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So, I've started working on a fae book.
Gasps dramatically because I usually avoid writing fantasy because it's kinda intimidating
And I would like all of your fae knowledge (including if it's supposed to be capitalized lmao) please!
I've gotten some from research and friends, but I crave more because I really really really don't wanna heck up.


-do Not step into a mushroom ring or you won't leave the fae kindgom ever
-don't tell them your name. give them a nickname or something or they will have power over you
-don't eat anything they give you or you're fucked
-iron burns them
-for protection, wear your clothing inside out, have four-leaf clovers or rabbit's foot w you
-be very careful not to insult them

this is all kinda basic and a month later but i rlly like mythology so here u go!

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Fae are usually very aloof to humans.
There are Faries, which are human sized, and Pixiesw, who are tiny