Free AI-generated floras

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I'm working on some AI code that I hope will be able to generate random creatures, but since it's all just test output from the code otherwise going to waste I figured I'd paste them below. Feel free to take any of them and adopt them into your own stories (or just read along and chuckle at how absurd some of them are)! They get wackier as they go along.

This is just a first pass on trying to create these, so if anyone has any feedback on any aspect of it, that's also appreciated. :)

Flora: Bloodroot
Description: A small, red flower that grows in clusters. It has a sweet, pleasant smell, but when crushed, it releases a red, sticky sap that is poisonous.
Grows in: meadows, forests, swamps, bogs

Flora: Scented Fern
Description: A fern that has a sweet, pleasant smell. It is often used in cooking.
Grows in: meadows, forests, jungles, plains

Flora: Tree of Life
Description: A large, ancient tree that is the only source of the rare, life-giving sap that can cure the infected.
Grows in: forests, jungles, swamps

Flora: Rope Tree
Description: A tree that grows long, thin vines that are used to make rope. The tree itself is very tall and thin, with a large canopy.
Grows in: forests, woodlands, swamps, deserts

Flora: Bloodleaf
Description: A small, red leaf that grows on a thin stem. It is commonly used in cooking, and is often ground up and put on toast.
Grows in: meadows, near rivers, sparse jungles, coastal regions

Flora: Gatorweed
Description: A large, fleshy plant that grows in swamps and bogs. It has a tough, leathery skin that is often used to make bags and belts.
Grows in: swamps, bogs, marshes

Flora: Rattleweed
Description: A tall, thin plant with a single, large leaf at the top. The leaf is covered in a fine layer of dust, which makes a rattling sound when the wind blows.
Grows in: plains, savannas, grasslands, open fields

Flora: The Deadwood
Description: A tree that grows in the most barren of places, the Deadwood is a twisted, gnarled tree that has no leaves and is covered in a dark, almost black bark. It is said that the Deadwood is the only tree that can grow in the most barren of places, and that it is a symbol of hope.
Grows in: deserts, rocky plains, barren hills

Flora: Rosewood
Description: A tall tree with long, thin branches that end in sharp, claw-like tips. Their bark is smooth and grey, with some bits of bone and teeth scattered along the branches.
Grows in: swamps, woodlands, forests, deserts

Flora: Bloodroot
Description: A red flower that grows in clusters. It has a very strong, pungent smell, and a bitter taste.
Grows in: meadows, plains, hills, mountains

Flora: The Glowing Mushroom
Description: A large, white mushroom with a red cap that glows in the dark. It is usually found in caves and is very valuable for growing underground.
Grows in: caves, deep forests, swamps

Flora: Blood Lily
Description: A lily that has a dark red flower and red leaves. It grows in swamps and marshes, and is often used as a decoration.
Grows in: swamps, marshes, wetlands

Flora: Snake Weed
Description: A tall, slender plant with a long, thin stem and large, dark green leaves. It has a large seed pod that grows from the top of the stem and can be found growing in most biomes.
Grows in: forests, plains, meadows, grasslands, bogs, swamps, mountains, caves

Flora: Meat Tree
Description: A large tree that grows from the flesh of a long-dead creature. It has a hollow trunk that is filled with muscle and bone, and the branches are long and sharp.
Grows in: swamps, woodlands, forests, deserts

Flora: Deathstalk
Description: A tall, slender stalk with a bulbous top that is covered in a thick, white mucus. The stalk grows slowly but contains a very strong neurotoxin.
Grows in: deserts, caves, ruins, mountains

Flora: Burnwood
Description: An unusual tree that burns like wood, but has a slight sparkle to it. Its ashes are usually thrown onto fires to add an extra bit of magic.
Grows in: all climates

Flora: Hookahvine
Description: A strange and curious vine that usually only grows from a hookah pipe if the water bowl inside is left uncovered. It grows from the bowl to the stem and produces large, green leaves with a strange texture.
Grows in: hookah pipes, hookah bars

Flora: Helltree
Description: A thick, gnarled tree with twisting branches and thorns. It has a grey trunk and black, rough bark. Its fruit is black and juicy, but highly toxic.
Grows in: dense forests, swamps, bogs, caves

Flora: Blood Flower
Description: Blood flowers have a long, leafless stem with a pink flower at the top. It grows a thick, fleshy flower bud with an orange center that is quite delicious. The flower bud will bleed when cut, but the bleeding stops as soon as the bud is picked.
Grows in: swamps, bogs, gardens, forests

Flora: Snowfield Gourd
Description: An orange and white-spotted gourd that can be found growing in snowfields. It is said that it grows well only in cold, high altitudes.
Grows in: snowy mountains

Flora: Half-Life Buds
Description: Small, light green buds that give off the scent of fresh alcohol upon being crushed. These buds are one of the only known plant forms capable of storing morphogenic sugars as well as detecting residual psychic energies.
Grows in: half-life zones

Flora: The Early Parasite
Description: A common flower that sprouts quickly and grows like weeds strangling out the other flowers and habitats. Picking and eating these is a quick, but very painful death. ("Not Recommended")
Grows in: grassy areas, parks, flowerbeds

Flora: Blood Gum
Description: A large, thick shrub. Its red plant matter can be chewed on, and leaves a strong, crimson-colored saliva in one's mouth.
Grows in: Colonial-era gardens, bogs, damp forests

Flora: Barbed Vine
Description: A length of vine covered in thick, barbed thorns. Despite its prickly appearance, can be used in bandages to help stop bleeding once the thorns are cut off.
Grows in: bamboo jungles, swamps, forest, thick trees

Flora: Bone Vine
Description: Was a fairly common plant that was found in forested lands, but some rumors are swirling that people have been spotting the strange plant elsewhere: alone on some mountaintops, around old temples, on the roofs and walls of forgotten ruins. The Bone Vine is a strange, tough plant that drips with some serious venom, making it extra deadly in combat. Surprisingly, the vine itself has uses outside of dangerous animals and spiced-up food. Some say that the blood from fresh Vine can make a healthy drink if mixed just right.

Flora: The Wildflower
Description: A natural herb that cures poisoning and disease by absorbing illness and poison within the body and then causing anyone that consumes it to vomit it back up.

Flora: Bloodspore Bush
Description: A fleshy plant that produces bilberry-like berries. When blood from any species is permitted to drip onto the plant, it ferments and secretes a potent alcoholic beverage with vivid, temporary hallucinations.
Grows in: swamps, quagmires, dense jungles