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(I added some twists to Shadow; they aren't actually horrible, they just pretend to be so that nobody wants to be near them because they have a… condition: their skin, when touched by a living being, turns corrosive/"infectious" and causes the victims skin to start going white, then grey, then black, then it completely comes off. The process happens slowly, but signs that the victim was affected are immediate. I need to know whether or not Tsuki, Jax, Axel, Malcom or Goldergon can be affected by this type of stuff, and if so, wether or not Tsuki or Goldergon have touched Shadow. Yay for last minute adjustments…)

(I have last-minute stuff that I just thought of too. It corresponds to this too, so don't worry. Tsuki isn't really there, they are a powerful illusion created by the moon in order to communicate with others. Problem is, they've gone awry and are their own being. This is why Tsuki immediately concludes that shadow is the only one of their kind, because the only sentient physical beings they are aware of are humans.)

okay, that's fair enough. and pretty much on par with what's happening with Shadow rn.

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(Intriguing plot twists going on here, grin)
(Edit: And Goldergon doesn’t know what fear is. Well, he does actually, but it gets confusing from here. That, and he’s a homicidal maniac)

Goldergon pauses at Shadow, completely unfazed by their rage and change. He huffs again.

“You are so pitiful. Existence is a game, and I am a servant of the Art of Death. If you cannot understand that, you are a fool.”

Goldergon teleported away, pouncing on another fleeing villager.

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(he will learn the meaning of fear soon enough. this, i can promise.)

"Oh, no you don't…" Shadow says as Goldergon goes for another villager.

They warp the energy around them to completely change where the villager is, then they jump onto Goldergon themself, literally ripping chunks of his skin out and trying their best to decapitate Goldergon with their bare hands.

"If you won't listen when I say something, you will fucking regret it for the rest of your miserable goddamn life." Shadow snarls into Goldergon's ear.


Tsuki teleported to where the others were, jumping onto Goldergon. "I have a few words I'd like to have with him," they told Shadow, "though you can have him back afterwards."

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"Be my guest, Tsuki. Make sure there's enough of him left to feel pain. And if you try anything, well… bye-bye goes the kittie." Shadow growls, annoyed that they were interrupted.

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Goldergon teleported out from under the pair, tapping a gash on his side with an annoyed gaze. Iridescent purple blood oozed from his wounds.

“You realize no Vanisher can be captured, yes? And look at this, you ruined a fresh spot of blood! You know how much effort I put into decorating this?”Goldergon moaned.

He glanced around, trying to find the villager he had been hunting. He growled irritably when he couldn’t find the poor soul.


Malcolm snorted as he watched. He then turned to the humanoid robot.

“Let’s get out here. Oh, and can you nuke this place when we’re at a safe distance?”

“Very well. Yes,”the robot replied.

“Good. I don’t want any fucking trace of this village to remain.”

The house-turned-ship rose from the ground with a rumbling groan, a small rocket burning blue at its bottom. The ship then lifted away into the sky, steadily climbing higher.


"Listen, you insipid bean pole," they howled at Goldergon, "I am the baron of this world, the child of the moon if you may. If anyone is to destroy it, it shall be me. I know you have no soul, but if you so much as touch this planet I shall command the moonlight to make one for you so that I shall warp you so much that you shall be living in my world like it's the fires of hell sent to scorch you so much even you must feel it."

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“Yes, yes, whatever, space-feline,”Goldergon replied, a spark of caution in his eyes despite his insolent tone.

Goldergon then closed his eyes, concentrating, and his wounds knitted themselves back together much faster. He opened his eyes and checked himself, grunting in satisfaction.

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(a little context: Shadow has completely changed. They are now Radiant, an Archangel, and she is VERY pissed at Goldergon. Also, she looks very different. I'll explain later. Also, are you okay with Goldergon dying and being brought back? You'll see why I ask near the end of the post.)

"I would advise you to not ignore me or Tsuki, Goldergon. Because yes, I may not be able to kill you myself, but if Tsuki helps me I most certainly can. And any rational being is afraid of dying. Even you, Goldergon, are rational, despite your psychopathic tendencies." Radiant sounds very, very angry still, but there is a note of sadness there too: She wishes she could change Goldergon on a basic level to be better. She knows its not rational, but she still wants to.

