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I've asked a few people this question and it confuses most of them, so I'm gonna try to explain it as best I can

Everyone dies eventually. Some sooner than others. So, how do your characters die? It may be relevant to the story (I.e. Memphis getting shot at the end of Eastside, Leo succumbing to his cancer), something that happens outside the story but is still relevant to one or more stories (Colton's car crash, Markus drowning) or something completely irrelevant to any story.




Long story short, he explodes in a supernova-like fashion and destroys a Planar Domain.


Getting his dark alter ego forcefully sucked out of him. It basically rips him apart at the genetic level.


(Another long story). Gets blown up by Lucitius’ supernova death.

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(Let's start with the happy ones)
Dies in his sleep, smiling. There's nobody around to witness it though.
Burns in a fire that she caused
(Gore? Trigger warning) Goes isnad and runs into the woods where her body rots, as she is slowly consumed by nature, still living.
Dies of starvation due to poverty
Shot through the heart with a bolt of directed energy. Comes back to life later as an immortal. Witnesses the deaths of all his friends and his partner, Lasta.
Tiburo's partner. Killed by Tiburo, out of pity.

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  • Cause of Death: Gunshot wound through his temples.

Memphis is killed after trying to be a hero. At the end of "Eastside", they and cornered by a rival gang. Memphis steps forward to stand between the gun and his friends, where he's ultimately shot through one temple, and out the other. The rival gang flees, leaving the boys to mourn over their friend only briefly, before having to leave in fear of being found by police. After his death, his parents are alerted that their son has been found, and they are reunited with his remains, where he's buried with his family present, finally able to put their hopes to rest. He remains among this world, however, becoming an angel and taking the job of an imaginary friend to the kids that live in his old family house.

  • Cause of Death: Gunshot wound to the left side of the chest, choking

Eric is killed after initiating a confrontation with Theo Foster. After Eastside, Eric and Dennis set out to kill the man who kidnapped Eric as a child. In "The Fosters" they break into the house they believe to belong to him and attack Theodore, the son of the kidnapper. Eric loses the fight after being shot in the left side of his chest by the father. He falls to the floor, choking on his own blood, aged 26, one year after the disbandment of Eastside. Dennis is then held captive by his daughter, and Eric's body is cremated and poured into a river. After his death, Eric does not pass on. His life is left open and unsolved, leaving him to wander the woods where he was first found. His family never found out what happened to him

  • Cause of Death: Blunt force trauma as a result of a car accident.

Colton dies after being t-boned at an intersection on his way to work. A few years after the disbandment of Eastside following Memphis' death, Colton finishes his schooling and picks up a job at a local hospital. While late for work, he speeds through traffic and does not pay attention and is hit after running a red light. He is killed immediately on contact with his steering wheels, his airbags failing. Miraculously, Shane, who was also in the car, survives the crash. After death, his parents are also contacted on the finding of their son, however, they never respond, and seemly have no interest in reuniting with them. Eventually, Shane is given his ashes, which he places inside of a bear he sleeps with every night. Colton does not pass on, however, remains still and dormant in the bear that now holds him.

  • Cause of Death: Suicide (TW!)

Shane dies after taking his own life due to survivors guilt. 2 years after Colton's death, Shane takes his own life, riddled with guilt that he lived, and his best friend did not. He removes the tattoo they shared with Memphis by cutting the skin out of his leg, He then overdoses, alone and cold, while Markus is out. Markus is the one that finds him, pale and frothing from the mouth. After his death, his parents are notified that he has been found. They have him cremated and he now sits on their mantle, with a picture of him as a child in a frame with the words "Welcome home" burnt into it. He passes on, his story is finished.

  • Cause of Death: Old age (Liver Cancer)

Craig dies safe and warm, surrounded by family. After the disbandment of Eastside, Craig is reunited with his infant daughter and her aunt. After Jay is offered a chance to study flowers in the French Alps, Craig, his daughter and her aunt all move to France with him. They have a little farm where they run multiple services for the disabled (horse riding, petting zoo, flower picking). His daughter (who has T21) grows up to be a baker! He dies at the age of 72; 49 years after he left Eastside. After his death, he's buried on his farm, under his favourite tree, flowers growing tall from his grave. He passes on despite the mystery still in his life, having made himself into someone and redeemed his past mistakes.

  • Cause of Death: Old age (Respiratory Arrest)

Jay dies among the flowers in the warmth of the sun. Due to heavy fire exposure in his youth, Jay develops multiple breathing problems in the last half of his life. He takes a fascination with nature. He moved to France to burn flowers, however, he's grown to love them. On his last day, he lies alone in a field of sunflowers, basking in the rare warmth of the french summer, before slipping away, blissful, aged 96; 77 years after the disbandment of Eastside. After his death, he passes on. With no family left, he can be peacefully laid to rest. He becomes an angel, and takes the job of an imaginary friend, a great fire-breathing dragon!

  • Cause of Death: Tonic-Clonic Seizure

Jack dies after suffering a Grand Mal Seizure in his sleep. He ends up with a foster family after Eastside is disbanded, and lives a pretty happy life. He becomes a therapist and works with victims of SA for most of his adulthood. He marries and has 2 kids. Tragically, he suffers from a massive seizure that damaged his brain and renders him comatose. He dies aged 46, with his loved ones, 34 years after Eastside. After death, he walks the earth, his brother still alive and searching for him, his mystery still open. He doesn't haunt, he remains dormant and waiting, merely nothing more than an orb in a photograph.

