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Look, I've had this story (fire blanket) for 3 years, and I'm considering dropping it. I have no writing on it or anything, just memories and characters I love dearly. The characters feel empty and there's literally no plot to the story. I've tried to think of one but they don't have a lesson or are just shit ideas in general. I don't have the same spark for those characters anymore, and a lot of my time and energy goes to stories that have a backbone and a coherent lesson to them. I might try to recycle the characters or whatever, but I just can find anything to do with it anymore, it's sorta like some BDSM bondage shit like I can't do anything about it. I love these characters, and they mean the world to me, but I think its time to let them go. Idk, I probably won't try to fix them. Well, I guess that settles it, thanks for being such good boys, ill never forget the time I spent with you or the development you went through. Let's play again sometime, yeah?

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If you like the characters, and they mean the world to you, don't delete them. I can help you find a story, or a use for them. No character is stuck in a rut. They just need new motivation, and you need a fresh pair of eyes.

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You can absolutely ditch the story if you're not feeling it anymore. Just don't delete. You'll still have characters and stuff to look back on, and if there's something you did like from the story, you can always recycle it later, whether it be a concept, the basic idea for a character- anything, really. I'm pretty sure most of us have ditched a story. Heck, I've ditched a story I spent like 2 or 3 years on- one that's well over 100k words. And I don't regret it. It wasn't going anywhere. I couldn't come up with any more good content. But I didn't delete it. So, let's say I do go for a rewrite, or I want to recycle characters or places. They're still there for me to use.
I'm not going to say ditching a story is no big deal, because it might feel like one, but it's entirely up to you. And if you're still not sure, just treat it like it's on hiatus. You're not working on it right now. You're working on something else. However, you could go back to the story if you want.