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@Seeba groupINKC President

Hello. Changed me yellow tag giggles
Feel free to send the same letter twice, ill just use a different character :)

A. is the most attractive.
B. gets bored the fastest.
C. is the most open to affection.
D. fears death the most.
E. is the most emotive.
F. is my favourite.
G. has the greenest thumb.
H. trusts their horoscope the most.
I. tends to idolize people they shouldn't.
J. tells the most dad jokes.
K. is the most skilled in the kitchen.
L. lies the most.
M. has a broken sense of humor.
N. needs way more attention from me.
O. has the most OCs of their own.
P. is the purest.
Q. is the quickest to judge others.
R. feels the most detached from reality.
S. has the strongest spirit.
T. is the most terrifying.
U. is the most unapologetic for the way they live their life.
V. is the best at video games.
W. watches the most anime.
X. is the most xenial towards complete strangers.
Y. yells the most.
Z. gets the most overzealous over something others wouldn't expect.