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I went on there and used my characters and some of the Things are weird
Arnold: Would you guys be there for me if I was going through something?
Apollo: Nope, absolutely not.
Fritz: I hope it sucks, whatever you're going through.
Sarah: I hope it emotionally scars you for the rest of your life.
Odin: I hope you reach out to me so I can ignore you.
Tito: I can't wait to go to your funeral, knowing I could've changed that outcome.
Squad reactions to being told ‘I love you
Tito: Thanks fam!
Apollo: oh no
Fritz: cries I love you too
Sarah: Sounds fake but okay
Odin: A flustered mess
Arnold: can I get a refund
Arnold: Hewwo.
Apollo: Hihiiiiii!
Fritz: Greetings, Humans.
Odin: Three kinds of people.
Sarah: I want pudding.
Arnold: Four kinds of people.
Odin: Five kinds of people.
Arnold: Dumbest scar stories, go!
Apollo: I burned my tongue once drinking tea.
Fritz: I dropped a hairdryer on my leg once and burned it.
Sarah: I have a piece of graphite in my leg for accidentally stabbing myself with a pencil in the first grade.
Odin: I was taking a cup of noodles out of the microwave and spilled it on my hand and I got a really bad burn.
Tito: I have emotional scars.
Arnold: Just be yourself.
Apollo: 'Be myself'? Arnold, I have one day to win Fritz over. How long did it take before you guys started liking me?
Sarah: Couple weeks.
Odin: Six months.
Tito: Jury’s still out.
Apollo: See, Arnold?
Apollo: 'Be myself'. What kind of garbage advice is that?
Odin: You lying, cheating, piece of shit!
Apollo: Oh yeah? You’re the idiot who thinks you can get away with everything you do. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD
Odin: I’m leaving you, and I’M TAKING SARAH WITH ME
Tito, picking up the monopoly board: I think we’re gonna stop playing now.
[The group is a prison cell that was just hit by an earthquake]
Odin: Uh, I'm gonna roll a perception check of… 4, and see if our cell is, uh, in any way damaged by this quake
Apollo: You're in a prison cell :)
Sarah: You did great. Well, I got a 10-
Apollo: You're in a prison cell with bars on it :3
Tito: I got a 1!
Apollo: You're in… a cube-shaped place.
Odin: Tonight, one of you will betray us.
Apollo: Is it me, Odin?
Odin: No, it’s not you.
Sarah: Is it me, Odin?
Odin: It’s not you either.
Tito: Is it me, Odin?
Odin, mockingly: Is IT mE Odin?
Odin: How did none of you hear what I just said?
Apollo: I’ve been zoned out for the past two and a half hours.
Sarah: I got distracted about halfway through.
Tito: Ignoring you was a conscious decision.

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(Is this to add to, by chance? Because I wasn't aware a generator existed, and I am currently living—)

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here's what i got from the generator ft. my friday night funkin ocs

[The squad is trying to con some random guy]
Kimtar: Um, Malomi, why are you pretending I'm this guy's family?
Malomi: We need money!
Kimtar: You're scamming him?
Malomi: I was thinking more like flat-out stealing from him?
Kimtar: What?! No way!
Malomi: Why not? We already stole Vienna!
Vienna: Hey guys
Kimtar: No, we didn't. Vienna can think and talk for themself, they can do whatever they want!
Vienna: I wanna steal

Kimtar: In your opinion, what’s the height of stupidity?
Malomi: turning to Vienna How tall are you?

Kimtar: Here’s a fun Christmas idea. We hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing, you have to FIGHT whoever else is under it.
Malomi: Kimtar no.
Vienna: Mistlefoe.
Malomi: Please stop encouraging them.

Kimtar: I really like this whole ‘good guy, bad guy’ thing you guys have going on.
Malomi: It’s not an act, it’s just that I’m mean and Vienna isn’t

these fit them so well fbdjdbmnmf

@requiemisback language

Kimtar: Naturally, we are on the cutting edge of technology.
Malomi, amazed: Wow…
Vienna, to Malomi: Well what does that mean?
Malomi: I don't know.
Malomi, to Kimtar: What does that mean?

Kimtar: Sometimes I drink milk straight out of the container.
Malomi: The cow???
Kimtar: What?
Vienna: Malomi, W H Y?

