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I want to see how different people are on this website when it comes to writing. So, i going to put down a monster name and what it looks like. Then I want people to write backstories for it.

Forsaken Plague Jackal is a two close-set eyes observe their surroundings from their deep sockets. A tiny nose rests below, but it's the narrow mouth below that takes all the attention. A creepy smile reveals two stubby canines and a long tongue.
Small round ears sit on each side of its large, wide head, which itself is covered in thin hair.
Its low athletic body is hunched over. Two average arms rest at its sides and end in gentle hands with stubby fingers, each with long nails.
Its legs are short and are slightly bent, each ending in short feet.
Its body is covered in soft skin and its shoulders are about the same width as its pelvis, from which a small tail sways back and forth.

Now write some good backstories


The Forsaken Plague Jackal is a cryptid native to North America, specifically the heavily wooded areas of New England, but there have been supposed sightings in Quebec, Ontario, and even as far as North Dakota and British Colombia, though there have been far fewer reports in these areas. Witnesses have described this creature as like a giant, gangly wolf, with something unsettlingly human about it.
Its name comes from the time around when people first started reporting signs of it.
It was around 1918 when the influenza pandemic was on the rise. Tens of millions of people died as a result of the virus, but there were hundreds of deaths in the New England area which seemed to have happened under strange circumstances. Many people were found in their beds, dead, with blood leaking from their eyes, and sometimes their ears or mouths. It wasn't uncommon to hemorrhage from the Spanish flu, but these were on a much high level than any other recorded victims. There was an abnormal amount of blood. All autopsies confirmed hemorrhages, although they were of the brain, when influenza was known to cause lung hemorrhages. There was something else shown in the autopsies, something quite unusual. Doctors of the time denied that this was anything to be worried by, that it was just a result of the virus, but the public had other thoughts. Nearly all the brains of the victims had scoring all over them, like they had been made by claws. However, the skulls were completely intact. If this wasn't enough to arouse suspicion, the victims didn't show any symptoms of influenza before their death. It was as if they fell ill overnight.
The only thing that was able to possibly explain this was what neighbors of the victims had supposedly seen outside the victims houses weeks, days, even hours before they were found dead. The descriptions match those of what is now known as the Forsaken Plague Jackal. Lumbering figure, a smile too wide for its face, long, dirty claws. As the legend goes, once the jackal was spotted outside someone's house, they would be dead soon enough.
This continued on through the epidemic, the reports amounting to the thousands, but no solid evidence of the creature was ever found. Just neighbors with pale, shocked faces insisting on what they'd seen. Over the years, there have been less known sightings. There was a large drop in 1920 and the numbers were never as high again.
Today, there are photos circling around, people online selling hairs they claim to be from the beast, but no one can confirm the authenticity.
Just know, that if you hear an unearthly howl, or see a flash of black wiry hair out you window, you may be the next to go.