"Now please, Goldergon. Either leave this world and live, or stay and die. Even though you do not deserve it, if you choose to stay, your death will be quick. And you would be brought back, washed clean of all the wrongs you've done. I swear it." Radiant offers a soft smile at the end of this, hoping for him to leave but knowing he'll stay.

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(That’s cool. And I don’t mind if Goldergon dies, but fair warning, it’s very difficult to kill him)

“‘Psychopathic tendencies’? No, no, no. I do not tend to be psychotic, I am psychotic. Besides, define rational. Is rationality the same as logic? If so, then I am in no way rational. A Vanisher’s logic is… how to say this… unlike any other. You are only capable of understanding me because I speak only a tiny portion of what I am actually thinking,”Goldergon said with a snicker.

Goldergon looked at Shadow’s wings and grinned. He then stood on one leg, rising to his toes, and flapped his arms.

“Fly, my pretty, fly!”

Goldergon then burst into shrieking laughter and vanished. He reappeared on top of a nearby burning house, perched like a bird. He whistled, and the sound echoed far.

“You are so bright! How can you hide when shadows fall and legions die?”he called.


The ship now hovered far above the village. A loud clunk echoed through the house as the nanobots worked, then a hatch opened and a fat missile plummeted toward the village.

The ship then glided away, soon enough leaving the village and forest far behind.

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(welp… multiple forms aren't exactly a problem for a semi-devine entity, are they? especially one that is very pissed.)

"I have more power than I was willing to use with so many innocents nearby. However, now they are all gone. And I can use a power I never had before. You want to see it? Do you want to fight? Or do you want to be a coward, and run away from this fight too?" Radiant is purposefully goading Goldergon now, trying to get him to lose his cool and attack with everything.

At the same time, she's gathering her power for an attack that should kill him. She knows about the Vanisher race. She knows about the different forms little detail, but with her new powers as an archangel, she can obliterate the very identity of a person or entity, regardless of whether or not they have more forms to fall back on.

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Goldergon tilted his head, grinning. The remaining houses in the village exploded, shards flying for Shadow. They made multiple circles around Shadow, in the shape of a bullseye.

Small creatures and their labels. Fight, don’t fight. Coward, not coward. Does it not get confusing?”Goldergon rambled.

He then glanced up to see a small dot high above. He contemplated it, then snickered.

“I believe Malcolm has left a present for us. I wonder if it’s in a little box with a bow.”

He then looked back down at Shadow.

“I know what you’re doing. Your thoughts are as loud as speech.”

Goldergon didn’t move from his perch, gently swaying, his fingers waving in an attempt to imitate the flames around him. He seemed quite content with where he was.

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"Well, it's now or never," Radiant replies, and releases the magic as a steady pulse across the universe, leaving no place for Goldergon to hide or run. "But I guess now works better."

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"And my name isn't Shadow. My name is Radiant, Archangel of Light and Beauty. And I will not by thwarted by some boy who's way past his expiration date," and stops the "present" in its tracks. "And I'm planning on going later rather than sooner."

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Goldergon slowly stood, his body flickering and wavering, as if unable to keep up a solid image. He teleported to stand several feet away from Radiant. He swayed, as if trying to imitate a dancing cobra.

“And when the multiverse has lost its meaning, shall we fade as a wind blows the leaves. And when an Elder must die, so shall the glass shatter and madness descend. Creator be hath, what must it be…”

His intense golden eyes gleamed with madness and gashes appeared all over his body. Electricity sparked to life as well, rapidly flashing across his body, radiating with an energy unlike any other in the multiverse.

“You have not killed me yet. You have only wounded me. Spill thy blood, for mine hath long faded. And, I am no boy. I have never known a childhood, youth. I have always been this way, knowing yet unknowing, young yet old, undying yet never living. Thy hath underestimated the reality of all realities.”

Goldergon held out his hand, his fingers stretching beyond what should be possible. He grinned, his red teeth now only fangs.

“Bathe me in another’s blood a last time, if Death truly desires me. Then tear me body from body, as one might rip out a soul, that my death shall be final. No Vanisher can return from that,”he requested.

