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Heido crept through the woods, cradling the remnants of her destroyed village of creatures-a cross between a hawk and a mouse, an interesting combo that constantly tried to hunt itself. She had to keep moving, despite how it wore on her old bones, had to keep going. She finally saw lights on the other edge of the woods, and decided her best bet was to stroll right on up to whatever was making the light, in hopes that it would be some sort of weary traveler or otherwise a friend… or someone who wouldn't kill her on sight. Heido sighed, she was getting too old for this shit. She lit a cigarette that smelled vaguely of green tea and incense and made her way closer to that golden glow, like firelight…


Goldergon paused as a smell entered his nostrils. He turned around, glimpsing Heido’s cigarette. Indecision filled his mind, but he noted they were all heading in the same direction. A grin appeared on his lips and he headed into the village, seeking an innocent to murder before introducing himself.

Malcolm paused to take a breath, glancing along an old, abandoned trail. Well, at least this place was secluded. He continued onward, hiding his pistol. He figured it would be easier to be friendly initially, until he figured out a way to exploit everyone and everything.

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Name: Axel Gavenhamel
Aliases/Nicknames, if any: Axe, Little Buddy
Race: Human, puny mortal if you will
Age: 10-12
Gender: Male
Description: A bright gap-toothed boy with a hunger for adventure. with messy black hair, large brown eyes and a handmade cape, he spends most of his days fighting imaginary monsters on the woods outskirts.
Personality: Fearless, maybe too much for his own good. Spends most of his day alone, his mother bedridden with an unknown illness. His father had been one of the few to enter the woods to never return. Loves exploring and befriending the townsfolk
Backstory: Just an only child, his mother became bedridden after the death of his father, leaving him to mostly fend for himself
Notable Abilities/Powers, if any: none, he has a very vivid imagination though, that could get him in trouble one day
Other: has a victorian paperboy accent yup

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(Oh god Heido's gonna adopt him and use him to perform unethical experiments isn't she?)


(Ooh, cool. So, is he pretty much more of an ‘adventurer’ type character, possibly a hero to fight against the evil coming to his village? Or something entirely different? ‘Finger tapping chin while in deep thought’)
(Lol. Don’t worry, Malcolm would shoot him and Goldergon would brutally murder him in a bloodbath fashion)

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Goldergon paused as a smell entered his nostrils. He turned around, glimpsing Heido’s cigarette. Indecision filled his mind, but he noted they were all heading in the same direction. A grin appeared on his lips and he headed into the village, seeking an innocent to murder before introducing himself.

Malcolm paused to take a breath, glancing along an old, abandoned trail. Well, at least this place was secluded. He continued onward, hiding his pistol. He figured it would be easier to be friendly initially, until he figured out a way to exploit everyone and everything.

Heido, on the other hand, mostly just wanted to find something to experiment on and be left alone. She had no interest in humans, at least, unless they could be useful for a human chimera. Of course, that was impossible as of now, but it was worth a shot. She came upon the village, and, hiking up her robes in order to step through thick layers of brush, stomped on in her worn out leather boots that smelled of mold, just like the rest of her.


The sleeping town was oblivious to the newcomers, except for the vigilant guards. One approached Heido, another Malcolm.

“Halt! Who are you?”they both asked to the newcomers.

“Lost and in need of sleep. I’m too old for this walking-for-miles shit. Give a big room preferably. I build things and prefer some goddamn peace and quiet while I figure out what to do with myself,”Malcolm replied.

Well, not his best approach at ‘friendly’, but Malcolm could give a shit at the moment. He was tired from the walk and grouchy from the interruption to his tranquil life. Hopefully the idiots called villagers would leave him alone to research a way out. He didn’t want to blow up this perfect sanctuary just yet.

Goldergon slithered through a cracked window, frighteningly agile for his size, and looked upon an innocent couple sleeping. His fingernails became claws and he licked his lips. How he loved a double murder!

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Heido sighed. "I'm old, and tired. I find the idea of explaining who exactly I am and what I'm here for distressing on my worn tendons, as in, it gives me back pain. Because I'm old." she strolled past the guard and through into the village, the mouse-hawk hybrid on her shoulder blowing a raspberry as best it could at the guard before scurrying into her cloak. She wandered the streets, trying to find an inn of some sort she could threaten to curse in order to get a place to sleep.


The guard speaking with Malcolm nodded and led him into the village.

“We don’t have a proper inn, as we haven’t had visitors in years. But, the tavern sometimes keeps a bed or two open for travelers or wounded,”the guard explained, smirking at Malcolm’s rudeness.

