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Malcolm winced at the deafening sound, gritting his teeth. He growled irritably at his slow speed with building.

A group of nanobots broke off from the continued flood, swarming around his machine and completing it for him. A rolling machine of spikes dove off the table and headed for the door. It settled a few feet in front of it, in case the door was breached.

Then, two more groups of nanobots broke off, copying Malcolm’s design. The two new roller machines joined the first one.

Malcolm stared, too fascinated to speak.

The humanoid nanobot didn’t move, seeming completely unfazed by the roar.


(BTW, I may have thought of a way to make death boi and child freak out as if they were soul swapped. Tsuki could use illusions to make it seem like they've swapped.)

@Serpentess health_and_safety languageChaos Shall Reign

(Hmm… a possibility. Just keep in mind that Goldergon is probably as old as Tsuki, I honestly don’t know how old he is but he’s old, and he has been through and done a ton of whatnot. But, still a possibility)
(That, and Goldergon enjoys a challenge. He’d probably consider the illusion fun, and be really eager to meet Tsuki in person)


Tsuki returned to the Israel EAS Alarm, but made it loud enough that it could be heard across the country. Black ooze dripped from the crack on their eye and mouth and they thought about what to do for a second. It struck them, using illusions, they made the humanoid robot appear to turn to dust.

@Serpentess health_and_safety languageChaos Shall Reign

Malcolm flinched as his eye flashed again. He also held his hands over his ears as the sound hurt his ears. He turned to the door cautiously.

Blue flashes caught his attention and some nanobots split off again, spelling out a message that the humanoid robot was still there.

“What? What the hell is going on?”

Malcolm sighed, now too confused and flustered to know what to do.

The nanobots completed modifying the house. The house seemed to shift and the noise faded to a more comfortable level for Malcolm.

Three more humanoids grew from the floor, and one turned the dial of the nanobot-building machine down to avoid creating too much excess. Malcolm noticed that, intrigued by the apparent intelligence of the nanobots.

@Serpentess health_and_safety languageChaos Shall Reign

Malcolm watched the porch melt through the window, but the sight confused him more because of his left eye. It kept glitching and flashing, as if many nanobots were dying, but it also seemed to flip back and forth between seeing the porch melting and seeing it intact.

Malcolm cried out in frustration, turning away. His head pounded with a migraine, which significantly worsened his mood.

“Damn this eye!”

One of the humanoids approached the door and opened it, blocking the entrance but seeming to appear curious why the feline wanted in. The other two stood guard by Malcolm, blocking him from sight of the door.

@Serpentess health_and_safety languageChaos Shall Reign

The nanobots on the table questioned Malcolm, asking if he wanted to let the feline in. Malcolm groaned, rubbing his temples.

“What in the goddamn hell do you want? Can you not take a hint? I prefer solitude. Besides, unless you’re a machine, I could give a shit about you or anyone else. And you destroyed my goddamn guardian, an old friend of mine!”Malcolm snapped without moving from his spot.

“And is the porch and that robot truly gone? Or is that just a trick?”Malcolm added.

(If it wasn’t already obvious, Malcolm is an asshole)


"Things get destroyed sooner or later," they said in a cold tone, "you're lucky it was destroyed by someone who would've shown mercy had it not attacked me."

Tsuki paused for a second. "No, the porch and the robot were simply illusions."

@Serpentess health_and_safety languageChaos Shall Reign

“Lucky hell! There is no such thing as mercy! Now what the hell do want?”Malcolm hissed.

The nanobots on the table built a small hand that rested on his finger, as if meant to comfort him.

Malcolm sighed irritably and shook his head.

“Goddamn illusions. Why was I brought into a world where a bunch of assholes like illusionists exist?”he muttered.

The robot that had been hit by the illusion looked down at Tsuki, arms crossed as if irritated.


"I want to give you something," they said, "I have endless knowledge from the past and future that I wish to impart on you."

They paused as she looked at the remains of the guardians.

"I can assure you the knowledge can help you revive what I've destroyed."

They held out a paw and a ball of white light shone from it.

@Serpentess health_and_safety languageChaos Shall Reign

“Really? An all-knowing alien cat, how wonderful. Just remove the damn illusions and go away. I’ve got enough of a migraine as it is,”Malcolm growled, sarcasm heavy in his tone.

The nanobots waited patiently for any command Malcolm gave them.

@Serpentess health_and_safety languageChaos Shall Reign

Malcolm sighed irritably, massaging the back of his neck to see if that would assist with his migraine. He then sighed again when he considered his newest enemy. How he hated organics!

The humanoid hit by the illusion shook its head and walked inside. It then melted into a pile of nanobots, along with two of the other humanoids. The piles created several more of the spiked rolling machines, each moving to a window and settling underneath it. Two stayed by the door. The remaining humanoid moved out of the house, blocking the door like the first humanoid had done.

“At least I am now surrounded by my favorite little machines.”

The nanobots, many of them, flashed at him. He smiled, then headed to the bedroom and sprawled on it, miserable from his pounding head.

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Axel opened his eyes just as noon hit his face. He groaned, feeling around for solid floor, but was met with nothing but air. Startled, he began to twist and turn, grabbing at branches so he didn't fall.
He turned onto his stomach and was met eye to eye with a new monster. He screamed, slipping more off the branch,
"Who are you!?"

@Serpentess health_and_safety languageChaos Shall Reign

(I’m not sure if you saw the little post I had done to assist in finding your previous post, but my bad on putting page 3 instead of 4)
(And is it me or am I having some issues describing setting/character placement? I was trying to have it where Axel was still on the ground, just lying on one of the leaves, and now I can’t decide if I like the ground idea or the branch idea better. Crap. Help me out here)

@ElderGodSeeba petsbing bing 🐸

(Hmm… you want to just stick with the tree? I keep seeing him lounging in a leaf hammock now. Kind of funny. Could even be in his future, you never know)

(Yeah, that sounds good)