunno what this is. So… yeah.
Join if you want. I don't care, this was just a brain dump for a short story idea I had, and am now lacking the motivation to continue. XD
Anyone can join! Just ask me if you want to, and I'll let you.


If this is still open and if you can stand a few grammar mistakes sometimes (though I'll work hard to avoid them – sorry, English isn't my first language), I'd like to join.