Kimtar: Malomi, keep an eye on Vienna today. They're going to say something to the wrong person and get punched.
Malomi: Sure, I’d love to see Vienna get punched.
Kimtar: Try again.
Malomi, sighing: I will stop Vienna from getting punched.

Kimtar: What do you think Malomi will do for a distraction?
Vienna: They’ll probably, like, make a noise or throw a rock. That’s what I would do.
Building explodes and several car alarms go off
Vienna: … or they could do that.

Kimtar: We need a distraction.
Malomi: Is anyone here good at jumping up and down and making weird noises?
Vienna, whispering: My time has come

Kimtar: I told Malomi their ears flush when they lie.
Vienna: Why?
Kimtar: Look.
Kimtar: Hey Malomi! Do you love us?
Malomi, covering their ears: No.

seriously how does this generator get their personalities right every time wtf– i'm not complaining though, i love it

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Kelly, drunk: You fuckers don’t know about my knife stick. It’s a knife taped to a stick and it’s the ultimate weapon.
Quin, not looking up from his book: Spear.

Kelly: Bad things keep happening to me, like I have bad luck or something.
Quin: Kelly, you don't have bad luck. The reason bad things happen to you is because you're a dumbass.

Kelly: I've come to a point in my life where I need a stronger word than fuck.

Kelly: Fool me once, I'm gonna kill you.

Luca: You can de-escalate any situation by simply saying, 'Are we about to kiss?'
Luca: Doesn't work for getting out of speeding tickets, by the way.

Kace: Physically, yes, I could fight a bird. But emotionally? Imagine the toll.

Sivik: So apparently the 'bad vibes' I’ve been feeling are actually severe psychological distress.

Alik: With great power comes great need to take a nap. Wake me up later.

Owen: Are you the big spoon or the little spoon?
Noah: I'm a knife.
Elijah, from across the room: He's the little spoon.

Noah: How's the sexiest person here~?
Elijah: I don't know, how are they~?
Noah, flustered: I-
Owen, from across the room: I'm doing great, thanks!

Kace: If you had to choose between Kelly and all the money I have in my wallet, which would you choose?
Quin: That depends, how much money are we talking about?
Kelly: Quincey!
Kace: 63 cents.
Quin: I'll take the money.
Kelly: QUINCEY!!!

Sivik: What if I press the brake and gas at the same time?
Alik: The car takes a screenshot.
Kelly: For the last time, get the fuck out.

@requiemisback language

Kimtar: Self care is actually getting into fights with randoms in dark alleys.
Vienna: No, self care is stuff like taking a bubble bath, or putting on a lot of makeup if you like it, or taking a nice warm nap!
Jackson: Self care is the burning heat when rage washes over you!! Self care is when you feel the bones crack under your powerful fists!! Self care is the fear in your enemies’ eyes!!!
Malomi: Lmao self care is taking your birthday cake just so I can eat the frosting.
Kimtar: If you touch my birthday cake I’ll make you eat your hands.

Kimtar's helping Vienna out after they get injured, while the others are watching
Jackson: How does Vienna look?
Malomi: A little better than you, actually.

Kimtar: Everyone, synchronize your watches.
Vienna: I don’t know how to do that.
Jackson: I don’t wear a watch.
Malomi: Time is a construct.

Cop: You’re receiving a ticket for having three people on one motorcycle.
Kimtar: Shit.
Vienna: Wait, three?
Cop: Yeah?

Kimtar: How did none of you hear what I just said?
Vienna: I’ve been zoned out for the past two and a half hours.
Jackson: I got distracted about halfway through.
Malomi: Ignoring you was a conscious decision.

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Minnie: Come on, I wasn't that drunk!
Reese: You were flirting with Sage.
Minnie: And? She's my girlfriend.
Reese: You asked her if she was single.
Minnie: …
Reese: And then you cried when she said no.

@requiemisback language

Kimtar: Tonight, one of you will betray us.
Vienna: Is it me, Kimtar?
Kimtar: No, it’s not you.
Jackson: Is it me, Kimtar?
Kimtar: It’s not you either.
Malomi: Is it me, Kimtar?
Kimtar, mockingly: Is IT mE Kimtar?

Kimtar: Is stabbing someone immoral?
Malomi: Not if they consent to it.
Jackson: Depends who you’re stabbing.
Vienna: YES?!?

