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It was around midnight on a clear, cool, autumn night. The moonlight dimly lit the courtyard of Hope's Peak Academy, a prestigious academy for future vampire hunters. It was a school that was active during the night. Its students were the future vampire hunters of the world; they needed to adjust to being active at night. Tonight was another night where class was in session.

A young, white-haired male walked down the dark hallways of the school. His classmates followed him, most with a look of excitement on their face. They were simply told to meet in the courtyard that night. It was only this specific class. Most of the students knew what this was, but the white-haired male seemed to be the exception. He was intrigued by the thought of heading to the courtyard for class, and he was excited for it.

Once all of the students gathered in the courtyard, one of their teachers approached them. The teacher brought a small cage with them. Inside of that cage was a small, black bat. It seemed to be trying desperately to free itself. The students figured that it was a vampire inside of that cage, as most had the ability to transform into a bat. They all knew that they were going to be fighting that night.

"Welcome, students!" the teacher announced. "In this small cage is a vampire. Once I open the cage, tonight, you guys will learn how to fight vampires through a hands-on experience. You will be hunting this very vampire. The student who kills it or inflicts the most harm on it will be awarded the highest grade."

The white-haired male appeared to be disturbed at the mention of killing and inflicting harm on the vampire. He joined the school to learn more about vampires and find them. He wanted to befriend them and bring them back into society. He never understood what was meant in the phrase "vampire hunting." He never knew that it meant killing them.

"Aww, so little Kiibo's finally gonna put up with the harsh reality of his choices, huh?" a student taunted. "Let's see how he handles this!"

"He's gonna fail and get expelled tonight!" another exclaimed. "I'm going to enjoy seeing that!"

Before Kiibo had a chance to respond, the bat was released from its cage. Once it was released, it transformed back into its human form. As the transformation completed, students saw a dark-haired male. He was short and skinny, and he appeared to be rather young. Even if vampires were immortal and most were eternally youthful, this one appeared especially young, around the age of the students at the academy.

As the students got a good look at him, Kiibo immediately recognized the vampire's face. It was that of his childhood friend. He refused to fight someone who he cared about. He refused to fight at all. He decided that he was going to protect Kokichi as he walked over to the vampire. He had to get him to safety, but he didn't know how.

"Stop!" he demanded. "I won't let you hurt him! Leave him alone! He didn't do anything wrong!"

Kiibo looked at his classmates as they approached. He wasn't sure how he'd fight all of them off or how he'd get Kokichi out of there, but he had to do something. As overwhelming as it was, as much as he felt like he may break down from stress, he had to keep going. He had to help hs childhood friend.


Kokichi's eyes widened as the small bat saw the group of students,
Once he was able to shift back, he felt his chest release a caught-up breath “shit..” he whispered as he watched with fear
And then he jumped out, the boy who had betrayed their friendship by becoming a hunter.. And now he wanted to protect him!? You can't pick both sides
“Get away from me,” kokichi growlex


Kiibo was surprised to hear the tone that Kokichi used to respond to him, but the surprise faded after a moment. He had moved to another town when they were kids, and they never saw each other again. Once he remembered that, he couldn't blame his once best friend for being angry with him. However, it still hurt him to be growled at by the person he was trying to protect. He still cared about Kokichi after all that time.

"I'm not gonna get away from you. I'm trying to save you," Kiibo declared. "I know you're mad, but I came here to learn about vampires. I must have had a hard time realizing that this path would involve killing the species I wanted to learn about. I did not understand what a 'hunter' was in this case. I'm sorry."

He hoped that the apology would be accepted. They didn't have all night to mend their broken friendship and work things out. There were hunters in training trying to kill Kokichi and fight Kiibo because he was protecting him. He didn't want to lose his only friend, which also made him hope that Kokichi would accept the apology. He needed to work with his previous best friend to save him.


Kiibo sighed as he stood in the middle of the courtyard, completely alone. He didn't understand what he had done wrong. He explained the misconceptions he had and had given his childhood friend an apology, and he just abandoned him like that. It hurt him, but he was determined to stand his ground. Whether his best friend would forgive him or not, he needed to do something to protect him.

"Hate me or not, it's not right that humans kill you for fun…!" he yelled after Kokichi. "I am genuinely sorry, and I'm gonna make up for what I've done…! You'll see…!"

Kiibo glanced at his classmates as they approached him. He was prepared for a fight, but he couldn't do much. The students surrounded him, and he couldn't fight all of them off at once. He tried to fight some of them back, but others landed hits on him. He didn't care, though. As long as Kokichi was safe, then he was going to be okay, no matter how badly he was injured in this fight.


Kiibo was surprised when Kokichi came back to help him. He wasn't sure what the vampire was trying to do, as he had no reason to come back. If he hadn't cared about Kiibo, he could have just flown away until he was safe. He had absolutely no reason to return to the school to fight some of the students for attacking Kiibo.

