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(Fair warning, I can be graphic with violence and murder, particularly with Goldergon. This is fairly tame for me, but I’m not sure how tame I’ll be in the future.

Goldergon casually exited the house, blood covering much of his body and clothes. He brushed a hand through his hair, the soggy locks sticking to his head. A smile grew on his face as he saw an old grouchy woman and a guard walking toward a tavern.

Goldergon teleported behind the guard, snatching the man’s head and brutally twisting it. He then leaped at the old woman, biting an ear off before cutting her throat. He held her down, then blasted her creatures with a fireball.

Once she was dead, Goldergon proceeded to carve out several tendons from the bodies. He stuffed them in his pouch, then turned to see another guard escorting the old man. He grinned, dismissing his invisibility.

Malcolm stopped at the sight of another guard and an old woman getting attacked out of nowhere. When the bloody creature that had killed them appeared, he reached for his pistol, but didn’t pull it out.

The guard seemed to see as well and quickly grabbed a horn on his belt, blowing into it. Other guards rushed to help at the call of the horn.

“The tavern is there, old man. I suggest you seek shelter. This town gets attached nightly,”the guard warned.

Malcolm snorted.

“No wonder I prefer my solitude. No one has the balls to fight something alone anymore. At least I have reason to call for help,”he huffed.

The guard looked at him incredulously.

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(No problem, nothing like a little gore ;) )

The bellowing call is what woke the boy, sending his heart into a flutter.
That horn meant one thing and one thing only.
The monsters were out.

Jumping to his feet, he hastily brushed off the remaining strands of hay stuck to his pants before running off in the direction of the sound.
He didn't intend on getting hurt this time, just to watch, to listen.

He perched behind a tree as a man and a guard conversed, listening intently

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Goldergon charged at the guard, moving frighteningly quick. His claws lashed out, ripping the armor from the guard as he attempted to dodge the charge.

The guard stumbled to the ground, gasping. Goldergon whirled on him, his gold eyes shining with glee.

“So, when you’re done killing everyone, I wouldn’t mind talking with you,”Malcolm commented.

Goldergon whipped around to face Malcolm and his eyes flashed with intrigue. He ignored the guard as he crawled away, his attention now solely on Malcolm.

“You have something to speak with me about or do you desire my services? I will ignore you with the former and gladly offer the latter,”Goldergon said with a suave voice.

Malcolm snorted.

“Fine. First, find me a house big enough to build my projects in peace. Second, bring me something fresh to eat that is not cooked by townsfolk. Third, you will fight for me, as I am not physically built for battle,”Malcolm stated.

Goldergon grinned and vanished. Malcolm sighed and looked around at the watching guards. The guard Goldergon had attacked quickly snatched his ruined armor and ran off.

“Who are you and why did you speak with that beast?”one of the guards asked.

“The name’s Malcolm, and that ‘beast’ is intelligent, if bloodthirsty. Leave me the hell alone and you will have no issues with me. Bother me, and I show you what a goddamn beast looks like,”Malcolm hissed.

The guards paused and Malcolm walked away. Goldergon reappeared in that moment, covered in more blood. He waved his hand for Malcolm to follow, and led him to the modest house Goldergon had initially visited. No bodies remained in the house and fresh venison waited for Malcolm.

“Now this is more like it,”he mused, sitting down on a chair cushoned by handmade blankets.

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Axel followed the man closely, enamoured by the way he faced the monster so fearlessly
He climbed a tree near the house and continued to listen, pondering on whether he should introduce himself or not.

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(Okay, this turned out a bit longer than I thought, but it works)

Three guards warily approached the house, wondering what had happened to the occupants, Dahlia and Henry Edern, a seamstress and a cook for the tavern. They stepped up onto the porch and one shakily knocked on the door.

Malcolm turned his head and sighed irritably. He stood and moved to the door, opening it with his pistol in hand.

“Make it quick, my patience is thin,”Malcolm hissed.

The guards stared at his weapon in confusion, having no idea what it could be. Malcolm pointed it at one of the guards and pulled the trigger, shooting him in the chest. The guard dropped in an instant.

“Think of it as a unique crossbow and you’ll get the gist. Now, what in the goddamn hell do you want?”Malcolm growled.

The guards looked between him and their dead comrade, glaring. The one farther from Malcolm pulled out a sword.

“This automatically reloads. I could tell you the whole thing on how it works, but you dumbasses aren’t sophisticated enough to understand. Now, I’m asking one last time, what do you want?”

“Why are you in this house? Where is Henry and Dahlia?”the guard holding the sword demanded.

“Don’t know, don’t care. Now leave before I shoot both of you,”Malcolm replied.

Goldergon appeared then. He looked at Malcolm.


“If they don’t leave, yes,”Malcolm answered.

The guard in front gasped at the sight of Goldergon and bolted. The first one glared and charged at Malcolm.

Goldergon lunged, but Malcolm was quicker, pulling the trigger again. The guard fell dead before Goldergon could touch him. He glared at Malcolm.

