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( @RiverTheSeawing, this originally started with the characters popping up at the edge of the forest near village. If you want to do that, you can, or you could be arriving via the abandoned road running through town, or just appearing in the village. Something like that, since the only character here who isn’t a newcomer to the village is Axel)

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Axel's eyes settled on the blurred monster, he opened his mouth to speak, out nothing more than a groan left his lips.


(I'll do the abandoned road, makes her seem more cryptid-like.)

As everything that was happening took place, the rest of the village seemed to grow quieter as a slightly mangled cat-like figure walked down the abandoned road, coming into town.


(Just for hell of it, I’ll admit that the forest creatures, like the werewolf, are just pure improv.)
(Fair warning, this one’s a bit long)

Goldergon huffed and walked away, leaving Axel to his fate. He stroked a few trees as he wandered, humming a random tune.

Minutes after Goldergon had left, an abnormally thin, elf-like creature with small horns where eyebrows should’ve been approached Axel. She knelt down and looked at the boy with concern.

She spoke to him, but her words were a strange mix of humming, clicking, and groaning. She then looked around and moved to a strange tree with massive leaves nearby, placing her palms and bare feet on the bark and climbing up as if she were climbing a ladder.

She grabbed several of the leaves and climbed back down. She gently picked up Axel and placed him on one of the leaves. She then ripped apart the others and squeezed them a bit, tapping the now sticky pieces onto his wounds. She continued to do this for a while.
Malcolm stepped back from the small machine and hummed, calculating. He looked at the blueprints, then the machine.

“You sure this will work?”he asked aloud.

Two blue flashes answered him.


Malcolm grabbed the full vial of nanobots and gently dropped one onto his finger. He placed it in a slot on the machine, fiddled with the dials, and waited.

Moments later, three more nanobots formed in the slot next to the original. Malcolm grinned. He opened the lid and the three bots crawled away.

Malcolm then started testing the machine’s limits, slowly increasing the number of bots made. The maximum was a thousand, and the machine didn’t stutter when he turned it to that, nor when he turned the speed of it up.

“Brilliant. Shall I try one of you then?”Malcolm asked the two evolved nanobots that had made the blueprint.

Malcolm took out the other nanobots and searched for something to place the new bots in. One of the evolved nanobots volunteered when he returned, crawling into the slot by itself.

He kept an eye on the machine as it poured out thousands of copies. Malcolm opened the lid to the new bots and they swarmed, crawling to the floor where they burrowed. The floor seemed to ripple, becoming smooth, but mostly retaining the appearance of wood.

“Damn. A floor I have missed.”

Commotion started outside and Malcolm glanced out the front window, noticing many people moving away from what appeared to be a strange looking cat.

“What damned cat is this? Shit! Just as this day looked good, now an alien feline has to appear,”Malcolm hissed.

The nanobots had changed most of the floor in the room by this time and started crawling up the walls. They didn’t touch the furniture though. Malcolm appreciated that, though he wouldn’t have really cared anyway. He inhaled deeply, smiling.

“No more smelling old wood and sap. Damn, I love the smell of metal!”


(Tsuki is basically me when I read fanfic or roleplay. Now that that's out of the way, is it just me or does the idea of soul swapping the child and the tall murder creature for a bit sound funny?)


(Lol, that would be funny. Only issue, it wouldn’t work on Goldergon, aka ‘the tall murder creature’.)
(And to clarify, Axel, Goldergon, and the elf creature are deep in the forest next to the village. They’re not in the village)
(Did you read the previous posts for context? Or jump right in? Just curious)


(To Tsuki: Don’t mind the four corpses on the porch. They’re for decoration)

Malcolm whirled around at the strange sound, eyes narrowing into a glare.

“This damn alien feline is going to get on my nerves if it keeps that up.”

The spidery robot perched above the door leaned down, fan blades spinning a bit in contemplation. It then jumped down and attacked Tsuki, its many sharp blades slashing or spinning at the feline.

The nanobots reached the ceiling, most of the house already modified. Then they started to build something out of the floor behind Malcolm.


(Abrupt question. I’ve been contemplating this for a moment, but can’t decide. Would it be better keeping this rp in Limited for now, or moving it to Fantasy Tavern?)


Tsuki caught the spider robot in their paw, dripping black ooze on it, before eating it with a crunch. They made the noise they were making louder, this time adding an overlay of glitching.


(Is Tsuki the size of a domestic cat or big cat? Not sure, just curious. And I was imagining the spider machine somewhere between a hamster or domestic cat in size. Though, I think I missed describing that, to be honest. ‘Shrug’)
(And I don’t know if I’m going to limit or not. Still indecisive about it at the moment)
(Don’t mind me. I’m a bit obsessive with detail, and like to be as accurate as possible)


Malcolm yelped in pain as a red flash temporarily blinded his mechanical left eye. He gasped, looking to the door. The spider was destroyed.

“Damn you!”

He snatched his tool and more parts, determined to make another guardian before that damned feline could attack. The noise didn’t really bother him, being near machines all the time made him used to similar sounds, though the loudness and glitching was starting to give him a headache.

A strange sound like a tray full of beads came from behind him and Malcolm turned to see a smooth, faceless humanoid machine made from the nanobots. He considered the machine in fascination.

The humanoid turned away and headed for the door. It opened it and stepped out, shutting the door behind it and staring at the feline. It didn’t move, simply standing in front of the door.


Tsuki stopped making the noise as they looked at the humanoid robot. Determined to get into the house for reasons even they didn't know, they tried to scare the robot. With no hesitation, they let out an intensely loud deep roar.


(Ooh, that’s cool. I might keep that for later use. It’s so hard to find good roars. ‘Quickly walking away with video in hand, looking around in case anyone was watching’)


Malcolm winced at the deafening sound, gritting his teeth. He growled irritably at his slow speed with building.

A group of nanobots broke off from the continued flood, swarming around his machine and completing it for him. A rolling machine of spikes dove off the table and headed for the door. It settled a few feet in front of it, in case the door was breached.

Then, two more groups of nanobots broke off, copying Malcolm’s design. The two new roller machines joined the first one.

Malcolm stared, too fascinated to speak.

The humanoid nanobot didn’t move, seeming completely unfazed by the roar.


(BTW, I may have thought of a way to make death boi and child freak out as if they were soul swapped. Tsuki could use illusions to make it seem like they've swapped.)


(Hmm… a possibility. Just keep in mind that Goldergon is probably as old as Tsuki, I honestly don’t know how old he is but he’s old, and he has been through and done a ton of whatnot. But, still a possibility)
(That, and Goldergon enjoys a challenge. He’d probably consider the illusion fun, and be really eager to meet Tsuki in person)


Tsuki returned to the Israel EAS Alarm, but made it loud enough that it could be heard across the country. Black ooze dripped from the crack on their eye and mouth and they thought about what to do for a second. It struck them, using illusions, they made the humanoid robot appear to turn to dust.


Malcolm flinched as his eye flashed again. He also held his hands over his ears as the sound hurt his ears. He turned to the door cautiously.

Blue flashes caught his attention and some nanobots split off again, spelling out a message that the humanoid robot was still there.

“What? What the hell is going on?”

Malcolm sighed, now too confused and flustered to know what to do.

The nanobots completed modifying the house. The house seemed to shift and the noise faded to a more comfortable level for Malcolm.

Three more humanoids grew from the floor, and one turned the dial of the nanobot-building machine down to avoid creating too much excess. Malcolm noticed that, intrigued by the apparent intelligence of the nanobots.