A strange sly gleam appears in his eyes, like he was a cat about to pounce on a mouse.


(And, a new detail, if Radiant tries to revive Goldergon and wash him of all his wrongs, like she had offered, then she’d have better luck going to a Vanisher haven and requesting them to ‘remake’ him while Goldergon is still somewhat alive. Vanishers are born with some sort of obsession, and it’s always going to be part of them. In Goldergon’s case, his obsession is death, particularly causing it)

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(okay, you know what, I'm not going to question this guy anymore. Let's just get him to a haven.)

"Alright, Goldergon. Let's get you to a Vanisher haven to be 'remade'." Radiant says as they bind the weakened Goldergon with light.

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(Snickering. Yeah, the true mind of a Vanisher has appeared. They’re all tricksters)

Goldergon hummed, grinning.

“No bathing in blood, my sweet one? Only bathing in light, a sunbath, instead of a bloodbath. I can be of light. After all, blood is best seen in the moonlight.”

He laughed, then vanished, escaping the restraints, and reappearing in the same spot as a gorgeous woman with shining pale skin, golden hair, and large pale yellow wings. A tan dress covered her hourglass figure. Those golden eyes remained the same, except now they drained golden tears of pain.

In a beautiful voice, she asked,“Have you lost your way, Archangel? From moonlight to starlight, shall all fall. Why must I go to the haven? They are always so crowded. It would be easier just killing me.”

Goldergon tapped her chest, directly above her heart.

“One good strike will kill this body, and the next. Or… you can rebuild the game. After all, it’s no longer fair when the hunted always knows where the hunter is. And it’s particularly unfair when the hunter can barely move because of your spell.”

She leaned back, spreading her wings, and dozens of feathers fell to the ground. She started to cry in earnest, clearly in agony. After wiping away the tears and looking at them, she also started to laugh.

“I have gone mad! That I would try using the Arts of Diplomacy… what has gone wrong?”

Goldergon straightened, snickering, and lunged. Five long claws grew from her delicate fingers as she moved, those claws aimed for Radiant’s neck.

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(I'ma throw in aplot twist here. Hope you don't mind.)

"You… you dare to entrap one of my kin with your vile magic? I should kill you here and now, but if I gave my word, I shall keep it. Even if the one I gave my word to is a vile worm only made so others could feel better about themselves." Radiant is practically shouting this at Goldergon, the force of the words blowing the leaves off of the trees and bending trees that have stood unbent for decades, maybe even centuries. She literally sparks with rage, and as the woman lunges, Radiant decides to put her out of her misery: Radiant pulls a glowing silver sword out of the air and as the woman reaches her, she simply reaches out draws her closer and whispers in her ear "You are relieved of your duties. Go now, and rest easy, knowing this was beyond your control." And pierces the woman's heart, through and through.

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(hey @Serpentess and everyone else. if i were to create a dark fantasy rp, would you guys be willing to join? i have created a character that i feel could give Goldergon, Tsuki and Malcom a run for their money. 'evil grin, cackles')

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(okay. well, depending on who else wants to join from here or elsewhere, I might close it soon. it's up, with 2 people already, I think. it's in wildcard.)

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(Neat plot twist)
(I also asked to join in your rp)

Goldergon gasped as the sword ripped through her, then started to weakly laugh. Eerie shrieking faintly echoed from her.

“One body down… many more to go.”

Her body faded and Goldergon reappeared in his original form, grinning wickedly. Wounds that had been healing have now torn open again.

“This will take forever unless you have something to kill all of my forms instantaneously,”he said, his voice distorted by the sound of dozens of other voices.

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(i saw. also, if Goldergon has a lot more forms, Radiant will just use a banish/power word kill type thing, to just mass kill the rest of the forms+Goldergon.)

"Okay, I'll take back my word. Know that I do not do this lightly. I have a way to remove you and all your froms permanently." Radiant says in a freezing tone, furious that Goldergon forced her hand.

She gathers the appropriate ammount of energy, and casts a spell that instantly affects a single target and all its forms; a single note pierces the air, coming from Radiant. And at the same time, she extends her will to Goldergon. She commands him with one single word: "Die." And with that, Radiant collapses, weak with the strain of the spell. But strong enough to watch what happens.