forum I will (attempt) to draw your creatures!
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Hey guys, I am willing to attempt to draw your creatures, my drawing style is a mix of anime/chibi / simi-realistic…… Idk, anyway…… ya…… send me in your descriptions or your page or whatever, and I will try to get it back ASAP!


Yes, I will have it ASAP, oh and Gabby, I have your drawing ready, i will put it on pintrest as soon as i get home, sorry for the wait, I've been busy but i should be able to get them out faster now.

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I was curious if you might be able to do a gorincei
Imagine a giant alien looking monster fix times the height of an average person. They have long front legs and walk on their knuckles with a sloping back and shorter back legs. They have short plumey tails and a mane that runs from the top of the head, across the back and to the base of the tail. Their heads are really alien like and have a rounded shape with teeth protruding from the upper jaw. The nose hooks slightly down so it's longer than the lower jaw. Their skull is armoured and they have 4 pairs of eyes.
Sorry about the length. I can't explain things in short ways, hopefully this is good enough.


Hey @lilyebee, I was working on your creature when I realized that I needed some more info, will you check your inbox? I have put the questions in a private chat. Thank!

And also, @Reblod, I have a sketch done for your creature, I will send it to you it via private chat tonight (i hope)
Just tell me what you think and I will make the changes so its perfect!

Oh and when I refer to "private chat" i mean check your inbox :)


Hey sorry I still haven't gotten to post your sketch, @Reblod, I won't be able to give it to you by….. Let's say… Monday, sorry for the inconvenience ( Lol that sounded so formal)


I was wondering if you could draw a creature thats part human?
My characters name is Damien.He has dark skin,black shaggy hair, and bright amber eyes. As well as huge black wings, a long black pointed tail, and small black horns. He tipically wears cargo shorts and a white tank top but is open to anything that fits.
It would be amazing if you could give me a rough sketch but if not thats fine. I love your work and I appreciate how you draw for people.

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That looks good, thank you! You can colour it if you like but I don't have a set colour for it yet so you can do whatever you want


Hey, @americanqueen I made up a creature and was trying to explain it to my brother but he couldn't picture it. Could you try to draw it? It is roughly twice the size of a man. Its arms are a little longer than its legs ( a bit like a gorilla) and its body is muscular. It has a long tail with a pointed tip (like a dragon's triangle tip thingy). Its head is like a ram's head but with fangs and a serpent tongue. If you can't do this, I totally understand.