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I've got a plant in my story that acts like a drug, any way a character injests it, it works. What it does is it makes the character kind of dissociate and see their dead loved ones who haven't fully passed on, and see the dead character and be able to interact with them. I don't have a name for it yet and I need ideas for possible negative side effects

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It's called Merdehel
It gives you hallucinations and makes you dizy as sideeffects

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Perhaps it injures a part of your brain and causes you to pass out at random times?

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I like the idea of taking the positive effects and turning them negative after a long period of use. Maybe a user eventually can't stop seeing their dead loved ones, even when the drug wears off? Or maybe they eventually see other dead people they don't know, too. Or maybe there's something truly fantastical where they become more and more dead-like (and maybe the dead ones become more life-like), and they end up switching places with them?

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Or they just straight-up die.

Also, since you mentioned that it can be ingested in any way, I like to think that some people accidentally mistook the Merdehel for their suppositories and saw grandma while taking a dump.


@GardeniaOwl since the plant affects how you see and hear maybe it attacks and over stimulates the nervous system from long term use. This could include paralysis, psychosis (or aquiring a mental disorder like szchiophrenia ), blindness, deafness etc