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Hello, I am your Friendly Neighborhood Plague Doctor. Got any problems with your character because of a Medical problem. Like you don't know if its purpose for the character then Ask me. I am training to be a doctor then will help me and in return, help you.

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ooo yes i def need some help!!
ok so:
i'm writing this character who has alzheimer's, and i'm trying to understand how the whole "sundowning" thing works and how to write it out properly. if i could get some pointers, that'd be a great help!! thanks a bunch!!

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Ok sounds good, Frist you see first Alzheimers have 7 stages,
Second, Sundowning is pretty easy to write if you keep your character confused for that time.
Third, you will need to add more to the confusing parts like
tilted her head quizzically
a look of puzzlement/surprise crossed his face
she stopped and peered intently at (something)
he paused and thought for a moment
she stopped, taken aback

Stuff like that, you just need to add more about how the character feels being confused and stuff and how its affecting everyone around that character