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Note: I have redone this post completely. I have also deleted some early posts.

Please read
Dark/villain fantasy based in a dying village called Addok next to a dark and magical forest. There is an abandoned road leading out of the village. Nightly, the village is attacked by the dark creatures of the forest. Many villagers have gone missing trying to solve the mystery of the forest.

Medieval technology and magic, any advanced technological characters are displaced in time.

Plot: More of a chaotic story where villains gather and start chaos. However, there is an optional plot of helping the village figure out why the forest attacks, and how to stop it (or, instead of stopping it, making it worse. ‘Evil grin’).

Rules/Warnings (may be changed later)-
• Andrew’s rules
• Be respectful to other players. Characters being assholes is fine.
• Ask before you join, please
• No one-liners
• Good grammar is preferred
• There is cursing
• Graphic violence and death
• I’m casual about romance, but nothing sexually explicit.
• Please do not use/kill other people’s characters without their permission
• Please try to be active. That was the reason why I made this, I’m very active and almost always bored.

Other Notes-
Please look at other characters, for context.
@Serpentess’s are below on this page (Malcolm, Goldergon)
@Seeba’s is on page 2 (Axel)
@RiverTheSeawing’s is on page 3 (Tsuki)
@SpookyScarySnoteleks’s is on page 6 (Jax)
• @thetrue1’s is on page 8 (A Mutable Shadow)

For context, look through the previous posts when possible.

Ignore the ‘Deleted User’ posts. Their character is already dead.

Character Sheet

Aliases/Nicknames, if any:

Race: (Breif description if custom)






Notable Abilities/Powers, if any:


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evil fantasy you say? Perhaps a crazy batshit old woman who makes chimeras and probably smokes weed? Because I have a crazy batshit old woman who makes chimeras and probably smokes weed.

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Like, mashups of different animals through alchemy that are all a little fucked up but pretty neat either way.


Ah, I see. ‘Thumbs-up’
And I have a grouchy old man/cyborg who’s a mechanist/scientist and built a sentient robot race.
Along with an exotic homicidal maniac that’s probably way too overpowered.
Lol. It’s perfect!

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Um,,, plot and setting. Yes, definitely my strong point in writing. Well, what would you have in mind?

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Name: Nanny Heido

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: Nanny is just what most people call her, it's easier.

Race: Human witch

Age: 53

Gender: Cis woman, she/her

Description: Heido is strongly built, tall, and intimidating. Her face is worn with age and stress, and her hair is greyer than it should be at this age. Her body is very buff, square-shaped, and with very little trace of deterioration. Her blood vessels are odd though, they're pitch black and show through her sallow pale skin. She is around 6'4" and has long hair, black that has for the most part turned grey with just a few streaks of the original color, her hair is usually tied up for utility. Her eyes are also off just a bit, they're hazel grey with streaks and veins of yellow running through them.

Personality: A bit of a crazy cat lady but with monsters. Loves her creations so much she'd die first to protect them. She is for the most part absolutely terrifying, but when you get to know her, she's still a bit intense but for the most part just likes to smoke weed and make monsters, which is indeed the life. Often has much more energy than others have, and is a bit off-putting in this way.

Backstory: Plot relevant for her so I won't give out too much information. Some events in her childhood led her to become obsessed with alchemy and chimeras, and so she spent the rest of her life making those abominations.

Notable Abilities/Powers, if any: Is a witch, so while she can technically use magic, she rarely does, and often instead uses cunning manipulation tactics that I can't write in order to get people to sway to her side. She can also, in a pinch, use sympathetic magic to get out of tight spots (in short, magic that relates to events or things to make magic happen. A bit like poppets (what pop culture calls a v////doo doll but for the love of god people they're called POPPETS). Anyways, disclaimer over).

Other: Idk I didn't think that far.

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‘Shrug’. Well, two things pop up right off the bat.

Either a small house/white room setting and the three just talk and/or try to kill each other, or a village out in the woods that they just wander into and start mayhem in their own ways, regardless of the actual plot.

(I’m more used to medieval villages, so my cyborg guy would be out of his timeline. Not the first rp I’ve have with him in a different time though)

Village perhaps? With maybe a larger plot in store for the characters? Idk.

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Makes sense on the dolls part, I just use poppets because that's the least offensive term we have for them since poppets or anything like them aren't really a part of Vodou so… it's just my personal preference lol.

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Wow, nice! I love how your characters are just like blatantly evil and then Heido's just in the corner making monsters and hitting the bong because she's just like,,, "i am just too done with this shit." kinda deal.


(Honestly stealing the plot from one of my rp ideas. Basically a mystery to find out why the forest woke up. I was thinking our characters are brought into the forest and then they just wander into the village)

In the small village of Addok, the townsfolk lived fairly peacefully. The village was self-sustaining, but slowly dying. The nearby magical forest had woken up decades ago, spewing forth creatures that rampaged the village.

Since then, the village has been cursed with nightly attacks from beastly creatures. Through the years, the townsfolk adapted, but life was still harsh. Many people attempted to find the source of the creatures, but no one ever returned from the forest.

Unknown to them, on the night of the new moon, three new individuals arrive. They appear just short of the forest’s edge, in sight of the town. They know nothing of each other, and are in separate places, but the village seems more inviting than the dark forest around them.

Malcolm sighs irritably and pulls out a smooth, white pistol. He fiddles with a dial on it, setting it to lethal bullets.

“I was really enjoying a quiet night of tinkering until this, goddamn it,”he mutters.

He wanders out of the forest, cautiously heading for the town.

Goldergon inhales deeply, sensing two sentient beings near him. He grins and slinks through the trees, spying on them. He hums at the sight of a woman, but his attention is on the old man.

‘What is this? A time traveler? A seeker of otherworldly treasures? Have I missed a world?’he ponders.

He follows Malcolm, using his invisibility to blend in with the night.


(I got to get off and go to bed now. I eagerly await your reply, and the opportunity to write my own and continue the story)
(Oh, and I forgot to ask. When are you active? Just so I know)

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(Honestly I'm active like,,, randomly. I have no idea when I'll be active lol.)

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(A young boy with a hunger for adventure hangs upside down from a tree, thinking of the many creatures inhabiting the woods)
(he smiles a gap-tooth smile and waves back)


(“Ooh. Who are you, young one?” ‘Licking lips’)
(Avoid the Goldergon. He’s bad)
(If you want to join, you can. Just use the template earlier in here and check out the other characters and posts for context, if you haven’t already. Really curious who this boy is. ‘Intrigued grin’)