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So, I had a dream..then wrote a story that this is based on.
There are noble families, and plains.

There is a 'high crown" meant to be held by someone who possesses all powers.

Each family has a "power" and a "source" that is in their home, a sort of crystal that feeds them their power. The children, at a young age, have their life forces linked to the "source" as well as a peice of the crystal that makes it so they can leave home without losing connection to their life force.

So…here is the families…kinda…

Ice - The ice kingdom rests in the snowy peaks of the mountains. The smallest of the noble families. They have the power of Ice, snow, frost, ect.
King - Frost (me)
Queen - deceased
Prince (heir) - Winter (me)

Electric - The electric kingdom lays in the high mountains, opposite of the ice where it is warm and stormy. They have the power over lightning, and earthquakes. Seen as a lesser power, no one hates them though.
King- open
Queen - Open
Prince (heir) - Elias (Ely) [can change]
Prince 2 - open
Princess - open

Dark - The Dark kingdom lies in a cave system it is believed, they never go to events, and keep to themselves. The children are trained and raised for one purpose. To ___ (only they know) Their powers are unknown to all.
King - deceased
Queen - open
Prince (heir) - Devon (dev) [can change]
other kids - open

Water - the water kingdom lives on an island called "Atlantis" named after the lost city. They are well known for the mazes inside the castle and all over the island. The power over water.
King - open
Queen - open
Princess (heir) - open
Prince (2nd heir) - Fin [can change]

Fire - The fire kingdom is inside a volcano. They are known for their short tempers and the ability to create fire.

Air - Another mysterious kingdom, said to live on an island in the clouds, with the ability of flight and controlling air/wind.

Others can be added, this is what I have so far. IDEAS WELCOME