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And why is it rare in the first place? Is it rare because of how its life cycle progresses or is it because of interference from other species?


In one of the worlds I made, the rarest type of flora was a small star-shaped flower that was blue with white tips and a yellow center. The stalk and roots were edible, but the flower itself was toxic and it grew on one island because it was the only place where the gravity, soil composition, and temperature allowed it to grow. It needed low gravity, specific minerals, and cold temps. But the oils that could be extracted out of its roots could cure or kill.
There were other plants that did similar things, but that one was the rare form of them and never actually was used.


Not entirely sold on the name for this one but in my primary world building project the rarest type of flora would be the Skybulb, which is essentially an organic balloon tethered to the ground by the use of a long vine. They are also used by a particular species of Elf as a means of mass transport. The Elves grow the Skybulbs until the entire community can be supported by interwoven vines and when they find a new location to settle they land and plant the seeds for their next migration.


Rarest type of flower would be the soul plant. The worthy witch of the forest connects with the forest and a soul flower blooms to replace the witch in their absense, harnessing the energy of the witch after they pass on. Anyone who manages to find one and boils the leaves can gain all the power of the witch, but the forest will die. The plants can move and teleport if they feel endangered, and therefore only those with pure intentions ever see them


i actually just made up a type of flower that only grows on the island that's stuck in time in my world. the island has been stuck in time for about 200 years, so no one is aging there, and this rare plant can be used as in sleeping potions (whoever takes it will fall asleep for an unspecified amount of time and time will pass normally, but they will feel as though it's only been a minute or so). it's actually not important at all overall.


Fallen. A dead looking tree that produces small golden apples that fell like they are rotten on the inside. It only exists in Hell and is the only source of edible greens there. However unlike the tree of knowledge. They give whoever consumes it enhanced speed strength and stamina. the drawback being that once the special abilities wear off the character becomes broken physically. broken bones, lacerated skin, and failing just about everything else


The rarest plant is likely the glitterweed, named for its shimmery, purple leaves. In order to grow at all, a glitterweed plant requires a certain level of magical concentration in the air and soil, a quantity impossible without artificial intervention-and the concentration required for full growth is even higher. It also has a tendency to absorb and randomly expel the magic around it, making maintaining a stable habitat near impossible. There is one location on the planet with a high enough concentration, that is stuffed with glitterweed as a result, but the surrounding area manages to kill off just about anything else that tries to enter. When boiled and consumed, the leaves can permanently increase a person's capability for magic. The reason why glitterweed exists at all is that it's native to another planet entirely.


My rarest plant is the tracana, which is a tree that grows golden leaves. It can ward off disease, but can also absorb magic as a vessel which can be obtained later. Many ancient Wielders of magic miniaturised tracanas and carried them aroundto use as nevatu (power) holders, as a reserve of magic to draw upon when their own magic began to deplete.


My rarest plant is the flower growing at a PhoenixBloom's back (PhoenixBlooms are my own type of mythical creature). This golden fire-shaped flower is essential to PhoenixBlooms life cycle, it's what allows them to photosynthesize. These creatures are mainly calm but are lethal when their flower is threatened. These flowers can be mixed into a healing salve that can be used on ay wound.

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My rarest plant would be the frost flower that only grows in the frozen north, in the middle of a frozen lake. For it to sprout, there would need to be an ice elemental to guard it and snow must fall around it for a month. When fully grown after half a year, It will have eight petals and two leaves. Each petal can be used as a universal antidote and each leaf can be used as a universal ingredient for most potions, regardless of type. If crafted into a piece of jewelry, It will give off a nice chill in hot places and protect the wearer in cold ones.


A tree called 'Dawn's Breath', adapted to nutrient-poor subalpine reaches of mountains. Monoecious - the small white male and female flowers occur on separate plants - and relies on a specialised insect species for pollination. Now thought to be extinct due to climate change and land clearing. The tree itself isn't particularly magical, but it's the favourite tree of one of my protags, an elven spellcaster who has a large body tattoo of the tree disguising his enchantment rune tattoos. He's lived long enough to watch the species die out, and as the story is set in modern times one of his biggest regrets with all this new technology is not keeping seeds to try revive the species.


A type of bush called a Jurburry Bush. It produces small "Fruits" that are poisioness when eaten/consumed, but they're essencial to curing a weaponized cancer/tumor that renders an Evolution unable to use their powers, and eats them from the inside out. The problem is that they need the PERFECT ENVIRONMENT to grow in, and it takes YEARS for them to actually grow to adulthood and start producing their "fruit"