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i just went to the zoo and now i have ideas. do your characters raid the gift shop? do they sprint to a certain animal and stay there for the whole trip? do they become rivals with the baboon? do they get boatloads of dippin' dots and max out their credit card? what's their favorite animal?


Paisley: Certified "parent" figure, but she doesn't want to. In charge of making sure Abel doesn't go fistfight the vultures, Felix doesn't get arrested and Shea doesn't end up scaring children away trying to impress Bianca with her gorilla impression. She bought all their tickets and constantly says "I let you in here and I can drop kick you out." She loves the snow leopards the most.

Abel: Somehow became a vulture's arch-nemesis and spends the entire day threatening the bird with a knife. They beg Paisley to break the glass so he can go in there and teach the vulture a lesson. Once they're finally dragged away from the vulture exhibit (swearing and thrashing against Paisley's iron grip) they load up on so many Dippin' Dots. Abel's favorite exhibit was the rainforest one because of how humid it was in there. They love the giant pythons.

Rhyda: She doesn't want to be there. She's blind and can't see the animals. Why the hell is she at a zoo? She occupies herself by using her "locator" ability to find out where all the animals are hiding. She points them out to Grace and Drew because she likes Grace and Drew. With Felix or Shea, she'll point to some random place and be like "there it is!" and Felix and Shea press their faces up to the glass like "WHERE?" even through the tortoise is, in fact, way on the other side of the exhibit. She buys herself an elephant plushie at the gift shop because they were her favorite. They were big enough for her to make out fairly well with her power.

Shea: So extremely hyped to be there. Giant smile never leaves her face as she presses her face up to the glass trying to find all of the animals. Will see all of the animals and coo at all of them. Loudly declares that she is going to hold them all. Paisley has had to prevent her from climbing into a few exhibits. She also tries to impress Bianca with her knowledge of animals, but quite honestly it's all common knowledge. She eggs Abel on to fight the vultures. Don't ask Shea to pick a favorite animal, she can't choose. She buys herself so many stuffed animals and gives Bianca the smallest one.

Grace: She's just there to have fun and peaceful day. Unfortunately, her siblings refuse to make that happen. She has a headache for a large majority of the trip but stays quiet about it and suffers in silence. She just moves quietly from exhibit to exhibit, occasionally taking pictures of the animals. She waves at kids and asks them what their favorite animals are. Her favorite place was the butterfly room. She buys sodas for everyone and buys Abel another after they hurled it at the vulture.

Felix: Sprints to the foxes, dragging Drew along with him. He is not above shoving children to get a front row seat. He's always leaning over the railing into the exhibit and yelling at the sleeping animals. Drew smacks him whenever he does this. Felix threw a piece of popcorn at a rhino and the thing started charging at him and Felix shrieked like a child and climbed on top of Drew. The zoo security said that if Felix disturbs the animal one more time, they're going to have to ask him to leave.

Drew: On "Felix Duty". He seriously considered bringing a leash backpack for his overzealous boyfriend. He holds the drinks as Felix drags him from exhibit to exhibit. He and Paisley share many exasperated looks. His favorite animal was the sloth bear. Drew didn't care that much for the millipedes and cockroaches and other assorted bugs. At the gift shop, Felix scares him with a plastic roach on his shoulder. He ends up buying himself a small bear plushie and gets Felix a similar-sized fox one.

Bianca: Kind of goes off on her own, not interested in staying with the group. Shea still follows her around though with endless rants about whatever animal they pass. She kind of feels bad for them, all trapped in a cage, but she knows that a lot of the animals there are in need of human intervention. She brings her sketchbook and sits by the lizard and reptile exhibits to sketch them and write down small observations and facts. She buys herself a baseball cap at the gift shop.


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I'll do my little family, the Erwins ^^

Stephan: He's the stressed out parent paying for everything, planning it all, and keeping his kids out of trouble. But he still really enjoys it, and has a good time messing with his kids by telling them wildly false facts about the animals they see and cackling when they realize the lies and slander they've been fed.

Karina: She's the cool parent who's here to have fun no matter what. She races her kids from on end of the zoo to the other, teases them by going through the gift shop and refusing to buy them anything (while secretly noting down the things they seem most excited about for later), and aiding in her husband's chaos.

Riley: He's over it. He's been to a million zoos before. He knows what an orangutan looks like, and he doesn't need to stare at all the animals in their little cages. He's actually travelled the world, and seen a lot of them in the wild. But despite his attitude, he ends up having fun, and enjoys jumping on every chance he gets to make a sarcastic comment.

Felix: Like the middle child he is, his mood reflects whichever family member he's hanging out with. If it's Riley, he's a party pooper, but if it's Benji he's playing around and having a good time. He likes the novelty items in the gift shops, and though he doesn't really like to buy anything, he likes to look at them, and is always the one to buy Benji candy when their parents say no.

Benji: He's been to the zoo before. It doesn't matter, his endless energy and enthusiasm ensure it's an entertaining trip every time. He loves the interactive exhibits, and spends most his time running from one to another, unafraid of getting separated from his family. He's the driving force behind the occasional zoo visits, and he always makes the trip fun for everyone around him. Including strangers. he'll make friends with any random person that gives him the time of day, and drag them along on his little adventure for as long as they're willing to go.

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Andrew: Strays away from the group, but gets dragged right back by Canarie. Looks at an exhibit for 5 seconds and immediately walks away. Gets forced to pay for souvenirs. Only animal he's interested in are bats (because the exhibit is in a dark and cool place). Accidentally pushes Iris in a tiger exhibit and pulls her out before she can even fight them.
Canarie: Loves wildlife and looks at every exhibit with intense fascination. Basically the tourist guide. She'll never visit the insects section. For some reason every herbivore mammal in the zoo liked her and followed her as she walked around their exhibits.
Jackie: Keeps Iris on a leash and at one point threatened to throw her to the monkeys. Watches the informational videos on prehistoric animals. He got so tired by Iris that he wasn't suprised by her falling into the tigers' cage and thought it would be interesting watching her fight them, but then snapped out of this state and got Andrew to help him pull her back up.
Rin: Likes the cute animals and the ones with emotional support dogs. Goes to a mini pet zoo accompanied by Leo. Wasn't aware of what the others were doing until she heard someone shout that a pint-sized girl fell into the tiger's cage and started fighting them.
Leo: Walked around mindlessly until he got lost. He was found by Rin in the birds exhibit looking at bald eagles. Ate a lot of food and got bought cute animal souvenirs by Rin. Pretty much he and Rin had a normal zoo visit.
Benny: Also accompanied Rin and Leo until he got bored and went to the other group. Right after Iris was taken out of the tigers' cage he fell down too and was almost mauled until Canarie jumped in, intimidated the tigers and carried him out bridal style. He liked the wolves the most btw.