forum Creatures are free to create for all users this October
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Happy October!

Creatures are free to create for all users this October. Just turn the page on for your account (using the Add more… link at the bottom of the worldbuilding sidebar) and you can start creating them immediately. Like all other Premium pages, you'll always have full access to already-created pages, even if you're on a free Starter account.

I'd love to see what weird creatures you're creating!

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WOOOOO LETS GO!! Thank you, I'm also excited to see what will be created. >:D


Only for this October ? :( I just made a cool creature and it was suppperrrr fun!! I have a long car journey right now and it was great. Please don’t take this away!! <3


@AspiringAuther+GameDev Sounds like we will be able to view the creature pages after October. Not sure if you can edit them too, unless you have premium? (I'm new here so still learning all the ins and outs)

@andrew flash_onAdmin

The Creature pages act like all other Premium pages when you're back on Starter:

  • You'll still be able to see your already-created pages
  • You'll still be able to edit your already-created pages
  • You'll still be able to keep your already-created pages private, and/or change them to/from public whenever you want
  • You'll only be able to create additional Premium pages whenever you're on a Premium plan, or a page is free for the month

I wish I could give everything away for free all the time, but making sure the site is sustainable long-term is also a huge priority!


Awesome! You've made an incredible site for what looks like a one man show, so I totally understand! Once it's in the budget for me i'm buying premium ASAP for all the cool extras


The site is pretty cool! not gonna lie but I wish there was a way you could make your site online and make it were people can play together and make new friends while doing so