“I could care,”Malcolm snorted.

The guard gave him a strange look, but said nothing.

The guard speaking with Heido turned at her departure. He caught up with her, huffing.

“I could show you to the tavern. We have no inn here, haven’t in years. The tavern owner, Medella, sometimes keeps a few beds out for travelers,”the guard said to her.

(The name ‘Medella’ literally just popped into my head, so yeah)


(The hell. What’s the deal with ‘Deleted User’? Did this guy literally delete their account? Come on, why I am having such a rough time right now?)


(Fair warning, I can be graphic with violence and murder, particularly with Goldergon. This is fairly tame for me, but I’m not sure how tame I’ll be in the future.

Goldergon casually exited the house, blood covering much of his body and clothes. He brushed a hand through his hair, the soggy locks sticking to his head. A smile grew on his face as he saw an old grouchy woman and a guard walking toward a tavern.

Goldergon teleported behind the guard, snatching the man’s head and brutally twisting it. He then leaped at the old woman, biting an ear off before cutting her throat. He held her down, then blasted her creatures with a fireball.

Once she was dead, Goldergon proceeded to carve out several tendons from the bodies. He stuffed them in his pouch, then turned to see another guard escorting the old man. He grinned, dismissing his invisibility.

Malcolm stopped at the sight of another guard and an old woman getting attacked out of nowhere. When the bloody creature that had killed them appeared, he reached for his pistol, but didn’t pull it out.

The guard seemed to see as well and quickly grabbed a horn on his belt, blowing into it. Other guards rushed to help at the call of the horn.

“The tavern is there, old man. I suggest you seek shelter. This town gets attached nightly,”the guard warned.

Malcolm snorted.

“No wonder I prefer my solitude. No one has the balls to fight something alone anymore. At least I have reason to call for help,”he huffed.

The guard looked at him incredulously.

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(No problem, nothing like a little gore ;) )

The bellowing call is what woke the boy, sending his heart into a flutter.
That horn meant one thing and one thing only.
The monsters were out.

Jumping to his feet, he hastily brushed off the remaining strands of hay stuck to his pants before running off in the direction of the sound.
He didn't intend on getting hurt this time, just to watch, to listen.

He perched behind a tree as a man and a guard conversed, listening intently


Goldergon charged at the guard, moving frighteningly quick. His claws lashed out, ripping the armor from the guard as he attempted to dodge the charge.

The guard stumbled to the ground, gasping. Goldergon whirled on him, his gold eyes shining with glee.

“So, when you’re done killing everyone, I wouldn’t mind talking with you,”Malcolm commented.

Goldergon whipped around to face Malcolm and his eyes flashed with intrigue. He ignored the guard as he crawled away, his attention now solely on Malcolm.

“You have something to speak with me about or do you desire my services? I will ignore you with the former and gladly offer the latter,”Goldergon said with a suave voice.

Malcolm snorted.

“Fine. First, find me a house big enough to build my projects in peace. Second, bring me something fresh to eat that is not cooked by townsfolk. Third, you will fight for me, as I am not physically built for battle,”Malcolm stated.

Goldergon grinned and vanished. Malcolm sighed and looked around at the watching guards. The guard Goldergon had attacked quickly snatched his ruined armor and ran off.

“Who are you and why did you speak with that beast?”one of the guards asked.

“The name’s Malcolm, and that ‘beast’ is intelligent, if bloodthirsty. Leave me the hell alone and you will have no issues with me. Bother me, and I show you what a goddamn beast looks like,”Malcolm hissed.

The guards paused and Malcolm walked away. Goldergon reappeared in that moment, covered in more blood. He waved his hand for Malcolm to follow, and led him to the modest house Goldergon had initially visited. No bodies remained in the house and fresh venison waited for Malcolm.

“Now this is more like it,”he mused, sitting down on a chair cushoned by handmade blankets.

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Axel followed the man closely, enamoured by the way he faced the monster so fearlessly
He climbed a tree near the house and continued to listen, pondering on whether he should introduce himself or not.


(Okay, this turned out a bit longer than I thought, but it works)

Three guards warily approached the house, wondering what had happened to the occupants, Dahlia and Henry Edern, a seamstress and a cook for the tavern. They stepped up onto the porch and one shakily knocked on the door.

Malcolm turned his head and sighed irritably. He stood and moved to the door, opening it with his pistol in hand.

“Make it quick, my patience is thin,”Malcolm hissed.

The guards stared at his weapon in confusion, having no idea what it could be. Malcolm pointed it at one of the guards and pulled the trigger, shooting him in the chest. The guard dropped in an instant.

