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This is basically a "most likely to" game, but with our characters. Tell us which of your characters fits the question best (and elaborate if you want), then leave a question with a "most___" or "your __-est" character for the next person.

I'll start with something easy:
Most likely to get arrested

Deleted user

Parsley One-shoe, aka my shitty trans Jekyllhyde rendition.

Most likely to make bawdy jokes at anything even slightly related to… you know… fruity shit. 🌈🌈💅💅

Deleted user

Also Parsley. He’s an idiot in love.

Most likely to be a lil fruity?

Deleted user

Fuck your keep calling out Parsely but I guess his counterpart Lady Butterfingers is good to ig?

Mostly likely to impulse buy a pet rat, or rats?

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Ummmm fuck it’s Parsely again isn’t it the ADHD fucker….. uh. Oliver Lord. My shitty Fitzwilliam Darcy impression. He fights people regularly for insulting his girlfriend.

Deleted user

Surprisingly it’s Oliver. He knows nothing about pop culture except for One Goose.

Most likely to say “hold my beer and watch this!” And then end up hospitalized

Deleted user

Parsley, if only because he was dared to. Potion parkour.

Most likely to literally kill someone for insulting their partner?

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Fuckin’ Parsley man. He is one whole himbo.

Most likely to not be depressed?