“With this, I can kill a lot. I understand you like to murder folks, but use your brain. Instead of murdering everyone instantly, use them to your advantage,”Malcolm said.

Goldergon huffed, looking at Malcolm with disdain.

“I understand strategy quite well, Malcolm Harkolar. I understand much more than you believe,”Goldergon hissed.

Malcolm’s eyes narrowed. How did this creature know his full name? He had only said ‘Malcolm’ to the guard.

“Oh, poor human, so troubling to him that he does not understand me. Let me enlighten you,”Goldergon cooed, grinning, his fangs bared.

He lunged forward, his hand grabbing Malcolm’s head. A small burst of memories filled Malcolm’s mind, though he knew they were not his. He understood much more about this creature, a wandering ‘Vanisher’ obsessed with death, and quickly realized how powerful the beast was.

Goldergon released him and Malcolm eyed him cautiously. Goldergon snorted and turned away, his eyes on a tree nearby.

“Eyes. Why do I feel eyes? The tree? No… something in the tree,”Goldergon mumbled.

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Eyes blown from the crimes just witnessed, Axel stumbled backwards off the branch, falling flat on his back, crushing some branches that were streun across the floor.

He laid there unmoving, playing dead, just like how they'd taught him.

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Goldergon walked over and grabbed the boy by the hair, holding him up to eye level and smiling his fanged grin. He used a clawed fingernail to gentle scratch at the boy’s chin.

“Who are you, little one? You sound and smell so alive for one who is dead,”Goldergon asked.

“So a boy was watching us. Why should I care?”Malcolm commented.

Goldergon ignored him. Malcolm scoffed and went back inside, slamming the door.

“Hmm, a young lad named Axel Gavenhamel. Adventurous, yes. Naive, certainly. Promising, maybe. Tell me, boy, in your words instead of thoughts, why are you here?”Goldergon asked.

He wondered how the boy would react to having his mind read, if he even sensed it. He was so young after all.

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Slowly, he blinked his eyes open. His jaw moved aimlessly as he searched for the answers the monster so desired

"I-" he stammered,
"Who're you? How do you know my name!"
his attempts at dominating shout were pitiful, flooded with voice racks and shaky breaths,
"You know my father, don't you!"

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Goldergon snickered, amused.

“My name is Goldergon, child. I do not personally know your father, in the way you are referring to at least. I have many talents I can use to learn about my surroundings. Why were you spying? Honestly, I could figure that out with ease, but sometimes it’s a nice change to ask,”he said, his voice distorted by the stern undertone of a strange hiss.

Goldergon breathed deeply, his eyes breifly lighting up with an intense and wild gleam. He then calmed and crouched down, setting down the boy and meeting his eyes.

“I would not run, little one. I would rather speak to you while you live. But, if you do run, run fast, I always love a good hunt,”Goldergon mentioned.

In the house, Malcolm had already covered the dining table with tools and a project. He considered the contraption in front of him, a compact machine that consisted of several small fan blades and bits of a mechanical spider he had tried to build years ago.

Malcolm contemplated what to do, then decided to finish attaching the legs and situate the body better. He then looked through his toolkit, a small box with many compartments, searching for wires and a dark vial. When he found them, he grinned and proceeded to connect everything. He then opened the vial and poured out some of the beads within. They immediately scattered, burrowing into the machine.

“Come on, my little friends, do your work. You know how I love watching it,”Malcolm said to the bead-shaped nanobots.

“Show me what you can do with my old spider friend.”

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"I-I'm just looking for my dad. He went into the woods and didn't come back- I thought he might've returned…"
Tears pricked his eyes as he absent mindedly rubbed his scalp

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“Hmm, I could search for him, though I cannot promise I will find him. Shall I?”Goldergon asked.

An eager gleam came into his eyes and he grinned wide, showing all of his teeth. He tapped his clawed fingers together, waiting.

Meanwhile, in the house, the contraption started to glow blue as the nanobots worked. The limbs of the machine twitched and the fan blades sputtered to life. However, the blue glow flashed out and the machine stilled.

“Damn it!”

Malcolm snatched several tools and tinkered with the machine, fixing loose wires and straightening various parts. He then encouraged the bots again and the blue glow returned. The machine stood on four of eight limbs, two others wielding fan blades, and the final two ending with three ‘fingers’. The rest of the blades spun at the top of its body, steadily gaining speed until the machine floated up.

“Yes! You finally live! Come here, let me give you another look before I set you loose,”Malcom bade.

The machine set down and Malcolm tinkered on it some more. As a finishing touch, he sharpened the fan blades.

“Look at you! You’re gorgeous! Now, my friend, I need a guard. Don’t let anyone approach, except for that damned tall, indigo-haired bastard called Goldergon,”Malcolm said.

The machine flew over to the door, opened it, and perched itself on a beam above the door. Malcolm followed it and shut the door with a grin.

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Axel's eyes widened for a split second, before returning to his faux brave face,
"Only if you let me come with you!"