“Think of it as a unique crossbow and you’ll get the gist. Now, what in the goddamn hell do you want?”Malcolm growled.

The guards looked between him and their dead comrade, glaring. The one farther from Malcolm pulled out a sword.

“This automatically reloads. I could tell you the whole thing on how it works, but you dumbasses aren’t sophisticated enough to understand. Now, I’m asking one last time, what do you want?”

“Why are you in this house? Where is Henry and Dahlia?”the guard holding the sword demanded.

“Don’t know, don’t care. Now leave before I shoot both of you,”Malcolm replied.

Goldergon appeared then. He looked at Malcolm.


“If they don’t leave, yes,”Malcolm answered.

The guard in front gasped at the sight of Goldergon and bolted. The first one glared and charged at Malcolm.

Goldergon lunged, but Malcolm was quicker, pulling the trigger again. The guard fell dead before Goldergon could touch him. He glared at Malcolm.

“With this, I can kill a lot. I understand you like to murder folks, but use your brain. Instead of murdering everyone instantly, use them to your advantage,”Malcolm said.

Goldergon huffed, looking at Malcolm with disdain.

“I understand strategy quite well, Malcolm Harkolar. I understand much more than you believe,”Goldergon hissed.

Malcolm’s eyes narrowed. How did this creature know his full name? He had only said ‘Malcolm’ to the guard.

“Oh, poor human, so troubling to him that he does not understand me. Let me enlighten you,”Goldergon cooed, grinning, his fangs bared.

He lunged forward, his hand grabbing Malcolm’s head. A small burst of memories filled Malcolm’s mind, though he knew they were not his. He understood much more about this creature, a wandering ‘Vanisher’ obsessed with death, and quickly realized how powerful the beast was.

Goldergon released him and Malcolm eyed him cautiously. Goldergon snorted and turned away, his eyes on a tree nearby.

“Eyes. Why do I feel eyes? The tree? No… something in the tree,”Goldergon mumbled.

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Eyes blown from the crimes just witnessed, Axel stumbled backwards off the branch, falling flat on his back, crushing some branches that were streun across the floor.

He laid there unmoving, playing dead, just like how they'd taught him.


Goldergon walked over and grabbed the boy by the hair, holding him up to eye level and smiling his fanged grin. He used a clawed fingernail to gentle scratch at the boy’s chin.

“Who are you, little one? You sound and smell so alive for one who is dead,”Goldergon asked.

“So a boy was watching us. Why should I care?”Malcolm commented.

Goldergon ignored him. Malcolm scoffed and went back inside, slamming the door.

“Hmm, a young lad named Axel Gavenhamel. Adventurous, yes. Naive, certainly. Promising, maybe. Tell me, boy, in your words instead of thoughts, why are you here?”Goldergon asked.

He wondered how the boy would react to having his mind read, if he even sensed it. He was so young after all.

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Slowly, he blinked his eyes open. His jaw moved aimlessly as he searched for the answers the monster so desired

"I-" he stammered,
"Who're you? How do you know my name!"
his attempts at dominating shout were pitiful, flooded with voice racks and shaky breaths,
"You know my father, don't you!"


Goldergon snickered, amused.

“My name is Goldergon, child. I do not personally know your father, in the way you are referring to at least. I have many talents I can use to learn about my surroundings. Why were you spying? Honestly, I could figure that out with ease, but sometimes it’s a nice change to ask,”he said, his voice distorted by the stern undertone of a strange hiss.

Goldergon breathed deeply, his eyes breifly lighting up with an intense and wild gleam. He then calmed and crouched down, setting down the boy and meeting his eyes.

“I would not run, little one. I would rather speak to you while you live. But, if you do run, run fast, I always love a good hunt,”Goldergon mentioned.

In the house, Malcolm had already covered the dining table with tools and a project. He considered the contraption in front of him, a compact machine that consisted of several small fan blades and bits of a mechanical spider he had tried to build years ago.

Malcolm contemplated what to do, then decided to finish attaching the legs and situate the body better. He then looked through his toolkit, a small box with many compartments, searching for wires and a dark vial. When he found them, he grinned and proceeded to connect everything. He then opened the vial and poured out some of the beads within. They immediately scattered, burrowing into the machine.

“Come on, my little friends, do your work. You know how I love watching it,”Malcolm said to the bead-shaped nanobots.

“Show me what you can do with my old spider friend.”

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"I-I'm just looking for my dad. He went into the woods and didn't come back- I thought he might've returned…"
Tears pricked his eyes as he absent mindedly rubbed his scalp