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that's why monster hunter is great because almost everything is some kind of wyvern, but then a kirin is classified as an elder dragon

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Best Movie/Book Dragons


I would love to hear your vote on which is the best!

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This is kind of a weird question but which dragon would you say would be a great mentor/teacher but is also a hella good flyer.


I don't know, but I can picture a hydra being the scary math teacher and wyverns being the cool teacher but also kind of suspicious or something, like secretly teaching kids how to kill someone when they should be teaching them 2+2

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That thing about dragons in popular fantasy movies isn't true. Those are definitely dragons. Why? Because they said they are. Besides, personally I prefer to either draw dragons with four legs and no wings or with two legs and two wings. Six limbs don't look good in a movie or on screen. Imagine what it would look like, you wouldn't know what was going on because of all the limbs everywhere especially because movies like The Hobbit, Harry Potter and even the show Game of Thrones has a lot going on. It's the same with art. If you can't draw six limbs without making it look noisy and messy, then don't.