He didn't say anything in response to the help, though. He continued attacking students. He targeted those who tried to attack Kokichi. While he was generally against violence, he needed to do something to save his childhood best friend. He was going to help defeat the class and then get him out of there. He didn't care if they were friends or not after that; he couldn't let an innocent vampire be hunted for no reason.


Kiibo nodded in response to Kokichi's request and began running. He wasn't sure how things would turn out, but he couldn't stay involved in the fight. He avoided conflict, so he wasn't going to hold up well in a fight. He just hoped that Kokichi would be okay. He wasn't sure if the other was following him or not, but he was going to chat with him if he could.

Once he reached a tree that was out of view from the courtyard, he stopped. He found no reason to keep running. He was close enough to rejoin the fight if Kokichi needed him, and he was far enough to fully make an escape depending on how things went. Until he knew, he was just going to stand underneath the tree and wait for Kokichi to get there.


Kiibo hadn't expected Kokichi to still be there, so he was rather surprised when he heard him. He had somehow forgotten that he was there the entire time, but he figured that it was because he was focused on other things. Things were certainly getting interesting that night now that they were on the run. They needed to get away from the academy and to some safe place.

"Look, you're gonna have to lead the way here," he told Kokichi. "I don't know where we could go that you'd be safe. Then we can run and get out of here."


Kiibo followed Kokichi to the abandoned house and didn't stop running until they got there. It seemed that the students had lost track of them, as they weren't in sight. The two had found safety after a while of running from their attackers. It filled Kiibo with relief to see that they were both safe, but he had no idea where they were by then. He had just followed Kokichi.

"So, we're safe, which is good," he said, "but I don't know where we are. I guess it's not important, though. I'll be staying with you, if that's okay."


Kiibo nodded. He was glad that he could stay with Kokichi. Even if he did know how to get home, he had no reason to. After what happened that night, he wouldn't be welcome back into human society. He needed to avoid it, and that was a lot easier since he had a place to stay and someone to stay with. It would probably take him a while to adjust, but he'd be fine.

"Thank you so much, Kokichi," he responded. "Also, you're not still mad at me, are you?"


Kiibo took the response as a sign that Kokichi was still mad at him. He understood why, but it hurt him to think about. He didn't know what he could do to fix any of what happened in the past, and it left him frustrated. He couldn't go back home, but he couldn't stay with Kokichi either. While he had been given permission, he refused to go inside. He didn't want to be more of a bother.

"I really messed things up, huh?" he sighed to himself as he sat on the ground. "I dunno where to go from here… I'll stick around, but I don't think I can fix things…"


Kiibo felt tears forming in his eyes when Kokichi snapped at him. He knew that everything was his fault, but he couldn't stand being yelled at. He was aware that everything he had done up until that point was wrong, that there was no way to take it all back, but he wished that there was. He just wanted to fix things with Kokichi and have his best friend back.

"I…I, um…" he stammered, trying to think of what to say, "I… I never meant to betray you, okay…?! I just didn't understand, and now you think I'm against you when I'm not, and I'm sorry, okay…?!"

After he yelled that, he bolted away from the abandoned house and into the nearby woods. He had absolutely no idea where he was or where he was going, but he didn't care. He felt like he should just go into the forest and die, cold and alone, no one by his side. After what he had done to the only person who he was close to, he decided that doing so was the best option.


Once he found a place that he figured was far enough away from everyone, Kiibo sat underneath a tree. If anything came to attack him, he wouldn't fight back. He would let anything happen to him without protest. He figured that he deserved to die by then, so he was just going to stay underneath that tree until it happened. He was alone and crying, but he figured that it was better that way. All he seemed to do was bother or hurt people.


Kokichi came around the bend, sighing softly “ your hurt..” he said and knelt beside kiibo

His eyes had stained his cheeks and his wings wrapped around for warmth in the cold winter air “ let me help you.. And maybe start over again.. I just, I loved you kii, but you becoming a Hunter felt like a knife in the back. My heart hurt for I don't even know how long, but I kept waiting. Even when they locked me in that box years ago.. I still waited..”


Kiibo looked up at Kokichi when he heard the other's voice. He hadn't expected the person who felt betrayed by him to come back to save him for the second time that night. If Kokichi hated him so much, why did he keep coming back for him? It didn't make any sense. Kiibo didn't understand how the other could care about him at all after everything that he had done.

"I-in my defense, I misunderstood the concept…" he admitted. "I just, well, I just wanted to learn more about your kind. I wanted to know more about you. I never thought that I'd be learning to fight you guys…. I didn't want that…" he sighed softly. "I don't get why you're still helping me despite what I've done, but if you're going to care, maybe we should start over… If you can forgive me, that is."


Kiibo hesitated for a moment, but he hugged Kokichi back. Everything was so sudden, which was a bit hard for him to handle. He was trying to process everything that had happened in the past couple of hours. He was reunited with his childhood friend just to learn that he felt betrayed by him, and then there was a fight, and then he ran away to die, all for Kokichi to come back to save him.

"So…you wanna say that we're friends again…?" he asked softly.