  • Cause of Death: Gunshot to the spine

Dennis is killed in a gunfight, defending the kids he mentors. After Eric's death, Dennis ends up on the streets, before being taken in by the same family that fosters Jack. In his 20s, he creates a group-home/safe haven for abandoned and homeless kids, finally leading his own version of the original eastside. He's called out to help one of the kids in the middle of the night, where a gunfight breaks out between rival gangs. He shelters the kids, giving them time to flee, but is ultimately shot in the process. He dies aged 28, alone on the hard concrete, 15 years after Eastside. After his death, he passes on, no one is alive to preserve the mystery around his life, to piece it back together. He becomes an angel, where he goes on to be a guardian angel, protecting his human from afar.

  • Cause of Death: Drowning, as a result of a fugue state

Markus dies after falling off a rock wall, drowning. Once Eastside had disbanded, Markus went on live with his brother and star as the main character in "The Fosters". After the end of the Fosters and his brother's death, he then goes on to live with Colton and Shane. However, after they both also die, he suffers from a dissociative fugue, which leads him to the rock wall, just down the road from where the original eastside house resided. He undresses and folds his clothes neatly, then walks along the rocks till he slips and falls into the unforgiving sea below, drowning. After his death, he does not pass on, and still wanders the rock wall from when he fell, completely unaware of who he is and where he is. He eventually passes on in "The Time Wasters", where his brother is informed of his death through another character, allowing his mystery to be solved, and his soul to pass on. He becomes an angel, taking the job of walking souls into the afterlife

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Character deaths are super interesting to write but can be pretty hard too

Here are some RP characters of mine from past RPs, unnamed universes

Régis “Rove” Lobe
first death (faked:
A long standoff ends with Régis and his comrades falling presumably to their deaths at a lighthouse. The storm made it impossible to detect them immediately if they died - however, only one member of the group actually died here (which was not predicted, although her death was probably going to happen based on her being shot multiple times prior to the fall. Still, her death was only confirmed by the group later on during their reappearance in the city. Ivana Ristoviki, 1989-2020.) The group would only appear again, albeit gradually, several months after the lighthouse incident.

true death; execution via the State
As one of the last remaining members, Régis was subject to execution sooner or later. There was no way him getting out of the situation unscathed - it was either that, or life in prison - and if he wasn’t caught, it was life to remain in hiding, a life not for Régis.
his crimes that warrant this include

  • espionage
  • terrorism
  • kidnapping
  • torture
  • obstruction of justice
  • attempted assassination
  • identity theft
  • arson
  • bribery
  • vandalism

note that he was apart of a larger group, however for the most part had some sort of involvement in all of these.
Executed via firing squad in 2021. Régis Lobe, 1999-2021

Sacha Bell
first ‘mental death’
Sacha was far different at first, a much more optimistic person than a lot of people. Still, she had her moments, showing that she was indeed a person with feelings, and not just someone you could dump all your problems onto unprovoked.
Sacha’s mentality changed during their torture, however - they came out of it a different person. The physical recovery took a while, and left Sacha without the ability to speak for some time. It would take her a while to gain enough confidence to speak, once she healed. Her facial features had been mangled - she now hides them away. Sacha took a turn for the worse, and her, her mental decline could be seen through some of her text messages with close friends.

true death
Sacha had a long arc in which she tried to figure out what she was going to do. It eventually led to them deciding to get revenge - for all they wanted was to see their enemies suffer as she did.
Of course, without knowing the context of the situation, Sacha was eventually caught up in a standoff with two other parties - the police, and the gang who did that to her. Not wanting to throw away her chance, Sacha managed to cut the throat of one of the members she had hostage, but was ultimately shot by the police, and thrown into a coma - that she did not ever wake up from.

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I've only ever planned the death of one of my characters (I really don't have that many characters) but I like it.


Short story: Suicide
Long story: Gideon's father was a warlock and a powerful ruler, but a terrible father and a tyrant. Gideon was rebellious and stubborn, and his father would often punish him and try to mold him into the fitting heir he expected him to be. When Gideon was younger, the punishments were merely physically, but Gideon was strong-willed and a lot tougher than his father expected. He soon resorted to using his magical powers to punish his son. This proved to be more effective, as it didn't just pain Gideon physically, but wore him out psychologically, and this made him more easy to coerce into doing his father's bidding. Over the years, his father's punishments became more and more brutal as Gideon almost built up a "tolerance" for the pain, and his resilience, rebelliousness, and stubbornness remained intact. Gideon retained permanent scars from this treatment, the most prominent of which are the lightning-like scars marring the entire left portion of his body. Needless to say, Gideon had a venemous hatred of magic. When he was eighteen years old, he killed his father (another long story) and started a group with some companions he had made from his town. They called themselves Witchfinders, and took it upon themselves to rid the world of magic and tyranny (Gideon conflated the two, understandably). Over many years, Gideon and his followers slew thousands of magical users, some innocent, some not. When he was around thirty-five, he showed his first sign of magic. It had been long repressed, but it finally surfaced, and once he realised what he was, he felt he couldn't let himself live. He had to remain true to his cause to eliminate all magical users.

In the scene I have planned out, he discovers that he has magic while he is about to set his men on a girl who has elemental powers. He is stunned. Once he realises, he pulls out his dagger and holds it out to each of his men in turn, commanding for them to kill him and make it quick. They all refuse. He had guided them and cared for them and made them great. They refuse to take his life. When he turns his blade on himself, they beg him not to take his own life, but he stabs himself in the heart and dies in his best friend's arms.

TL;DR: Gideon's dad used magic to abuse him and so Gideon made it his mission to kill people with magic. So when he finds out later in life that he actually possesses magic he commits suicide.