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The creature howled angrily and charged after the children. It threw a chain again, swatting a tree. A brief flash of light appeared behind the tree, but it was unclear what it was.

The watchers started to leap out in front of the children, causing trouble and disorientation rather than attacking. Strange little laughs started, and the fighting stopped as more hopped around.

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“Those aren’t gnomes,” was all Jax said as she continued to run. “Don’t touch them, focus on the ground so you can av-“
The girl was cut off as one of the creatures grabbed her ankle, causing her to fall forward, landing hard in the dirt. She let go of the boy’s hand, waving him on. “Keep going,” she insisted. “Run as fast as you can. I’ll be okay.”
The creatures grouped around Jax now, starting to poke and prod at her. She tried to stand, but they kept dragging her down. Fear filled her eyes as the creatures began to carry her away into the dark.

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(Killing your characters is optional, as are replacement characters)

The creatures yipped and howled as they dragged Jax further away. The large creature with the chains stopped chasing Axel to gloat over Jax. It lifted a large clawed foot, the chain dangling from its wrist, preparing for a killing blow.


Tsuki smiled grimly as the ball of light cracked, leaving a glowing white liquid everywhere, including on their paws. They let out a giggle and twitched an ear. "By the way," they told Goldergon, "I saw your argument with the kid. So, why don't we play a little game?"

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Goldergon paused, not sure what the white liquid was. He hovered over Tsuki, claws bared, but he didn’t move another step. His hands slowly lowered.

“What game? And do tell what this fascinating liquid is,”Goldergon hummed with an eager grin.

The bear-like beast stopped for a moment, then walked around the mess, heading for the village. It cared not at all for Goldergon.


"This liquid was the magical knowledge in the ball," Tsuki said, "but it's pretty much useless now, other than to have a little fun. As for the game, it's a bit of a challenge."

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“Fun? As in bloody, gory fun? Hmm, and you still haven’t answered my question. What is the game?”

His fingers tapped eagerly and his dull red teeth were bared. He stayed absolutely still besides his fingers, not even breathing.

In the distance, trees were torn down as the bear-like creature wandered.


"It's merely a query to answer the question," Tsuki said, "but if I'm boring you we can get right into it." They swished their tail, casting illusions onto Goldergon and Axel without waiting for Goldergon's answer. To make it appear smoother, they added a blast of blinding white light and slunk away, disappearing into the light.

(Let's have fun with this.)

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(Fyi, Axel is nowhere near Goldergon. They split ways)

Goldergon blinked a few times. He then gazed around cautiously. He was surrounded by strange distortions, like air pockets in the web of reality.

“Ah, lovely illusions.”

He tapped one of the bubbles, watching everything around him ripple like water. He didn’t know where the feline had gone, nor did he truly care. They would reappear eventually, they always did.

(Oh, and the ‘bubbles’ are not the actual illusions, it’s how he sees reality when illusions are used. Vanishers, in general, are a bit strange)


(I know this, I'm just saying she cast illusions on them both. Since it was a moonlight illusion she doesn't necessarily need to be near her victim, just focusing on them.)