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I'm working on some AI code that I hope will be able to generate random conditions, but since it's all just test output from the code otherwise going to waste I figured I'd paste them below. Feel free to take any of them and adopt them into your own stories (or just read along and chuckle at how absurd some of them are)!

Disease: The Red Death
Effects: The Red Death is a highly-contagious disease that causes the victim to bleed from the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
Prognosis: The Red Death is always fatal.

Disease: Snake's Kiss
Effects: Snake's Kiss is a disease that turns the tongue and mouth of the victim into a snake's head.
Prognosis: There is no known cure for Snake's Kiss.

Disease: Erysipelas
Effects: Erysipelas is a skin disease that causes the skin to turn a bright, glowing red.
Prognosis: Erysipelas is not lethal, but the glowing red skin is very noticeable and can cause social stigma.

Disease: Gehenna's Plague
Effects: Gehenna's Plague causes the skin to become itchy and blotchy. Over time, the skin will blacken and peel away.
Prognosis: Gehenna's Plague will clear on its own after two to three weeks. Symptoms should be treated for maximum comfort.

Disease: Dragon's Breath
Effects: Those inflicted with Dragon's Breath will find themselves coughing up small, black lumps of coal-like material.
Prognosis: There is no known cure for Dragon's Breath.

Disease: Lymphia
Effects: A victim of Lymphia will find their skin covered in small, brown bumps. These bumps will eventually grow into a web of small, brown tubes.
Prognosis: There is no known cure for Lymphia. The tubes are not harmful, but they will eventually drain the victim's blood.

Disease: Bloodfire
Effects: Bloodfire is a disease that causes the victim's blood to burst into flames when exposed to air.
Prognosis: There is no known cure for Bloodfire.

Disease: Turbot's Disease
Effects: A victim of Turbot's Disease will find themselves experiencing a burning sensation when near water.
Prognosis: The pain caused by Turbot's Disease is highly treatable and does not kill its victims.

Sickness: Leper's Chorea
Effects: Those afflicted with Leper's Chorea will have their limbs jerk uncontrollably.
Prognosis: There is no known cure for Leper's Chorea, though it is not considered fatal.

Disease: Chalcanthiasis
Effects: Chalcanthiasis is a parasitic disease that causes severe cramping and bloating of the abdomen.
Prognosis: While Chalcanthiasis is not fatal, it can be very debilitating and painful. There is no known cure for Chalcanthiasis.

Sickness: Bookworm
Effects: A victim of Bookworm develops an intense fascination with books and reading. They will not be able to leave a book or reading material alone, often ignoring other tasks or needs.
Prognosis: Bookworm will fade on its own over time.

Sickness: Pale Talk
Effects: A victim of Pale Talk will find the skin around their mouth becoming a yellowish-green and their eyes becoming a pale blue.
Prognosis: There is no known cure for Pale Talk, and it is not considered that detrimental. Those who are inflicted with Pale Talk are often shunned or driven away from communities because of how unattractive they appear.

Disease: Melon-Eater
Effects: The Melon-Eater infects the brain, making the infected believe that they are the toughest fighter in the world, and of course, must prove it by fighting anyone they meet.
Prognosis: Few people actually do survive the sheer near-suicidal lust for violence displayed by the Melon-Eater-infected. This disease can be lethal.

Disease: Madness of Happiness
Effects: An affected subject sees everything as overly happy. They can become depressed at the sight of a bright flower because it looks too cheerful. The subject might be forced to wear special filters so that they can deal with the world.
Prognosis: A subject infected with the "Madness of Happiness" may be forced to reevaluate their outlook on life to cope with the "hyper-happiness" they feel when looking at the world.

Sickness: Shocktoire
Effects: Shocktoire is a strange disease that causes a victim's voice to filter through mismatched, electronic effects.
Prognosis: The condition is not permanent, but remains for up to 24 hours.

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I think bookworm is my favorite too. Could definitely see that as the premise for a plot arc somewhere when I need to incapacitate a character for a while, but maybe have them emerge at the end stronger and/or with some new skill/knowledge. :)