His train of thought was cut off by a spider like creature clambering up the front of the house, perching above the door,

"Wha.. What's that??"

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Goldergon huffed at the boy’s words, then turned to see the machine. He hummed, wondering why he hadn’t expected such an outcome from the mechanist.

“Boy, I go alone. Always have, always will,”Goldergon sternly replied.

He stood and headed for the machine. It crawled down a bit, hanging from the beam, thn flashed blue and returned to its perch.

“Interesting,”Goldergon mumbled.

Malcolm opened the door, as if expecting Goldergon. He snorted.

“Take the boy if it will shut him up. I don’t care what happens to him while you’re away,”Malcolm hissed.

He slammed the door and Goldergon muttered to himself in an ancient language he had learned long ago.

Goldergon turned back to the kid. He scowled a moment, then seemed to brighten, as if an idea had popped in his head.

“The strange spider is made of metal. I could explain more, but you wouldn’t understand. Anyway, I will make you a deal, young Axel. I take you with me, and you be my guide. After all, I am unfamiliar with the forest,”Goldergon offered.

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Axel's mouth hung open.
He hadn't expected the monster to take him seriously.
However, he knew these woods better than anyone.

"Okay. I'll show you."

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Goldergon sighed, glaring toward Malcolm, then grabbed the boy and teleported. They appeared at the edge of the forest almost instantaneously.

“I will not apologize for the disorientation you might feel. You will just have to learn to keep up.”

Goldergon then strolled into the forest.
Malcolm set out another project on the dining table and contemplated what to do with it. As he stared at it, he noticed movement.

Malcolm quickly grabbed a small magnifying glass and searched for the cause of the movement. He discovered a little grey nanobot, crawling alone on the machine.

“Who are you?”Malcolm mumbled to himself.

He grabbed an empty vial from his toolkit and carefully captured the nanobot, taking a closer look at it as it searched for escape. The nanobot, unlike the others which looked like tiny spheres with folding arms, looked like a bug.

Malcolm grabbed his other vial and poured a couple of his own nanobots into the one with the insectile bot. They interacted a moment, then the others changed into the bug-like appearance.

Malcolm set down the vial and gasped. A raspy chuckle came escaped him. The nanobots were evolving. Finally, they were evolving!

He picked up the vial and continued to watch them. He mumbled occasionally, and the nanobots would pause, as if directly acknowledging his words. A wide grin spread on his face.

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Axel followed quickly, stumbling over the branches slightly.
He kept his distance, still anxious about what he had seen earlier,
"Did you kill those people?"

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“Of course! Now, Malcolm, the old man, got the ones on the porch, but the rest of them…”Goldergon grinned at Axel.

“I enjoy… well, it might be wise of me to leave what I enjoy out… unless, of course, you want to know. I will not care if you are curious,”Goldergon added.

He paused to glance at the kid, noticing a strange creature watching them in the distance. He wondered if the kid would notice. He also wondered how the creature would like to die.
Malcolm poured more nanobots into the vial, watching as they evolved. He then decided to see what they could do and poured them out.

“I’m curious of your abilities. Show me what you can do with this… project. I’m still not sure what I want to do with it, honestly,”Malcolm said to the nanobots.

The insectile nanobots crawled onto the machine, which was primarily three boxes connected by pipes in a straight line. They paused occasionally, as if calculating, then wandered to another spot.

Eventually, they finished their examination and crawled onto the table, carving a shallow blueprint for building a machine that would assist in building potentially billions more of the nanobots. Malcolm smiled.

“I love you, little guys. But, I still don’t know what you can do. Can you accomplish the same things as the previous evolution? More?”Malcolm wondered.

They flashed blue twice and Malcolm’s grin widened. He then spread out his tools and followed the blueprint.

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(‘Wary glancing around’. Poor Axel, about to get his first lesson on how warped Goldergon really is. Fair warning)

“Well, firstly, I wouldn’t consider myself the usual ‘monster’ around here, but that is irrelevant,”Goldergon commented.

He paused to fully face Axel, noticing the slow approach of the creature in the distance. He kept an eye on it, but otherwise didn’t care.

“Now, I shall mention first that I follow the Art of Death. The study of death in every way, whether it be age, murder, illness, or injury. Everything dies eventually, but there are so many ways…”Goldergon trailed off a moment, lost in thought.

“Anyway, I enjoy the sensations of the blood of my victims washing over me. The smell, the warmth, the texture, I could bathe in it daily!”Goldergon cried, wiping a still bloody hand down his face. He paused a moment to compose himself, chuckling.

“I also savor the textures of the flesh. It is fascinating how skin feels different from muscle, how tendons, nerves, arteries, and organs are all different too. And even different creatures have different textures! But, I have noted that it all seems so much more… soft… when the creature is dead. So soft…”he trailed off again, his claws scraping across his cheek and leaving shallow cuts that bled iridescent purple blood. He didn’t seem to notice.
Malcolm decided to go to bed after a while of tinkering. Surprisingly, despite this new situation he was in, he was content. Rarely did his nanobots evolve.