forum “Nobody wants to play with me.” (Dark Fantasy. DEAD)
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(i mean… it's accurate, right?)
(also, river said it first. i found it funny, and i think it's been long enough since they've been on that that's probably how they remember him.)


(I feel like everyone dying is a good way to get this roleplay out of the way for thetrue1's. Perhaps the explosion disrupted the illusion that made up Tsuki's body.)

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(maybe… i could just throw in, like, Asuka or someone if we do. either way, i'm cool with whatever.)

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(Hey, @SpookyScarySnoteleks, check out the RP with Serpentess! Some interesting things happened while you were gone. For instance, the tall murder creature is dead.)


(Well, since it appears that @SpookyScarySnoteleks has not replied since Page 8, I think I can safely declare Jax eaten by forest creatures before being blown up by Malcolm’s nuke)
(Goodnight folks, this thing is officially dead)