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Malcolm sighed irritably, massaging the back of his neck to see if that would assist with his migraine. He then sighed again when he considered his newest enemy. How he hated organics!

The humanoid hit by the illusion shook its head and walked inside. It then melted into a pile of nanobots, along with two of the other humanoids. The piles created several more of the spiked rolling machines, each moving to a window and settling underneath it. Two stayed by the door. The remaining humanoid moved out of the house, blocking the door like the first humanoid had done.

“At least I am now surrounded by my favorite little machines.”

The nanobots, many of them, flashed at him. He smiled, then headed to the bedroom and sprawled on it, miserable from his pounding head.

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Axel opened his eyes just as noon hit his face. He groaned, feeling around for solid floor, but was met with nothing but air. Startled, he began to twist and turn, grabbing at branches so he didn't fall.
He turned onto his stomach and was met eye to eye with a new monster. He screamed, slipping more off the branch,
"Who are you!?"

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(I’m not sure if you saw the little post I had done to assist in finding your previous post, but my bad on putting page 3 instead of 4)
(And is it me or am I having some issues describing setting/character placement? I was trying to have it where Axel was still on the ground, just lying on one of the leaves, and now I can’t decide if I like the ground idea or the branch idea better. Crap. Help me out here)

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(Hmm… you want to just stick with the tree? I keep seeing him lounging in a leaf hammock now. Kind of funny. Could even be in his future, you never know)

(Yeah, that sounds good)

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The elf-like creature yelped and grabbed Axel, speaking in that strange language again, though she seemed to very concerned. She attempted to get him settled again, cooing.

Meanwhile, much deeper in the woods, Goldergon discovered a tall, purple rip in the fabric of reality. He hummed and tapped the edge of it.

An eerie howl came from it and a massive clawed hand came out, pulling at the portal uselessly. It growled and Goldergon smiled.

“I’ll help you out, if you promise to cause as much destruction and death as possible,”Goldergon said.

An approving rumble came from the unknown beast. Goldergon’s grin widened and he waved his hand with a flourish, a grey mist floating around his fingertips. He grabbed the edge of the portal, which was now truly tangible to him, and pulled.

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(Nice twist with the cool skin feature)

The elf-like creature set him down in the leaf hammock she had made and moaned, a sad expression crossing her face.

She looked at Axel and spoke again, but it was still the gibberish noises.
The portal opened drastically with Goldergon’s pull, becoming as tall as the trees. The creature within rumbled again and crawled through on all fours.

The massive beast seemed like a combination of a grizzly bear and a venomous snake, with a long furred body and massive clawed feet, a serpentine tail, and a stretched form of a bear’s face with long fangs, large teeth, and three forked tongues. Its eyes glowed red and when it stretched, three rows of horns grew from its spine from crown to tail. The most unusual part of its body were those front feet, which had long prehensile fingers despite appearing like a bear’s paw.

“Look at you. You’re gorgeous! Come, I shall show you the way to a grand feast! And… we’ll arrive by nightfall,”Goldergon said.

The beast growled, an eerie fanged grin appearing on its snout. Goldergon smiled back, flashing his own dull red fangs.

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Axel blinked.
"I can't understand you." He mumbled.
His weight against the leaf hammock made him weary, he doubted the monster took into account his weight when crafting it.
"What are you?"

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The elf-like creature moaned, then considered how to answer his question. She grabbed a nearby branch with a wilting leaf and gently touched the leaf. Gold light poured from her fingers and the leaf lifted and brightened, wilting no more.

She turned to Axel and indicated the leaf then herself, a hopeful expression on her face.

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Axel's eyes widened,
"Wow, how'd you do that!"
He smiled a crooked smile, eyebrows quirking,
"You're like that old fairytale ! I'll call you Rapunzel !"


Tsuki saw the large creature as they walked through the forest with the ball of knowledge. They ran towards the creature with the ball of knowledge in their hand, a smirk on their face. "Do you want this," they asked mockingly, "it's all yours if you can get it from me."

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( @Ya-boi-Ash, sure. I’m not quite sure how your character could know the elf creature, except that they maybe encountered each other in the past and they became friends. Something to work on and think about. Is your character going to be from the village or a newcomer?)
(The character sheet is on page 1, my characters are also on page 1, I think Seeba’s is page 3, and River’s 4. This way you know the characters. I’d also suggest maybe looking through some of the previous posts, just to have a bit of context)
(Fair warning, this is dark/villain fantasy, with cursing and graphic violence/murder)
(I also modify the first post, and put all of this info on there, just for simplicity’s sake. I don’t know why I didn’t do that sooner)

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(Alright! I'll get her up asap! I was thinking she lives on the outskirts of the village, and the elf creature is teaching her about medicinal plants and all that in the forest, is that alright?)
(I'm alright with graphic violence, too)

@SpookyScarySnoteleks group

Name: Jax Cora

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: None

Race: Human

Age: 11

Gender: afab female

Description: About 4'10, with long, light brown hair in bangs and pigtails, pale skin and cloudy gray eyes. She has a very small frame, allowing her to slip through most tight spaces. On either side of her mouth is a scar spreading from the corners of her mouth to her cheeks, giving her a grin-like appearance. She usually wears a mask to hide her scars, and loose dresses that reach down to her knees, going barefoot most of the time.

Personality: Jax is very sweet, caring and curious, still having a sense of childlike innocence. She's trusting and naive, and worries a lot, especially when it comes to the health of others. She hates violence, and prefers to stay on the sidelines and treat people's wounds instead.

Backstory: Jax's parents were once doctors who went too deep into the forest, leaving her behind. She used their books to study medicine, but without many drugs at her disposal, turned to plants in the forest. She met the elf-creature, and the two became friends, and Jax has been learning about the healing properties of plants ever since, still living in the house she once shared with her family.

Notable Abilities/Powers, if any: She has minor regenerative abilities, but struggles to use them on anyone but herself.

Other: She loves candy, and can be pretty easily motivated by it.

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(Cool. Don’t mind me, but I’m getting Joker vibes, and that name reminds me of a favorite DnD character, One-Eyed Jax, aka Jarlaxle, my favorite eccentric drow mercenary)
(Question, something we can work on, how does Jax communicate with the elf-creature. Something like sign-language or miming?)
(And is it me, or does it seem like there is a severe age gap here? We got two kids, a 150 year old man, and two creatures in the millions-billions. I just noticed that, kind of funny actually. Call me weird)