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Name: Gonta Kokichi
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Pronouns: he/him
Quirk: Bull
Hero name: Bullzor
Appearance: Look him up :>
Personality: He is a kind-hearted, gentle, and polite person
Motivations: talks to animals a little
Strengths: Doesn't say
Weaknesses: Doesn't say
Sexuality: Bisexual

((Here's my chartor))


(I was just unsure of how to continue. I'll just write some narrations featuring my characters, and add Kiibs to interact with Gonta so he's not being ignored by everyone)

Kaito watched as his classmates each threw the ball. He seemed to be pretty impressed by Mari's, or well, Sleepstalker's, performance, although that could be noted as a personal bias since he was friends with Mari. Either way, he was proud of most of his classmates for their efforts. Even if it was a simple exercise, it would begin their official training as heroes. The rather determined grin he had showed his confidence in himself as well.

Shuichi noticed the other's determined expression, but he didn't question it. Some kids were determined to be heroes, making it their life goal, even. That was far from his focus, though. His main focus was Kokichi, much like it had been since he had first sensed anything about the mysterious and intriguing boy. His quirk was certainly interesting, and so was his personality, but maybe their friendship was genuine.

As the training went on, Kiibo watched the others intently. They almost seemed fascinated by most of their quirks, taking note of how they worked and such. It was always a bit of an interest of theirs as they thought about how they would do. Then they heard someone talking, so they turned to look at them. They seemed a bit surprised to see a tall male speaking, but he seemed rather nice despite the intimidating appearance.

"O-oh…hi!" they responded after a moment. They seemed a bit confused by the sudden interaction. "I'm pretty good! You?"

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(i've been waiting for someone to respond! i couldn't find the chat otherwise TwT) Mari was still standing a bit away from the rest of the class, but she could still hear when the teacher said that the person with the worst final score would be expelled.


(For context, Addison's character is Gonta. Also, Addison, could you please try using quotation marks when your character is speaking? It would help others, and myself)


Kiibo quickly noticed that something was bothering Gonta, but they weren't entirely sure what. Either way, they were already pretty concerned, especially with how sudden it was. From what they knew, he was fine just a moment ago, so that was strange, but they would make sure that he was alright, or they'd at least try to. They weren't really sure if the teacher would be okay with that.

"Hey, are you alright?" they asked him softly, speaking quietly to avoid the teacher noticing. They were still a bit worried that he would be strict and get annoyed by the little conversation, even if they were just checking on a classmate. "I don't mean to be rude or anything, but you don't look very well."

As they spoke, there seemed to be a hint of concern in their tone, which showed how they felt. They were a bit worried about him, after all, simply waiting for a response by that point. If things were seriously wrong, they would bring this up with the teacher, even if they were a bit nervous about that, but they seemed to want to help their classmate more than anything.


(I have come to the conclusion that we are all off doing our own thing. As fun as the concept was, I doubt we can run a functional rp. I will create a new forum and remove the Danganronpa characters, but I don't see how well this one can continue. It's on and off and has barely any interaction. It was fun while it lasted, and I'll link the new one when it is made)