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The elf-like creature smiled, glad to cheer Axel up. She then raised her hands toward the sun, as if it were sacred to her. At the mention of Rapunzel, she seemed a bit confused.
The massive bear-snake beast noticed Tsuki and snarled. It stopped moving, those eyes glaring with unnatural hatred.

Goldergon turned around at the disturbance and noticed the feline creature. He grinned.

“Who are you? Are you offering a hunt? I do so love the hunt!”

He swayed side to side, his expression eager. His clawed fingernails tapped against each other.

The bear creature growled, huge paws flexing.
Malcolm finally woke in the afternoon, his head still pounding. He stood up and headed downstairs. A small blue flash on the work table greeted him.

“My ever-patient little friends. If only I had something for this damn migraine! That bitch feline is going to be a fur coat if I ever meet her again, which I think I will,”Malcolm growled.

The nanobots built a small bowl, which sizzled a moment. A pill formed in the bowl and the sizzling stopped. Malcolm rose an eyebrow.

A humanoid formed from the floor and indicated the pill then its head. Malcolm hummed.

“I never thought of that. Though, I’ve never had much interest with medicine,”Malcolm said with a shrug.

He gathered something to eat and took the pill, relaxing around the house afterward. An hour later, his migraine was gone. His mood significantly improved with that and he returned to his work table, thinking to remake his old friend, the spider robot, with some major upgrades.

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The elf creature became even more bewildered. She gestured that the sun flowed through her and to her hands. She grabbed the nearby leaf again and poured more of the gold light into it, then pointed at the sun to further emphasize her meaning.

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The elf creature stared at him for a long moment in confusion. She then shrugged. What else could she do? They could not properly communicate, and thus the boy could not understand that the sun gave her more power to battle the decay and darkness in the forest.

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The elf creature nodded, then gently grabbed his arm and looked at one of his wounds. She barely shifted the leaf bandage she had made, and noticed that the wound was nearly healed. Removing the rest of the bandage revealed a now shallow scratch.

She looked at Axel with a smile, then carefully tore a chunk a nearby leaf, folding it so Axel could carry it easier. She showed it to him, ripped a tiny piece off and squeezed, making sure he saw that, and gently pressed it onto the cut. Then she handed him the folded chunk, indicating he should keep it.

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Axel followed Rapunzel closely, admiring the trees along the way,
"Hey, did you see the monster I was with? I don't really remember it's. It's name was like,"
he paused to think
"Golden something."

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Jax walked through the forest, bare feet landing quietly on the ground. Her bag was halfway full with herbs, roots and berries that she'd collected. Looking up, she saw sunlight filtering through the leaves, and smiled to herself. It was a sight most beautiful, although a rather simple one.
Jax leaned against a tree for a moment, rooting through her bag before she heard a voice. It sounded like someone her age, with an eager, curious tone. She followed the sound, hiding behind a tree until she saw her friend. She beamed under her mask, and stepped out in front of the two.
"Hello! Who's this you're with?" The girl gestured to the boy following behind, tilting her head curiously. "Have I seen you in the village?"

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The elf creature, who didn’t know what to think about the name Rapunzel, looked at Axel. She pondered his question, then shook her head.

At the sound of another’s voice, she turned and cooed happily at Jax, greeting her. She then motioned to Axel and intimidated scratches on her arm, then pointed at the sun and herself, cooing to emphasize how she had found Axel.
Malcolm heard footsteps on the porch and huffed. A small shriek sounded, then the humanoid walked in, holding up a town guard by the neck. Malcolm snickered at the sight.

“Kill him, not in the house,”Malcolm told the robot.

It walked out and easily snapped the man’s head to the side. The humanoid dropped the body and tendrils of nanobots grabbed the corpse and dragged it to the side.

Curious, Malcolm walked out and followed the body. It was lifted onto a pile of corpses on the side of the porch, where the nanobots steadily broke them down.


Malcolm went back inside and returned to his work.

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Jax nodded at the creature's explanation, and began trailing behind the two, occasionally stopping to pick a plant and place it into her bag. The girl continued to gaze at the sun filtering through the leaves, occasionally tripping over a root or stone. She didn't mind it when she scraped her palms and knees, as they'd heal quickly anyways, if she wanted them to or not.


Tsuki stared the bear-like creature in the eyes for a second before running holding out the ball. They let the creature catch up to them for a bit before smashing the ball of knowledge in plain sight.

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The bear creature swatted at Tsuki, missing. It snarled, but didn’t chase. Instead Goldergon chased her, and for an eight foot tall maniac, he was fast. He cared nothing for the knowledge ball, as he had learned plenty in his long life. His clawed fingers reached for Tsuki.

The bear creature followed, watching, forked tongues licking its lips.

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“Oh, I live on the outskirts and spend a bunch of time in the forest, so… I don’t go into town much.”
Jax smiled back under her mask before stumbling over yet another root. Blood seeped from her knees for only a moment before the wounds started to close. The girl sighed, looking with a dissatisfied expression at where scrapes had been moments before.

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(Well, since a few people seemed absent today, here we go)

The elf creature cooed, as if to comfort Jax. She then smiled at the two as they journeyed.

Dusk started to approach and the elf creature cooed worriedly. Her body slowly started to fade, keeping in time with the sun. She hoped they could reach the forest’s edge before nightfall.

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Jax grew worried as her friend began to fade. She sped up slightly, walking beside the creature.
“I can take him the rest of the way,” she said, miming two people walking together. “I think I know the way.”

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The elf creature nodded gratefully, cooing and waving for them to hurry. She led them as far as she could, but her pace faltered as she continued to wave. She stopped to rest, motioning for the two to hurry along without her.

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“It’s alright,” Jax assured the boy, taking his hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze. “Y’know how she can heal you from the sun? It’s sorta like that. She needs the sun, and without it, she just sorta…” The girl trailed off for a moment. “She fades.”
As howling sounds echoed in the distance, Jax gripped the boy’s hand tighter, keeping him closer. “W-we should be alright,” she assured him, but a tremor in her voice indicated otherwise. “We’re almost out of the forest, and then we can go back to my house for the night.”
The steps the girl took now were careful, and she looked around worriedly as the sky grew darker, glancing into the trees.