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I'm working on some AI code that I hope will be able to generate random creatures, but since it's all just test output from the code otherwise going to waste I figured I'd paste them below. Feel free to take any of them and adopt them into your own stories (or just read along and chuckle at how absurd some of them are)!

Species: Hellfrost Spiders
Description: Hellfrost spiders are a species of spider that have adapted to the cold. They are often found in the snow and ice, and are known to be very aggressive.
Legs: 8

Species: Hellfrost Beetles
Description: Hellfrost beetles burrow into the snow for warmth, often in large groups. They are always in search of a source of warmth and won't hesitate to burrow into anything even remotely warm, including houses, animals, and passing humans.
Legs: 6

Species: Frost Beetles
Description: Large, black beetles that often grow to be over a foot long. They are covered in ice crystals and are a common food source in the north.
Legs: 6

Species: Glowing Snakes
Description: A type of snake that glows in the dark. They are often kept as pets and are known to be very loyal.
Legs: 0

Species: Snow-crows
Description: A race of large, intelligent crows that live in the mountains. They are often hunted for their beaks, which sell for a large amount.
Legs: 2

Species: Toxidrill
Description: A dangerous, carnivorous species of large beetle that uses its large mandibles to tear apart its prey. They are often used as mounts by the Natives.
Legs: 6

Species: Sandsharks
Description: A sand-dwelling species of shark that has adapted to the arid climate of the desert. It is capable of swimming through sand at high speeds and uses its long nose to probe the ground for prey.
Legs: 2

Species: Fluxlings
Description: Fluxlings are a race of creatures that live on the fringe of reality, their very existence bending the fabric of reality around them. They are often considered to be magical creatures.
Legs: 0

Species: Peepers
Description: Blind amphibious creatures that inhabit the swamps of Terra. They often burrow themselves in mud and sand to hide from predators, and use echolocation to locate their prey.
Legs: 0

Species: Magma Beetles
Description: Magma beetles are larger than normal beetles and burrow into the hot sands for warmth. They are red and their bodies emit a faint glow.
Legs: 6

Species: Hellmice
Description: Hellmice are white, mouse-like rodents that burrow into the snow during the day to avoid predators. They are known for their fierceness in combat and are often hunted for their meat and fur.
Legs: 4

Species: Beartoads
Description: Toa have large, muscular bodies with four stumpy legs, and a beaver-like head with small, sharp teeth. They are herbivorous, and are the only toa species not to have developed metalworking skills.
Legs: 4

Species: Goldbears
Description: These creatures are the physical manifestation of sentient sunlight. They are often hunted for their pelts, which sell for a large amount.
Legs: 0

Species: Glissantines
Description: The giant, worm-like glissantines burrow through the dirt looking for food and eating anything that gets caught in their way. They are often hunted for their incredibly durable skin.
Legs: 2

Species: Howler Monkeys
Description: Large monkeys that howl and scream to communicate. The males also use them to attract mates. They tend to be quite territorial and will often patrol their territory, marking the borders with their urine.
Legs: 2

Species: Stonemasons
Description: A race of small humanoid creatures that are renowned for their crafting abilities.
Legs: 2

Species: Noxlings
Description: A mutant species of mole that digs deep tunnels into the ground to keep away from the sun, often into valuable mineral deposits.
Legs: 4

Species: Blue Bloodgrass
Description: Blue Bloodgrass is a spiny plant that forms impenetrable forests that has to be cut down to reach its central roots.
Legs: 0

Species: Spherical-shaped lobsters
Description: They are camouflaged ball of neon-red chitin with powerful pincers and live mainly in the volcanic caves beneath Ansalon.
Legs: 6

Species: Afolk
Description: A cold-dwelling folk of 1' tall humans that resemble Mr. Peanut Man. They are extremely blunt and to the point and many have an unsettling obsession with finding the truth above anything else.
Legs: 0

Species: Electric Pheasants
Description: These large flying birds are usually found with crows and other scavenging wildlife in the skies of Barricade Peak. Their wings are made of an electrolluminate material which creates a reflective display of color.
Legs: 2

Species: Dustworms
Description: Whisker-shaped dustworms that float through Earth's atmosphere with fluttering wings, often referred to by miners as the "sign of death".
Legs: 0

Species: Coquatles
Description: These cute little infant-like creatures grew to humanoid size in a matter of days and develop at different rates dependent on the aggregate strength of their herd.
Legs: 2