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"It's merely a query to answer the question," Tsuki said, "but if I'm boring you we can get right into it." They swished their tail, casting illusions onto Goldergon and Axel without waiting for Goldergon's answer. To make it appear smoother, they added a blast of blinding white light and slunk away, disappearing into the light.

(Let's have fun with this.)

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(Fyi, Axel is nowhere near Goldergon. They split ways)

Goldergon blinked a few times. He then gazed around cautiously. He was surrounded by strange distortions, like air pockets in the web of reality.

“Ah, lovely illusions.”

He tapped one of the bubbles, watching everything around him ripple like water. He didn’t know where the feline had gone, nor did he truly care. They would reappear eventually, they always did.

(Oh, and the ‘bubbles’ are not the actual illusions, it’s how he sees reality when illusions are used. Vanishers, in general, are a bit strange)


(I know this, I'm just saying she cast illusions on them both. Since it was a moonlight illusion she doesn't necessarily need to be near her victim, just focusing on them.)

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"Where're you going?" Axel asked in confusion, backing away slowly, almost sinking completely behind a tree.

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I'ma join and just introduce chaos in any way possible… here's my character:
Name: A Mutable Shadow

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: Shadow, Shade, Mutable.

Race: Changeling (A.K.A. Shapeshifter)

Age: They don't even know.

Gender: Non-binary.

Description: A 10 ft. tall humanoid that appears as insubstantial and dark as a shadow, with skin and hair that is such a deep black that it leeches the color and warmth out of the air and their surroundings. Skin is not the usual translucent skin of a changeling; their skin also has mist/smoke coming off of it. Hair appears to float around their head, as though they were underwater with currents slightly pulling at their hair. Their eyes are also such a bright white that you feel as they they can see right through you, down into the depths of your soul. Their eyes also seem to leech all color and warmth from the surrounding envrironment.

Personality: Hurtful, sadistic, untrustworthy, charismatic in a bad way, deceptive, manipulative, adaptive, intelligent, observant, aloof… basically, ammoralilty sprinkled in with high self-confidnce, brutality, callousness, and a calculating indifference.

Backstory: A mysterious appearance from another universe that they won't explain.

Notable Abilities/Powers, if any: Telepathy; Innate illusion magic; Shapeshifting; Ability to capture souls in anything for later use.

Other: Likes to take the souls of people and use them for their own mysterious purposes.

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(Ooh, big grin. And I have no idea why, but I just keep thinking ‘Soul Eater’)
(In other details, you can have Shadow either appear in the forest, enter the area via the abandoned road, or probably just walk out of the shadows wherever)
(Oh hey, new page, lol)

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Shadow appears in a dark forest. They can smell the presence of other lifeforms… a sweet, rotted smell. The smell of corruption is abundant in this world, and Shadow loves it. "The perfect world for a bit of chaos…" they murmur. They start walking out of the forest, to start spreading panic, when they sense some… others near by. Their eyes widen just a little bit in anticipation. Then they close their eyes, and cast out their mind… and encounter a weaving of magic that is surprising to them, because it is quite powerful… for whatever creatures live in this world. They smirk a little, because the magic surrounds the reality of another… and then they enter the mind of another person, the one weaving the magic, to determine how to torture them with the magic they made. An idea pops into their head, and they start ripping and re-weaving the magic, altering it to take the form of a living void, a hungry, endless pit of darkness underneath Tsuki… and changes the mind of the person (who's name is Tsuki, apparantly) to be afraid of… nothingness. Shadow starts laughing as they alter, pleased with theirself and their work. Then they go to where Tsuki is, to watch the effects of their manipulation.


Tsuki smelled the air calmly, seemingly unaffected by Shadow's altering. "I can tell there is someone here," they say sternly, "did you may this void?" They awaited an answer, a sick smile slowly creeping on their face.

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Shadow pauses in surprise. "Maybe… who wants to know, Tsuki?" Shadow replies, shaking their head at a sudden unease about this creature. Something seems very wrong though, and Shadow knows to trust their instincts, so they suddenly disappear into shadows, then reappear a good 100 feet away from Tsuki, just in case.

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Shadow pauses at that, then replies: "Well, that does pose a bit of a problem… for you, I mean. This just means I can spend more time in your head, learning what does scare you. And along the way, I can also learn what has caused you immense sadness or pain, and make you relive that… forever. Because you just gave me an important piece of information, Tsuki: If you've lived for more than 4,530,000,000 years, you still have so much more time to go through before you die. And you'll wish you were dead well before I've had my fun." They wait for what Tsuki says, and while they wait for Tsuki to reply, they decide to mess with the other person that's nearby. Although now that they're paying attention, Shadow notices that the other one, the one who smelled human, isn't as human as they thought. They decide to wait and see what Golderdon does. And they continue to watch Tsuki's reactions, to see what they do.


Tsuki let out a cackle. "What a good joke," they jeered, "you really made me laugh." They stepped off of the void and started walking away before stopping and facing Golderdon. "Golderdon," they ask, "how are you enjoying my game? Can you even see it?"

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"Actually, I don't think he can see anything, Tsuki," Shadow says. "You seem to forget, I'm not just a creature of illusion and psionic powers. I can take souls, or certain pieces of a soul, and use them however I want. And your good friend Goldergon over there, well… let's just say he can react with words, but he can't see or move. As of right now, your friend Goldergon is just a giant flesh-and-metal paperweight."
Shadow proceeds to hold out his right hand, where a faintly glowing strand of something rests. And starts to laugh, a horrible, chilling laugh: the laugh of one who's gone mad with power. Except, this is all a bluff. All you've done is put a mental lock on movement and sight on Goldergon. The "soul fragment" is just an illusion. A very convincing one, sure. But still an illusion.
"Right now, this little piece of soul is in the balance. There's something I want. And it has nothing to do with you, really. You don't matter. You either tell me where to find someone, or your friend loses the ability to fight back. And I get the feeling neither you or Goldergon want that."

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"You misinterpret my energy," they said solemnly, "I am no guardian. But please do tell me who you want to find, for the sake of your little friend."