Kimtar, Vienna, and Jackson are sitting on a bench
Malomi: Why do you guys look so sad?
Kimtar: Sit down with us so we can tell you.
Malomi sits down
Vienna: The bench is freshly painted.

Kimtar: Vienna isn’t answering their phone
Jackson: I’ll call
Kimtar: Malomi and I have both tried six times each, what makes you thi-
Vienna: Hello?

Kimtar: Why is Vienna so sad?
Jackson: They took one of those “Which Character Are You?” quizzes
Kimtar: And…?
Vienna: They got Malomi.

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Cop: You’re receiving a ticket for having three people on one motorcycle.
Tito: Sh*t.
Sarah: Wait, three?
Cop: Yeah?

Tito: Care for another sundae, weenie?
Sarah: I am not a weenie!
Odin: Relax, you’re among friends. raises their drink
Sarah: My friends don’t hang out at Weenie Hut Jr’s.
Apollo: You tell ‘em, Sarah! sips their drink
Sarah: Apollo, what’re you doing here?
Apollo: I’m always here on Double Weenie Wednesdays.

Odin: Truth or dare?
Tito: Dare
Odin: I dare you to kiss the hottest person in the room
Tito: Hey Sarah
Sarah, blushing: Yeah?
Tito: Could you move? I’m trying to get to Apollo

A.N.A.: What’s something you guys are better than Sarah at?
Odin: Mario Kart.
Apollo: Yeah, video games.
Tito: Emotional vulnerability.

A.N.A.: Why isn’t the statue smirking at me?
Sarah: It isn’t smirking at anyone, they’re all just imagining it.
Tito: Three of us saw it, Sarah. How do you explain that?
Sarah: points at Odin Sleep deprivation. points at Apollo Paranoia. points at Tito Delusional personality disorder.

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okay i'm back but with ENA characters hmgnhg

Moony: Ena was banned from the chicken shack, so we had to go out of town to get some.
Ena: Well, they shouldn’t say “all you can eat” if they don’t mean it.
Moony: Ena, you ate a chair.

Moony, tending to Ena's wounds: How would you rate your pain?
Ena: Zero stars. Would NOT recommend.

Moony: Here's some advice
Ena: I didn't ask for any
Moony: Too bad. I'm stuck here with my thoughts and you're the only one who talks to me

Moony: Three words. Say them and I'm yours.
Ena: Three words.

Moony: Ena… Why did you draw a pentagram on the floor?
Ena: Your text told me to satanize the house before you returned.
Moony: I wrote sanitize, Ena.

Moony: Name a more iconic duo than my crippling fear of abandonment and my anxiety. I'll wait.
Ena: You and me!!!
Moony, tearing up: Okay.

@requiemisback language

Moony: Okay. I get it. You've had a really hard time lately, you're stressed out, seven people died-
Ena: Twelve, actually.
Moony: Not the point. Look, they're dead now and really whose fault is that?
Ena: Yours!
Moony: That's right: no one's.

Moony: If you were to vacuum up jello through a metal tube, well I think that’d be a neat noise
Ena: I beg to differ
Moony: Then Beg

Moony: I want to wake up with you every day for the rest of our lives
Ena: I wake up at 4:30 AM
Moony: I want to see you at some point every day for the rest of our lives

Moony: So what’s for dinner?
Ena, staring at the food they just burnt: Regret.

Moony: Someone will die.
Ena: Of fun!

Ena: I'm a reverse necromancer.
Moony: Isn't that just killing people?
Ena: Ah, technicality.

Ena: Okay, help me please!
Moony: Got two words for you.
Ena: I bet they won't be helpful.
Moony: Your problem.
Ena: I was right

@requiemisback language

Moony: You’ll have a hard time believing this because it never happens, but I made a mistake.

Moony: Ena and I were crossing the street, and this dude drove by and honked at us
Shep: Sighing What did Ena do?
Moony: They chased him to the next red light, then reached into his window and…
Ena: Who wants a steering wheel?

Shep: Hey Moony,
Moony: Yes?
Shep: Can a person breathe inside a washing machine while it’s on?
Moony: Where’s Ena?

Moony: We need a distraction.
Ena: Is anyone here good at jumping up and down and making weird noises?
Shep, whispering: My time has come