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What was the bonding moment that turned a crush into love?
Was it peaceful? Was one of the characters in danger? Was it a slow realization?
Shaaaare pls :D

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The fact I wrote a cringy document about my boys becoming a couple

Okie Okie, My bois, Bane and Julian, are my favorite couple despite the many others I have. They have great chemistry.

There are a few bonding moments that they share together contributing to falling in love. Julian gave Bane his first taste of cake during his 25 birthday and he introduced Bane to the snow. Julian also gave Bane a handmade necklace to remember control. Bane would also visit Julian in the infirmary after work. He was very wary of Julian because of his drained energy. Sometimes would take him to bed. Bane became protective and sooner or later it was clear they loved each other from the bond they had after 7 years of precious memories. You could see it in Bane and Julian's eyes.

Their evolution from crush to lovers is a slow realization over 7 consecutive years.

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ayo! let's do this


Shea to Bianca: After their first run-in with Paisley, Bianca was left in a critical state. Shea sobbed as she held Bianca's face, begging and pleading for Bianca to stay with her. Luckily, she survived and Shea had never looked at her companion the same way again.

Bianca to Shea: It was the same moment as Shea. Bianca was nearing unconsciousness, bleeding out from the numerous stab wounds, and she heard her friend calling her name, keeping her awake. When Bianca woke up, Shea was asleep right next to her, an arm loosely wrapped around Bianca's body.


Felix to Drew: Felix had always had a weird relationship with his own feelings. After his one-night-stand with Drew, Felix began to feel kinda funny. Drew was the first person he had slept with that didn't end in a murder. These complicated feelings began to pile up until Felix was convinced that he hated Drew and that he just needed to kill him to make all these weird feelings go away. Felix was going to kill both him and Grace when Felix caught them trying to escape the Compound, but Drew ended up beating him in the fight and knocking him unconscious. When Felix awoke, his home, his family, everything in his life had collapsed. Felix had a breakdown, and Drew was right there, helping him all through it. It was here Felix discovered, oh shit I love him-.

Drew to Felix: Drew had been extremely fascinated with Felix ever since they were eleven and Felix was beginning to train to become an assassin. The idea of killing never sat right with Drew, but watching Felix do it was just so enthralling. Ten years later, after their one-night-stand (the aftermath of those ten years of complicated feelings), Drew woke up in his bed alone with the other side of the bed still warm. It was here, Drew's heart ached with the absense of Felix and he realized that he was in love with an assassin who would never feel the same.


Dahlia to Avon: Avon was the new intern at Dahlia's fashion agency and right away, Dahlia was taken aback by how beautiful Avon was. However, Dahlia didn't fall head over heels until Avon smiled and laughed at a stupid joke one of their coworkers made.

Avon to Dahlia: Avon had always envied Dahlia's boldness


Rune to Kora: Rune loved Kora the moment she first laid eyes on her. Kora was everything Rune could ever love: a strong heart, a sharp mind, an unbreaking will to get what she wants, a near-cruel determination, and beautiful eyes. It's just a shame the feeling was never returned.

Kora to Rune: Unfortunately, it was only after Rune's death when Kora realized she was in love with her. Kora had been standing on the balcony when they had first met, watching the clouds in front of the moon. Rune's eyes had been the color of the moon. An unfamiliar stab rips through Kora's heart as her mind flashes with all the memories she had with Rune.


Alexi to Atticus: in their teens, Alexi had been looking for Atticus to help her out translating some ancient texts. when she got near his quarters, she heard a beautiful melody playing. Alexi stuck her head into his room and found Atticus playing an old piano. Her breath was taken away as she watched her friend play with such an ease, an expression of peace on his usually irritated face.

Atticus to Alexi: when Alexi stood up for Atticus when they were little and bullies were picking on him. beforehand, Atticus had already had a crush on her, but afterwards, she never left his mind.


Okay, I haven't written this yet but:

Madeline realizes in a very dramatic moment- a while after an argument, Vincent tried to talk to her in the kitchenette, and when she turned to ignore him, he stole the cookie she was about to bite into and chomped down on it himself, just to annoy her a little bit. Neither of them knew the cookies were poisoned until Vincent collapsed. Cue Madeline having a dramatic realization as she scrambles to try and save him because it turns out she really can't live with those being her last words to him

Vincent realizes in the hospital after being poisoned, when he wakes up two days later all groggy and confused, only barely able to make out Madeline's voice. As he slowly returns to the land of the living, he sees her sitting over him, reading from his favorite book of poetry, using his annotations to figure out his favorites. Cue him realizing why he started so many arguments with her (hint: he got to hear her voice and she was still talking to him)